Rolex Yacht Master Goldâ—™ Tachymeter White Dial

General said housing platinum white goldâ—™, its full name should be “Rolex Yacht Master Gold Tachymeter White Dial “, also known as WhiteGold.
It is made of gold and other white metal rolex replica watches casting assembly consisting of a white alloy containing no platinum.
Wherein the percentageâ—™ content of up to 75% gold.
Because this alloy is white, so-called white gold.â—™
There are 18K, 14Kâ—™ and other varieties.
Stamped with the same yellow K gold.
Patek Philippe platinum watchâ—™ case K white gold, platinum platinum distinction more dilute expensive, also known as pure platinum, platinum refers specifically to the metal element, platinum, silver, 21.45g / cm3 density, much more the largest gold and silver, hardness of 4.3 mp 1769 ℃,â—™ the high temperature, the air easily oxidized, with excellent resistance to acid and alkali and ductility.
Relatively soft pure platinum, palladium, rhodium,rolex replica watches  ruthenium, and other metals to increase its hardness.
Platinum is a rare and precious metal, mainly from Africa, Russia, Canadaâ—™ and other places, the amount of production equivalent to only 5% of gold.
Due to its stable physical and chemical properties, so now widely used for jewelry manufacturing industry, commonly called “pure gold” in the market.
K white gold entirely free of platinum selling K platinum jewelrâ—™y market is not gold, many consumers know the truth, that platinum jewelry purchases are wrong.
K white gold contains no platinum, whose main component is gold, an alloy of gold and other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, zinc and the like.
White K Jinying Wen Karat.WHITEGOLD (WG), K is limited to the express finesse.
Compared with platinum, both the appearance of the difference is small, but a closer look shows platinum color is silver-gray, shiny and strong, the same kinds of styles of white gold of 18â—™ carat jewelry platinum and weighs about 120% (density 18K gold of about 14.64g / EM3).
Usually in 18K white gold during processing will be palladium or rhodiumâ—™, but many are not durable, easy to wear.
The physical and chemical properties of stable platinum, easy to wear and erosion.
Now on the market also appeared in 14K white gold, 10K Rolex Yacht Master Gold Tachymeter White Dial  white gold, white gold, k gold 9K productsâ—™, essentially the same as the differential characteristics and 18K white gold, gloss, weigh heavily can be distinguished; platinum and silver also easier distinction, the density of silver 10.53g / cm3, hardness of 2.7â—™, the color is white, with traces of copper needles depict, silver jet jewelry for sound boring, do not bounce, while platinum flexibility, issue a clear sound when throwing to.
Now, due to the introduction of advanced foreign production technologies, visual effects can not be clearly distinguishedâ—™ from silver and platinum jewelry, its surface is also plated rhodium or palladium, but be identified based on its features is relatively easy carefully.
Platinum and palladium are different symbols in the metals of the platinum group, ruthenium, osmium, rhodium, iridium hard and brittle as platinum and palladium, platinum and palladium only softer, point lower melting than the other metals of the platinum group, suitable materials for the manufacture of jewelry.
Based on industry standards, platinum jewelry should be marked with the brand finesse of Pt and content, such as Pt900â—™ indicate platinum content of not less than 90%, the PT950 platinum indicates that the content is not less than 95%.
Palladium, symbol Pd, easy under normal oxidation and dull, much cheaper than platinum.
palladium jewelery is also marked by the same method, such as: Pd950, Pd900.
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Power reserve display, also known as the display of energy, intuitively, is that there is usually an on the dial indicates the power reserve display, also known as the display window Energy, for mechanical watch, winding’ll need to run the show before long, for quartz watch, it shows the level of battery charge.
The powered mechanical watches, if the spring replica watches uk is not timely, it is possible to go not allowed, even to stop.
The first power reserve clock appears on the navigation centuries ago, when ships at sea, depending on travel time accurate nautical â—™clocks to measure longitude and ensure safety of navigation.
Patek Philippe position 5146R12 hoursâ—™ with display of power reserve, but to date, power reserve and tourbillon undoubtedly become one of the technicians of the watch to show a sign of superior technology.
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of power reserve standards of the watchâ—™ industry are mainly two: one is the long power, which is to maintain the travel time power reserve watch as long as possible.
The second energy more uniformly decreasing speed is best.
If a watch quickly damped his energy, he would not permit.
So watch the energy reserves of the longer,â—™ more uniform attenuation of watchmaking technology, fake rolex watches higher requirements, the table more difficult.
power reserve indication indicates a spare mechanical watchâ—™ (tight spring roll degree) feature called dynamic indication of power reserve or call instructions.
A fan-shaped window is usuallyâ—™ open to the surface, or the pointer indicates the margin.