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From between rolex replica lowest price 1935 to 1943, 2494 Panerai diving watch has not clearly marked, but engraved with a serial number.
Until after the 1950s, with the Italian Navy, Panerai was renamed several times, add a lot of personality for their own mark.
In 1956, the Egyptian Navy admiring request Panerai company supply armaments products.
At this time, watchmakers began to aggressively transform surgeon, on thick bezel engraved with the point-shaped scale for the first time.
Panerai point scale is generally divided into two kinds of shape, a non-word, another added 60,15,30,45 and other figures.
There are only rough type of watch was later given a special table for the Egyptian Navy, but now hard to find the old track.

In addition to the diving capabilities, Panerai was also mastered the shipping cost rolex replica to usa advanced technology was light.
In providing products for the Egyptian Navy, watchmakers use a dual structure of the surface, on the whole painted aluminum film called “significant light dose” of tritium, and then add a layer of black metal plate, black leaving a hole on the scale plate.
Between the aluminum film and a layer of soft black plate placed glass, fluorescent paint may be exposed to from the black metal plate scale through this hole in the upper layer of soft glass.
Compared with the previous fluorescent material coated on the scale design, this dial-coated way higher brightness, more conducive to the wearer to read the time in the dark.
After a lapse of a few years later, fluorescent paint has been greatly improved.
Was light now than before agent used at least 10 times in the advanced luminance and coating method, the US military in 1989, when manufacturing was the military form using this new agent, and Panerai in the early 1980s that the use of the the same material, almost a decade earlier than the US.
Just as the use of this new type of fluorescent agent Panerai, the company also began to develop a new diving watch.
A few years later, watchmakers introduced the 86 sixth-generation prototype.
The diving watch titanium case and sapphire glass, equipped with an automatic movement,shipping cost rolex replica rotating bezel, crown and other patents, with water depth of about 1,800 meters performance.
However, due to changes in the international situation, the Italian government to slash military spending at this time, 86 dive tables failed to show their skills Later it was sold to the public as a high-performance diving watch on the battlefield.
In the 21st century, Panerai once again launched a stunning “professional diving watch 2500M”.
Each case of this watch components have added thickness, after the outcome of sophisticated testing: test case has reached 320 atmospheric pressure replica Watches waterproof value! It is a fully compliant NIHS standard top dive tables.
In addition, the table made of stainless steel bezel with matte, white numbers and scale markings on the dial of all mirror-polished, after all internal components are also soldered in place to deal with various contingencies that may be encountered.
In order to improve recognition of the calculated time into the water, the degree of one-minute intervals way rotating timing bezel, consists of two distinct parts.
Internal appended acidic substances minute scale chemical oxidation treatment, the 60 minutes of mill scale never faded.
“Professional diving watch 2500M” continued the Panerai’s style, with black dial, so the scale, digital and other markers to achieve maximum clarity.
Date display window at 3 o’clock, the date fixed to the inner surface of the magnifying glass plane sapphire crystal glass, the glass having a thickness of 5.9 mm.
Dials small seconds at 9 o’clock, and hands, Roman numerals and landmarks equally coated with fluorescent paint, high clarity.
It is worth mentioning: This watch is equipped with a newly designed rubber strap, strap edge through plastic, can watch at the time of entry into the water to maintain proper tension.
Until 2014, when the birth of Panerai has gone through 150 years of dust years, now, this hero resounded military diving camp to join the Swiss watch brand, no longer produced military watches, but it is still the Italian Navy One of armaments research and development departments.
The subsequent introduction of Panerai also remains old style, rolex replica huge dial, the striking scale, simple and practical rough exterior strong performance, a strong military spirit with a special table form Panerai distinctive style unique personality.
Today, the war has passed, the diving hero out of the limitations of military table is relocated to the field of sports and leisure luxury watches.
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