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In 1988, rolex oyster perpetual datejust replica uk introduced a “Emergency Emergency” watch.
This watch is waterproof bottom of the table with a miniature transmitter within -20 degrees to 100 degrees C temperature range can be 121.5 cents a frequency of 2 Hz pulse signal is issued every minute, firing range up to 160 km, can 20-28 days of continuous work.
If the wearer unexpected danger, “Emergency Emergency” watches allow rescuers to determine the distress position, the wearer will promptly rescued danger.
This watch is unique in that it causes plaudits in Basel, also shows the emphasis eligible newborn Breitling will continue to create land, sea and air comprehensive timing story.
1995 should be invited to NATO, Breitling, based on the original technology, we have once again developed a survival function sports watch.
The watch and the powerful “Emergency Emergency” is exactly the same, built 121.5 MHz micro transmission transmitter.
According Breitling Reviewed by sales manager, said: “This table 18 in the world has saved lives.

Powerful complex functions must rely on the superb watchmaking skills.
“Swiss precision timepieces official testing center” certification has been a high honor watch industry, in order to receive this certification, watch product must pass rigorous testing standards in line with ISO3159: that for 15 consecutive days and nights at three different temperatures , run data watch five different environments location history.
All data must meet seven criteria, including mechanical error rate of no more than a day -4 to +6.
If you pass this test, it shows the accuracy of the watch has reached 99.99 percent, among the Rolex replica Watches highest standards of mechanical watches.
Not long ago, Breitling watches are all factory received the “Swiss precision timepieces official testing center” certification, becoming the world’s only full line of products meet this standard watch brands.
By continuing to try and innovation, always pay attention to watch the performance by the guide, Breitling will feature aviation, marine, navigation, diving and other special industry needs is rooted in products, a watch given to little practical, functional and diversity.
Those outstanding performance], quality essence hidden in shiny metal, the rocket winged letter “B” all the time shining time.
Audrey Hepburn’s elegance no one can copy, she is eternal angel, mortal wizard, elegant princess Millennium hard to find treasure in the history of  Replica Rolex Watches the most beautiful woman …… Audrey Hepburn character and elegance due mind, from the endless rain, inner spirit.
You can come out beautiful, polished, luxurious replica rolex daytona watches uk money can conjure, Hepburn’s elegant but feels like penetration from the bones, born and unconventional, natural and unique.
If allowed to watch the world anthropomorphism, so elegant Longines is another Audrey Hepburn.
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1832, in the depths of Jura fat called Imier small village, there was a geologist Louis Agassiz here built a small-scale watch factory, and his brother Augusto A Garcia along with hard work.
Augustus Agassi is an outstanding watchmaker, from design style to create batches, each step carefully review by strict supervision.
Because business mastery responsible brother will simply have to pay the entire watch factory management through the north.
Nephew Ernest Francillon very much like his uncle’s watch factory, often went here to help, followed by chefs have prepared a variety of parts to fight the system.
This guy ingenuity, studious, not how many years from Augustus Agassi hands took over the watch factory.

Most of the time the watch factory are hired farmer in the manufacture of various parts of the winter leisure hours,Replica Rolex Watches  and then aggregated to form finished assembly plant outside distributors, the prevalence of process complexity, manufacturing time is longer, more difficult the larger issues, such as management .
Francillon determined to change this old-fashioned methods of management,replica watches plans to build a large watch factory, the manufacture and assembly of all parts of the plant were all concentrated in.
In 1867, he finally realized his wish – a place names in the construction of “Longines” watch factory was successfully completed.
The new watch factory built in the first year, it launched its first Longines factory movement L20A.