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According Witschi rolex sky dweller replica swiss movement electronic analyzer measurement error between the position of the maximum value of all six seconds.
This result is not very satisfactory.
The average error is 1.8 seconds per day.
Reducing the value of the amplitude of the horizontal position (dial up and down) between the vertical position also too high.
But overall, running the test results are still within the normal range.
5 ~ 110,000 yuan for Submariner Date (Rolex Kelpie) series has reached a new high for the price.
But compared to the anti-scratch ceramic bezel.
Independent manufacture of springs, and many other improvements.
And a tooth from the outer spine to carefully polished screws, high-quality detail is still good value for money.
In addition, high-end Rolex brand image and conservative strategy also ensures the preservation of this watch unique outlook.
From the Canadian side view.
Longer delivery also makes this Submariner Date (Rolex Kelpie) becomes more valuable.
With Submariner Date (Rolex Kelpie), you have the rolex sky dweller replica perfect partner for one to be able to wear in any occasion.
Overall, this work has no obvious deficiencies.
Date magnifier alone will bring some inconvenience, the value of the test results is still running room for improvement.
The superb technology, superior wearing comfort and an ideal read the fine resolution that gave people the impression of a deep impression.
In diving watch.
Submariner (Kelpie) dominance is still no shake.
Swiss watchmaking is recognized kingdom.
In Switzerland, the annual  rolex sky dweller replica fake omega tables show, there will always German table, whether the Geneva SIHH, Geneva or Basel BASELWORLD or WPHH.
At the Geneva SIHH, we are fortunate approached Lange (A.LANGE).
Let us love public relations director and 2389 Lange </a> how to present their views on the movement because of Mr. Huo.
Q: The same as the first town Grasu born Lange different from what other features German table?
A: You know, two of our town and Lange watch factory –GO actually represents the center of the German watch industry.
We still insist on the use of 3/4 plywood design, and our plywood sculpture is iconic.
We even have the balance cock  rolex submariner replica engraved.
We insist on the use of gold sleeve, because it is a beauty, a rare beauty.
About 3/4 plywood and German silver, they may not be the most robust, but it is the most stable.
Lange screws on the table are the work of the screws, because after our table assembled to conduct testing and adjustment, and after the completion of these adjustments need to re-assemble.
So, screw on the table must meet the needs of such repeated testing.
At the same time, including a modified screw, including all the parts are the highest level.
Q: Lange table must adhere to, such as gooseneck tuning and other production practices it?
A: Of course! This is the secret of our success.
Luxury watches, mechanical watches in particular, rolex submariner replica swiss movement must abide by their value.
The same is true throughout the high watchmaking.
If the timing discuss technical issues, and that we should not watch the recycling machinery.
Mechanical watches have their own values.
We can not ignore the people’s passion for mechanical beauty.