rolex DateJust Brushedâ—™Stainless Steel

Watches Watches speed gun is engraved with 500/400/350 watch outer gradually decreases â—™and rolex DateJust Brushed Stainless Steel other digital chronograph, physical these representatives of speed in km / h; this bezel called TACHYMETER (tachometer).
Watch speed of use: to use vehicles on◙ the highway, for example, because the highway is generally vertical◙ distance indication benchmark; When the elapsed time starting start the stopwatch,〠the stopwatch needle from the 12:00 start time, when the mobile 1 km time, stop the clock, a digital pin within the meaning of rolex replica watches the moment is the former one kilometer average speed.
For example, in the 12 o’clock position 60,â—™ because one minute walk one kilometer, then the speed is 60 km / h.
Bezel is how digital position corresponding projections come from? It is actually very simple.
To know 500 this figure shouldâ—™ be engraved in that position?â—™ We need to be a simple division; that calculus at 500 km / h speed driving one kilometer how much time, in seconds.
1 hour = 3600 seconds, 500〠km 3600 seconds to complete, according to◙ geometric principles, one kilometer ◙time required is 3600/500 = 7.2 seconds, so 500 must be engraved in 7.2 seconds at the dial.
Similarly, the 400 should be engraved in 3600/400 = 9 seconds places and 100 places engraved in 36 seconds.
At that time, when the speed is ã€below 60 km / h, the tachometer can not be directly used, unless the scale â—™values ​​ranging tachometer scale watches at low speed of the disk increase〠details please click: rolex replica162.html

Hearts and Arrows “Arrows” cut just the name of rolex replica watches commercial propaganda â—™used in the standard issued by the relevant bodies and no such title.
With the “Hearts and Arrows” diamond effect is increased within a predetermined range a little wider than theâ—™ diamond table and pavilion depth control, will enable Diamond to display “Hearts and Arrows” effect.
However, the proportionâ—™ of the various parts of diamond cut diamond precisely determine the brightness and color of fire is good or bad, so the “Hearts and Arrows” is a perfect cut would also like to make a question mark, because it deviated from the diamond cut diamond should reflect thrust brightness rolex DateJust Brushed Stainless Steel and color of fire, so when buying diamonds, the key ã€diamond fire color and brightness, only fire color and brightness good, is a good cut.
However, while “Hearts and Arrows” can not represent the best cut, but as your non-professionals, â—™but also unable to use their experience to cut a quantitative standard.
Thus, to some extent, to “â—™Hearts and Arrows” as the selection criteria of diamond cut regarded as a simple and secure method.
About the so-called Hearts and Arrows today is the most remarkable, the most punctual cut design, â—™is the use of the world’s top rolex replicaCupid cutting, from diamond just above the section plan view, you can〠see the same size, bright light and symmetrical eight arrow, from just below the diamond is showing a perfect symmetry, full of eight hearts, gives a unique wedding ring collection. Perfect symmetry of eight hearts and eight arrows, precise and flawless cut impressed , Hearts and Arrows cohesion one, metaphor, “Encounters, love, â—™hints, fantasy, kiss, touching, understanding, Union Hill” and the eight beautiful mood.
Perfect never just a handful of patents.
Hearts and Arrows cut diamonds series, is a diamond in〠the rare best, the world’s approximately 500,000 diamond cutters can handle only â—™a small number of experts, there is only less than one percent of the perfect diamond can cut out. ” Hearts and Arrows “stunning form, naturally, more valuable.
Hearts and Arrows diamond, with three perfect indicatorsâ—™ – the perfect angle ratio, the ultimate symmetry, the perfect mirror reflection, it has been hailed as a “miracle diamonds”, is most eager to receive every lover gift.
From any point of view to watch Cupid perfect cut diamonds? â—™Can see the most spectacular, the most shining light, its eight arrows and eight hearts reflects the meaning of love, unmatched but fantastic.
Cupid Cut a diamond can be injected into the light, through the internal refraction and reflection, showing â—™colorful brilliant light, so the three of the most brilliant diamond light – Flash (Scintillation), light (Brilliance) and Sparks (Fire) , we have reached the ultimate dazzling beauty.
Precision cut diamond symbolizes perfection, Hearts and replica watches Arrows symmetrical toâ—™ each other, just like Cupid’s visit with the arrow through the heart shine, let steadfast love.
Hearts and Arrows blooming bright, bright light,â—™ but would love to come, dazzling situation made the most perfect interpretation.
The origin of the 1970s, a Japanese businessmanâ—™ in the ordinary round diamond sales process, ã€accidentally found some excellent cut round replica watches uk diamonds in a special microscope observation ã€diamond’s cut, the front can see eight arrow, from negative side, is showing a flash of eight stars.
Later, after a lot of data summary, we found that as long â—™common round diamond cut long fall into a certain range, you can show the standard 8 hearts 8 arrows pattern.
This phenomenon fit the needs of Asia’s pursuit of perfection has been widelyâ—™ accepted and spread, then, this trend even affect the US and Europe.