Chinese Copy Rolex Watches

Although Navitimer watch is always a favorite of Chinese Copy Rolex Watches aviation enthusiasts and pilots, Breitling, however, want to show in the field more flight timepiece spirit never relax.
When the phone-ignite the war is no longer, when the movement and performance growing rise, this is the resurgence of the watch company in the sights of the world’s aerobatics team.
Italian Air Force “Tricolor Arrows” special flight brigade is one of the world’s top aerobatic team, one of the most successful aerobatic team of the world is, it is with the British “Red Arrow”, the French “Patrouille de France” and said as “Western Europe aerobatic three heroes.”
Breitling seize the atmosphere leading into the machine, a “tricolor arrows,” the official watch sponsor of the Italian pilots carefully crafted special watch.
The practical rotary table using four quarter indicator, that raised bezel, rugged case, unique lugs, then buttons and crown are in full accordance with the needs of professional aviation who designed.
This watch is driven by a trend in global aviation, Breitling in subsequent years is rapidly becoming the world’s 17 countries, 18 Air Force aerobatic team of professional watches supplier, including the United States Blue Angels, the United States Thunderbird, Patrouille de France aerobatic team such top.
Even more staggering is that actually created the Breitling far the world’s only a private jet aerobatic team Breitling replica watches Jet Team! This private flight team from the seven two-seat military trainer aircraft and seven experienced professional stunt pilots from every year in the world’s largest air show presented colorful, captivating performances.
It’s unique in that not only the perfect blend of precision timing and aerobatics, air show guests who provided more thrilling and unique flying experience.
When the seven L-39 Albatros jet trainer two-seater equipped with guests at a 45-degree angle obliquely penetrate the sky at high altitude, almost equal to 2000 meters altitude and then rapidly rotated 180 degrees, a series of pushing the limits of artistic flight performances, I am afraid that will not help hooked!
Breitling Perhaps that is born with the blood of the same flight, in-flight performances that Copy Watches regardless of the precise and rigorous action than style, manifested in extreme sports in cool calm and easily manipulated, were condensed in recent years produced watches products .
In 2010, the company launched a grand 1000 “Breitling Jet aerobatic team” limited edition chronograph in space.
The most sophisticated electronic technology for this gold watch given the powerful, such as accuracy of up to 1/100 second split time, alarm sound, the countdown, the dual time zone with independent alarm sound alarm display stand, such as the world standard time.
Watchmakers who designed the star rotating bezel, equipped with the famous circular flight slider, easy wearer performs various calculations associated with flight.
In order to ensure day and night can be clearly read, watch comes with backlit LCD screen display system, rolex replica watches double-bottom design at the bottom of the signal may be a tone alarm sound amplification up to 90 decibels.
This watch is most unique is that silver dial unique Breifling Jet flight team new team logo and cool the 7th aircraft a type of image that will fly Breitling advocating unique personality, lofty cents Emotions situation between the wrist head.

Modern high-end watches have been incomplete if it is “timepiece”, and for collection, play or enjoy reading time should be greater than, at the time the phone is more accurate to use, if you watch just for watching time, then watch employees may Headless road.
Watch has been regarded as a living work of art, in addition to wear, but also as investment tools.
Some people say that the price is reasonable watch, unreasonable prices are works of art, now watch ridiculously expensive, almost all were classified as works of art, since it is a work of art, of course, we are going to keep Wu Po, the best to stay, a good friend watches the price of natural than the general market, which is consistent with the collection of playing conditions.
Watches There are many kinds of play, some people buy a new table, used table or antique table, there are the first re-brand, play function or appearance, also have to play its movement, playing anyway, classic watches can often deter people, in the end is what stuff have such magic? Classic is timeless, and can not be changed, can Rolex Copy Watches not be replaced, you can from generation to generation, leaving a long pass, and is recognized as the highest quality products, watches and vice versa.
What can really make a table fan watches looked to poisoning? Probably non PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek) and ROLEX (Rolex) old classic watch none other than the two brands different attributes, but let watches players at the same ownership, the share PATEK PHILIPPE (2167 Patek <with you / a >) The Ref.3541 and ROLEX (2405 Rolex </a>) of Ref.1601, I believe this is the most popular antique table fans watch the.
2519 aligncenter “title =” referred to herein Patek Philippe Cal.27-460 movement diagram “alt =” referred to herein Patek Philippe Cal.27-460 movement Figure 2014/03/2225617516391 “/>
One of my friends in the auction went for Ref.3541 watch and found it a good product phase, especially well equipped Cal.27-460 movement in the pre-show, so friends are only determined it.
Valued at 7-90000 Hong Kong dollars, since aspirations, with regard to the high price index, did not expect to actually hammer the bottom mark, plus commission of 87,500 yuan, this product at a low phase of the stock market, can be described as gems a.
Watch retrieved after viewing it, look quite complete, only very slight polishing, case and lugs perfect angle, K gold fineness mark of clear, nearly flawless face plate, especially pointer with time scale are coated with dark blue color, not blue steel processing, but at least in comparison golden faceplate easy to read the time.
This machine is Cal.27-460 Patek Philippe is the second generation of self-winding models, equipped with high-quality blue steel double springs, vibration frequency of 19,800 times, although belonging to a slow earthquake frequency, go Shique stable accurate, full Chord more than 50 hours of energy, this nearly 50-year cousin daily error of about 5 seconds, more accurate than when many new modern watches go.
Non-Patek Philippe knock yards balance of the other two, the early balance wheel ring wider knock code located balance wheel ring, because the production more difficult to craft a technical standpoint more worth having, Ref.3541 equipped with pre wider wheel, the reason is also a friend to buy, post-squeak code is ranked inside wheel ring, it is all Patek Philippe movements in a way Cal.27-460 be repaired skilled and really understand Table technicians hailed as one of the best kinds of automatic winding machine, its actuation principle is that when the bidirectional winding automatic disk rotates automatically eccentric wheel drive pinion, then drive rocker, rocker has two similar Woodpecker Beak, slippery way to push against the tooth wheel drive, and then by the kinetic energy of a drive wheel will arrive winding through small volume car, because the winding mechanism works very smart, excellent efficacy winding become Patek player movement must Favorites .
While carrying Cal.27-460 movement watches with Ref.3445 majority, but its size is 35mm.
Ref.3541 is 36 mm, the style is more rare.
This time scale was also accompanied by a proof of the original files after the Chinese Copy Rolex meeting, we do not need to spend money to apply for a Patek Philippe.