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Mineral crystal glass is made of Replica Rolex Daytona Rose 2015 new Products silicone (Silica) and lead oxide (lead-free crystal with a follow-up to other materials, such as potassium hydroxide, barium oxide, etc.) cooked with dissolved together, make crystal special sparkling, clarity is a technical plus from polished quality.
Mineral crystal glass table class rolex replica content in detail, click on: What rolex replica64.html4, often hear glare mirror is it? Simply put, anti-glare mirror is in the lens plating multilayer film, it is attached to the lens to prevent light refraction, similar to automobile insulation paper, also known as multi-layer film or a coat of Replica Rolex  many colors, commonly used in professional aviation, diving table or radian large mirror on the table.
Double anti-glare glass and because  sub-monolayer glare glass, the difference is that the former is the inner and outer sides of the lens are plating, the latter only on the inside of the glass coating, little difference between the two effects.
The difference between mineral crystal glass table mirror, glass and synthetic sapphire crystal glass table mirror of mineral crystal glass table mirror, exterior glass and synthetic sapphire crystal glass table mirror is very similar, but it is three completely different substances.
The main difference in the following four aspects: 1, different materials: mineral crystal lens is crystalline silica,Replica Rolex Daytona Rose synthetic silica glass is molten mixture containing, sapphire crystal glass table mirror is iron oxide and is removed impurities such as titanium oxide aluminum oxide.
2, the price difference: the highest price of sapphire crystal glass, followed by mineral crystal glass, the most expensive synthetic glass table mirror.
3, hardness different: sapphire crystal rolex replica watches glass table mirror highest hardness (Mohs 9), mineral crystal glass is crystal, but also with a more engaged hardness (7 Mohs).
The lower hardness synthetic glass (5.5 Mohs).

4, processing different: synthetic glass can be hot-casting, material saving labor, low cost.
Mineral crystal glass and mineral crystal  glass is crystal, can not be reversed after heating to melt, it is not hot-casting method, only with Cutting and other cold method.
Sapphire crystal glass table mirror is made from heating to 2000 ° C above the crystal powder.
Then, the sapphire block cut into fine slices formed by a high precision, and then trimmed and polished to serve as a watch glass.
These three glass table mirror how to identify? First, you can finger tap mirror, carefully listen to the voice.
Acrylic mirror will issue like a plastic-like sound, and the sound of glass is relatively thick.
Secondly, from the perspective of weight judgment, acrylic mirror lightest, heaviest sapphire.
Since sapphire is a good thermal effects, so when you touch, when there will be a cold feeling.
Since sapphire mirror mirror than the other two materials smooth, so if you drop a drop of Replica Rolex Daytona water in a sapphire crystal top, drop the top is not easy to spread, and other materials will be scattered into one.

Retrograde and returned to the difference between the hammer and reverse jump from the function looks similar,fake rolex but its internal mechanical structure and working principle is completely different.
The difference is: type pointer to go retrograde arc, retrograde type of return is done automatically; and flyback chronograph pointer is walking around in a circle, it’s back to zero requires manual button operation, but also from completed two directions.