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Watch brands. Double-sided glass mirror material glare rolex cellini white dial rose sapphire crystal watch production gold case brown leather bracelet process used is roughly divided into acrylic, generally mineral glass and sapphire crystal glass and other species, each with excellent properties.
Acrylic mirror soft texture, high plasticity, the only relatively easy to scratch, but can also be easily recovered by polishing; general mineral glass mirror more widely, made a very convenient part of the moderate hardness; sapphire crystal glass you belong to the more advanced glass mirror, mostly used to grind fired into the crystal powder, due to the very high hardness, it is very excellent in scratch abrasion resistance, and therefore subject to a number of senior watch brands like to use.
Many sapphire crystal in the double-sided anti-glare coating on the multilayer film functions to avoid by light refraction, such as double-sided multi-layer film Breitling specially treated sapphire crystal can light dispersion, especially in direct sunlight high above , fully functional, so that the wearer can still clearly read directly in the sun, without prejudice.
This will result in an anti-reflective lens coating role,rolex replica watches  reflecting less light, natural light transmission is very good, its light transmission rate of 99%.
How to tell if the coating on the mirror? The easiest way to identify that is the mirror tilt, thin film interference effects will make it a spectral color rendering (the same as eyeglass lenses).
Sapphire crystal glass 1. First, raw material processing and production processes will break down first clean crystal composition at 1200 ℃ high temperature.
2. After decomposition barrels flawless white crystal materials.
3. After 2050 ℃ continue firing desired crystal bar.
The uncut crystal block strip.
Crystal strip again subject to artificial selection, via the filtered crystal pieces, each piece is clean 5. After firing flawless.
6. After a piece of diamond-cut crystal pieces to be processed crystal glass.
7. After cutting, the grinder will then start to grind the surface at low speed, the work must be more than four times to reach the bright transparent mirror effect.
8. Finally, to the clean room and then through the optical processing, high temperature 280 ℃ of the mirror coating on both sides of special optical media.
Enamel enamel table, the English called “enamel”, a process China originally introduced by the ancient Persia.
It is transliterated as “Buddha Boy”, “franc.”
Since porcelain enamel appears to have the feeling, both rolex replica  jewelry and jade moist, people added next to “King” character, it has become today’s “enamel” word.
Specifically, the enamel is composed of mixed metal oxides such as quartz, into the container and then adding water into powder, dried into a glassy coating of oil to reconcile, then like oil painting as applied to metal or porcelain arts outside carcass quality, then through the kiln firing, the enamel decorated with artifacts is enamel.
Enamel jade moist, brilliant jewelry, fine bone china, the most important is that this material timeless, does not oxidize fade.
Even after a century, enamel bright colors will not retreat.
And the entire staff of painting enamel watch, to this day can not be substituted for any machine, how to appreciate and replica watches  collection has become an important science.
It has become a luxury watch in a unique landscape.
Birth enamel watch early in the 13th century, enamel appeared and prevailed in ancient Persia.
Then the enamel is mainly used for container and furniture, not yet used to draw the dial.
Modern art enamel began in the 15th century, and in the rolex cellini white dial rose European civilization began to undergo its most turbulent period in history, the fine art of enamel ushered in the most glorious moments.
Was at that time, Spain and Portugal began a long journey navigator and adventure, to explore the continent was still unknown.
In order to meet the needs of the Age of Discovery, the enamel was only widely used in decorative pocket watch dial.