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Unexpectedly Copy Rolex Watches , 1930 Mussolini political arena helm, the fate of MAS’s turnaround, has been re-incorporated into the Special Forces.
Mussolini in Italy attaches great importance to military development, MAS preference for me, even to some of the important advocacy mission and high military fame be given to the team by getting up troops.
In 1932, MAS to Panerai ordered a group of military diving watch, designed for the Italian Navy special forces and diving torpedo forces.
Since then, the company will have a Panerai military pure blood, the Italian Copy Watches Navy specified timepiece tools supplier.
In 1938, Panerai cooperation with Rolex, Rolex movement manufactured using first watch “Leimiduoer.”
Luminous dial of this watch can display the time clearly in dark underwater, it is charged with a special mission, a secret only for the Italian Navy special forces being created and developed.
“Leiduomier” As the world’s first dive after special forces watch came, a lot of the Italian Navy’s permanent specific products, each navy commandos bits are wearing such a powerful personality full functionality of dive tables.
Watch waterproof function has now been regarded as a basic function, but in the Copy Watches Uk early 20th century, only the first to have this technology Panerai.
At that time, since all products manufactured counterparts in the military sector, Panerai space and measurement time, the quality and safety requirements should be higher than the average standard of a chip.
The company launched a number of compass, pressure gauge, underwater sonar, sight, fluorescence mechanical calculator, timer and underwater explosive mines and other military products, all to reach Italy’s most advanced technology standards.
It is also because of this, gradually surfaced Panerai company known around the world since become an excellent partner Italian military sector.
1785 compared to many watch brands </a>, 2497 Panerai watches </a> called a hero, a man of the generals.
They need to increase the value of diamonds pearls, much less dazzling, intricate functions, only to the timing precision, waterproof compression alone show to the public.
The descent from the military let Panerai whole body filled with Rolex Watches charming man breath.
Among the top watch, and it does not look gorgeous, but no red root seedlings are of Swiss origin, but that does not hinder the Warriors to win the hearts of Panerai.
Its followers are pursuing a number of inner strength, a solid grasp of the brave forces, along with its own identity Italian Queen’s Royal Navy, many risk-takers, the brave will be regarded as the favorite objects, such as screen heroes Manchester Sylvester Stallone, adventure hero Mike Horn.
Perhaps because of the inherent hero complex, perhaps because of the strong invincible waterproof, Stallone liked dial huge Panerai.
In 1996, he made a special request: In the new film the movie “Lifeline” underwater lens can appear a Panerai engraved with his name? Of course, there is no reason to refuse the request.
Stallone had with first cooperation after, Panerai again produced 200 limited edition white dial Stallone version remembrance table.
This 44 mm diameter watch after the launch has been a huge Panerai one of the rolex replica watches most prestigious high-end sports watch series, the waterproof and shockproof features are manifested as the film is so powerful, whether it is toxic, landslides, sea swamped or explosives are used, but it shocked the breeze was blowing through.
Entry-level Heroes and mix to make Panerai watch again and again in history of the world a great debut.
Panerai, the Italian navy from the blood, the camp today to join the Swiss watch brand, many times from the sea and dip washing time, has experience in the field of sports and leisure premium brand.
Years went by, regardless of how fashion changes, it was huge oblate of the case, clearly visible scale still will not change, has always occupied a vanguard position in high-performance diving watch – this had to show Navy style timepiece Mibao will travel In the sea, never fade.
There are two world’s most beautiful bright blue, a Copy Rolex Watches blue sky, a blue sea.
When the sky had been conquered, Breitling naturally blue ocean seen as another piece of the dream is about to be involved.
This time, along with its friend has a “flying fish,” said Herbert Nite Qi.
June 14, 2007,  island in Greece Sipaisaisi breath diving depth of 214 meters, a record incredible and so far replica watches no one beyond the world record as the world’s greatest temporarily closed One of the divers to breathe free.

Herbert Nite Qi in the water used to clock watch Breitling Super Ocean series.