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It can be said that many watch repair and bad replica rolex watches uk cheap, most are due to be cleaned shall not be treated due.
So you can see that the watch repair and maintenance cleaning on how important.
Simply said, if you do not clean your watch is equivalent to the white maintenance, and may also cause damage to the movement.
I’ve seen a lot of people are using different types of cleaning agents, Here I will list my several common cleaning clean.
A: chlorinated solvents are common cleaning fluid trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene, carbon tetrachloride.
These are good cleaning effect.
Dissolve the oil effect is very good, kind of low boiling  fake breitling tag heuer quartz point solvents, non-flammable, volatile fast, much faster than the gasoline category, it can be said to clip out a few seconds to dry the parts.
However, such a solvent containing toxic, long-term exposure to poor health, long-term use is not recommended.
II: hydrocarbon solvent cleaning agents have more tables with gasoline and petroleum ether, the advantage is to the oil capacity, will be able to dissolve the oil very quickly, coupled with a small brush in, you can wash the relatively clean, but only applies to a relatively it is a relatively new movement.
If with some cleaning agent can make better, of course,replica rolex watches there are shortcomings, is very flammable, should pay attention to in the course of the fire.
Three: fluorine-containing cleaners trifluorotrichloroethane of oil penetration, dissolving power are very strong.
Feature is not burning, boiling point at 47 degrees, the previous information that I class is non-toxic, but recent studies prove that there are still some toxicity, and damage to the atmosphere is also very serious, so this type of cleaning agent has been eliminated, the market is basically not buy.
Four: alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, oleic good proportion to wash detergent mixed results, especially such dirt and sweat oxidation hand movement, the movement brighter after washing, gilded parts also will restore the original color.
The disadvantage is proportional control replica rolex watches uk cheap demanding corrosive formula is also relatively strong, pungent smell very, pay attention to personal safety, are not suitable for hand washing process a small table stores.
Five: Germany imported concentrate which is a red alkaline solution, the smell is very exciting, I have heard of, never touches the skin or eyes.
I feel is a mixture of the odor of ammonia (and 4 similar), the solution according to the ratio (1 part concentrate :9 parts of distilled water) was diluted in distilled water, the temperature and time is limited, not heating, time can not be long, otherwise the movement will have a greater corrosion.
Not by hand, only machine washable, and washed with this, but also the parts and then washed several times with distilled water, and finally use the ethanol dehydration and drying.
Six: Rui Shiqing surface water should wash table with automatic or semi-automatic machine, all contain some toxicity, and are not suitable for hand washing.
Now more than 10 points first wrote here, tomorrow I’ll write using cleaner ways (hand and machine wash).
Early sixties Swiss quartz technology was invented, but it is not well developed Swiss, perhaps then the entire watch industry is basically dominated by Swiss watch brand, the industry leader of arrogance and not pay attention to make them miss opportunity, shrewd Japanese invented the quartz watch, tragic scene to make hundreds of thousands of people unemployed tabulation, many centuries brand bankruptcy disappear.
Domestic once glorious moment of Swiss watches such as plum, British Nag, Rome and so the brand disappeared in the war among this quartz watch, looking back in nostalgia or regret it.