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Patek Philippe is the big rolex president replica watches  brother of the four famous and long topped the list, at the auction house, the old table stores all performed well in the world, it has its loyal supporters.
The early 1980s, it’s a calendar with chronograph function table for just over ten thousand US dollars, no one expected that years later would rise to more than thousands of dollars.
The brand is not only a simple gold watch can easily enter the best auction houses, even ordinary steel table can be relegated, bidding auction.
It is owned by the Stern family, the family of companies, sales is also distinctive in the world, featured a full-time exclusive agents, the uniform price established by record archives, and founded his own magazine, trying to cultivate a sense of pride customer .
1593 Patek Philippe </a> annual production nearly exclusively.
<Span style = “font-size: large;”> Vacheron </ span>
683 Vacheron Constantin </a> is a real old company, with a “real”  rolex replica word because it has never been interrupted since 1755 to establish, with the most complete history, the company’s brand image as a well-groomed, well-off family property old gentleman, subtle and slightly moderation.
Our products are not more prominent series, but the development is very uniform.
It is one of the few still retains painted enamel watch company, and so far, Guinness World Records included in the table is still the most expensive Vacheron Constantin’s “Cary Costa” diamond table that once 500 I wan dollar-denominated sale, alerted the altar table.
Another magic company is headquartered in the bottom center of Geneva, there is a special museum collection of treasures of each period, free and open to the public, where many tourists enjoy beautifully appointed after ghosts and extraordinary force, and soon became the company’s customer.
At the same collection of treasures often with global promotional activities and traveling exhibition, and the dispersion of customers around the world we have the opportunity to come together to share the care from the company’s pride wells up.
Vacheron Constantin gall annual output of about 20,000.
<Span style = “font-size: large;”> Audemars Piguet </ span>
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Audemars Piguet brand image in the four youngest, and therefore more famous.
Its product range is very wide, from the set of three asked, rolex replica watches calendar, stopwatch in a “triple incisive form”, to the most simple two-pin quartz watch everything, and the proportion of diamond jewelry treasure gas table considerably.
The brand is best known for a 1972 design exterior design production of rough cast-steel sports watch –2088 Royal Oak </a> series table.
It changed costly conservative, traditional image, popular youth become the company’s flagship product, replica watches uk production will soon reach more than half of the total.
Audemars Piguet in the collection industry’s performance slightly inferior to the first two, but often come forward to sponsoring organizations horse racing, golf, chess and other more aristocratic sport, a high reputation in a particular population.
Audemars Piguet’s annual output of nearly 30,000.
More than four watch brands can not shake the leading position in the watch industry, in addition, one of the few brands have considerable prestige in the collectors.
Schaffhausen International Watch Company (IWC) and Lange watches are mechanical rolex replica  power known for complex functions, which previously were known as “Da Vinci” is the most famous calendar table, it can be adjusted with only one crown All functions, but also with digital display window years, no rival in this field.
IWC also manufactures women’s stopwatch that advocates mechanical female watch fans Falls.
Lange is a revival only ten years old brand, because I insisted on a simple circular enclosure installed with the most complex and unique movement and won the praise of collectors.
However, because only a very small family predecessor company, handed down the old table is not much, and the interruption for many years, so the lack of support for antique table market, the appreciation remains to be seen.
Earl and Chopin are mainly in the production of jewelry table, count only gold, platinum as the case of raw materials, and are designed for each series matching rings, earrings, bracelets, cuff links and other jewelry accessories, so that people matching watches there are some three asked, calendar and other fine, there are several companies homegrown movement, are no pushovers.
Chopin’s most famous of the female form, and turn to the Happy Diamonds often make ladies linger, in fact, it’s also an excellent quality men’s table in 1996, there are an eccentric self-winding LUC movement introduced, so many collectors attention.