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With the development and rolex cellini replica watches for sale changes in fashion trends, the 2454 Chopin </a> watchmakers on this table system continuously improved, or the diamond into a lovely colorful fish, or will become crystal jade diamond beautiful snowflake …… occasion of Valentine’s Day 2008, Chopard also deliberately gave a global limited edition watch “Happy Valentine’s Day Black Happy Black Valenfine” as couples.
This watch from the “Happy Diamond” is derived, limited production 500, each priced at about 20,000 Hong Kong dollars.
It is the most special place is: by a few top diamonds set into the hearts decorated with two round diamonds on the dial, can freely slide and noon ringing sound.
Cong Cong crushing find clank sound signifying whisper whispers between lovers, that hearts decoration symbolizes the brilliant flower of love bloom, that two round diamonds signifying affiliated.
Omega along with a wide variety of fascinating story of human adventure challenge, sometimes riding in the vast land, sometimes dive into the depths of the ocean, sometimes flying over the towering sky, Bristol space exploration conquer the moon, it is the best witness to the human spirit of the pioneer.
2464 Omega Speedmaster Speedmasfer </a> witnessed six human moon replica watches for sale landing feat and half a century of space exploration, it looks masculine and bold, clear and easy to read the time.
As early as October 1962, astronaut Walter Shi area pulled in the implementation of the “Mercury – Hercules 8” Timing will be wearing this super table; March 1, 1965, the Omega Speedmaster detected by harsh process eventually come to the fore, NASA NASA is designated as the only one allowed to participate in all manned space mission watch; July 21, 1969 GMT 2:56, the Apollo 11 spacecraft sail, US astronauts Nigeria Seoul Armstrong carries the dream of all mankind depresses the first human footprints on the moon, to achieve the first human landing on the moon’s great initiative, he will own Speedmaster doing backup lunar module stay in cabin electronic timing system.
In the subsequent five moon landing process, the Speedmaster is the only one rolex replica watches on the lunar surface worn watch, and therefore won the “Moon Watch” reputation.
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It can be said, as one American astronaut standard equipment, but also as the only one without any modification and approved for use on the Space Shuttle technology and equipment, the Omega Speedmaster in the history of human exploration of space occupies a pivotal position , has not had any watch brand can be replaced, beyond the honor.
1975 Soviet “Soyuz” and the American “Apollo” to achieve space docking, 10 times, “Gemini”, the second “Project Mercury”, “International Space Station Experiment”, astronauts and staff even Russians all wearing Omega Speedmaster.
Turning to April 1970 occurred in the “Apollo 13,” the period of the most legendary experience, Colonel Eugene Cernan still feel was thrilling: lunar module after soft landing on the lunar surface, Cernan Colonel according to plan methodically arranged good solar array, install laser reflectors and seismometers, and then while walking while collecting lunar rocks and soil samples on the lunar surface.
Two and a half hours flashed by, just as he prepared to board the friend driving cabin, suddenly found paralyzed unable to contact Earth communications command center, this time like a black hole surrounded by a dark, endless fear and loneliness blowing, you know, if not exactly rocket launch at a predetermined time, will disrupt all prearranged return rolex sky dweller replica swiss movement every step, like driving blindfolded aircraft, not only the moon mission will fail, spacecraft also will ship crash! The critical moment, Captain Cernan suddenly remembered the Speedmaster wrist, because Speedmaster even in weightlessness, magnetic fields, extreme shock and vibration, as well as -18 degrees Celsius! +93 Degrees under extreme humidity test will not be worse a minute, so he confidently than against the Speedmaster, based on the work record accurately calculate the time, so smooth return, thus avoiding an accident, Omega Thus it was awarded the highest distinction “Snoopy Award” NASA.
When the space hero landed safely return to Earth, Captain Cernan reluctantly off the “help” in the Omega Speedmaster for people to visit the museum, 40 years later, this Speedmaster looks although after vicissitudes of life, but still just like the first day winding like to walk freely use, intact.
Captain Cernan served as “Gemini 9,” the pilot, “Apollo 10” lunar replica watches module pilot and “Apollo 17,” the commander, was the last one to leave human footprints on the lunar surface, he heartily praised the Speedmaster is the most trusted friends, like “sleep when a child holding a bear puppet.”
Thereafter designers Speedmaster black dial engraved prominently on the (professional) words “Professional”, highlighting its iconic status Speedmaster table.
In 1979, the Omega Speedmaster was again designated as a NASA official chronograph, assist in implementing the new space program; July 1993 to July 1994 Speedmaster in Russian Mir space station by a more severe test, becoming the world’s most accepted test times watch; in 1998 the Russian space station Mir pioneer once again become orbit testing laboratory, Omega X-33 multifunction chronograph by NASA and the Russian space agency flight certification, is listed The only watch as the astronauts have to wear when performing extravehicular operations for Service, is standard equipment for all astronauts.
Healthy heart is jumping to human health and the source of horsepower engine is powered Mercedes-Benz cars to ensure swift, hidden in one movement if the rolex replica watch in the micro-engine, effectively moving forward with the timetable unswervingly .
As one of the five brands have the ability to completely self-movement of the world today, Zenith alone proud of the quality movement </a> 2290 has always been in the watch industry enjoyed a “precision treasures,” he said.
Well, open the door to the treasure, a closer look when Jacques George Farber · pulse transmission in the bright stars of the next boutique bar.
2480 Zenith </a> in the history of Haute Horlogerie had to create three mechanical movement, the 22 stone 5011K manual winding movement, “founding E1Primero” automatic mechanical chronograph movement and the “cream Elite” thin automatic mechanical movement.
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As early as in the late 1950s, it began to develop a new generation of complex Zenith chronograph movement.
In 1960, it introduced the 5011K manual winding movement laid in the “King of the Observatory,” the lofty position.
Nine years later, and then launched a Zenith automatic movement with chronograph function, and in Spanish stands for “first, founding,” the “E1 Primero” to its name.
The “founding” movement is the world’s first vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, and can be bi-directional self-winding chronograph movement, look at the time of the watch industry, no one can with them side by side.
“Genesis”, the internal structure of the movement is very delicate complex, once available namely access to many colleagues and buyers rave reviews.
With complex movement, powerful performance and exquisite appearance “founding” movement has become the signature product of Zenith, this century-old factory thereby create different styles of stopwatch, is still many collectors as treasures .