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To meet different rolex oyster perpetual fake needs, Tudor watch stainless steel and specially last series 15K gold watch with 12 zodiac three styles, as long as the consumer has the basic ability of buyers, always found that one out of the mind treasures.
If time could go back, return temporarily to the United States in 1961, returned to Fifth Avenue in New York.
Light of early dawn, the woman with the angelic face of a fractionation step and walked briskly toward Tiffany jewelry store.
She wore an ankle-length black dress, elegant smoke a cigarette, wearing black sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer lopsided …… Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany” in shaping the success of the role of Holly even eclipsed “Roman Holiday” in Princess Anne, as her graceful appearance, many people will be in my heart Antan soon: “There is an angel come to earth!”
See Audrey Hepburn elegance and noble order of the screen before generously beautiful, but also touched the heart of Longines.
In fact, in 1928, Hepburn also was born a year before, he had Longines stylish themed ads for sale.
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Many years later, when the great Angel when he appeared in public, Longines will not hesitate to invite as spokesperson of the product.
Audrey Hepburn delivered perfectly and accurately convey the grace and elegance of Longines.
Longines become like his faithful companions who also movie star Humphrey Bogart, international supermodel Dai Shi Jenna Brady, actor and model Yiwei Ya · Swiss children and Formula One driver racing · Cong pet Darth et al.
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In addition to the help of celebrity, watchmakers Longines watches each section also gives elegance.
In the early 20th century, Longines break the limitations of traditional pocket watch, the first to introduce equipped with a new automatic movement watch products.
A few years, leading the trend of re-launch of the Longines watch Tonneau by fans of watches in pursuit.
Tonneau watch Longines opens the creative tide, followed by a few years, through continuous research watchmakers have improved, with an elegant appearance and advanced features, the latest development in a modern collection of Longines watches.
In 1925, Longines has been accompanied by classic tonneau watch-minute orbit blue hollow pointer, the enamel surface.
1927 Longines jewelry barrel-shaped women available.
This watch full inlaid manufacturing sculpture hand, Quintana 40 diamonds and two sapphires case charm soft lines, the general impression is particularly wide.
In 1941 the Humphrey Bogart movie star wore another watch Tonneau rage “Casablanca” in.
It is equipped with plated gold case, gold Arabic numerals time, the surface of classical color-minute rail red steel, a metal new elastic strap.
Because table back engraved watch engraved with the initials desperate “H · B” Humphrey Bogart as a precious memory, now it has become a collection of private Longines museum.
After 2003, with the original barrel modeled launched Longines watch “Collection”.
Careful people may find 1120 Longines company, even after decades of the passage of time, but always maintained an elegant and distinctive traditional style, barrel table 50 years ago has not changed much now manufactured .
They will be before the 20th century popular style watches the heavy public eye now, even if you add cream elements can be too obvious, it is up to 1376 Longines .
As we all know, can be a style, an elegant stay in the heart of the public celebrity and far between, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart is such a representative, they left the immortal figure of the screen, with a its elegant Longines thus etched in people’s memory.
Rolex Tudor blinding light so that can not be with Zheng Hui, but that does not mean that TUDOR in 2533 under the color of aura, the rising star of the watch industry seems to know how avoid the edge, a surprise move.
Front and top train running alliances, and strategic cooperation of the brand of advanced motorcycle, was love in another way.
The front man for the metal mechanical Union was very obsessed.
Formula maneuver, elegant beautiful roadster, Invincible powerful processors, the infinite passion locomotive darkness, even a thin razor blade, can make them instantly attracted.
So when a brilliant shine in Tudor delicate wrist, when a high-powered Porsche roar to date, there are men who will not glimpse?
Tudor and Porsche philosophy of two extraordinary people in the development of nearly a century of history, the two well-known brands almost simultaneously to success: When Hans Wilsdorf registered trademark “Tudor” Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche was Daimler-Benz AG as a supervisor of the technical department; when Tudor set up watch factory in Switzerland Oyster watch series launched the first sports car Porsche World Porsche356 quietly born the following year; in the 1950s, Tudor launched self-winding and waterproof watches Oyster Prince and Princess, Porsche also agile, powerful automotive world famous Spyder; in the early 1960s, diving watches Prince TUDOR and Porsche Cars synchronous launch Porsche911; 70, Monte Carlo Tudor multifunction watch type of watch born, Porsche 936 with Porsche935 and get builders Award.
In 2009, two well-known brand finally joined forces fought together launched a Grantour watches.
Watch the series and a backup list of models, including a type of timing and type of multi-functional timepiece, and also uses a stainless steel very dark nostalgia for the outer ring.
Timing disc surface using the dashboard catchy red car, highlighting the subtle elements of high-speed racing.
Grantour calendar wrist leather type, running with linings in leather design style, decorated with closely spaced holes, design multifunction leather Grantour piece type wrist watch is used on racing gloves decorated with six slightly larger than the hole.