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If an “Irish harp” brand watches,Rolex Replica Watches only seven of diamonds, is still regarded as one of the world’s brand-name watches.
Some foreign manufacturers plant in order to watch the commercial competition, are installed in many decorative diamond watches can not afford to use, such as Switzerland, “Cary Star” brand watches, set the 118 diamonds.
Also known as the so-called non-functional decorative diamond drilling, means the movement of non-work and non-essential parts of the table position drills, the public is used as a means to sell the product, do not have much impact on the structure and properties of the table machine.
Common in: Cover diamond hole but do not make the diamond as the axial bearing cap cover sump to prevent dust with: or to support the wheel, ratchet or for supporting a calendar disk and so on.
In recent years, in order to improve the performance table drill lubrication oil, have studied abroad with alumina ceramic tile manufacturing fork and disc nails used in the high-frequency watch.
Chemical vapor deposition as well as to drill with a Replica Watches boron fabrication vias.
Therefore, we can consider the more the better diamond watches.
Watch worn on the person’s wrist, in addition to its role in the timing, but also a kind of ornament.
In order to walk easy to carry, no friction with the sleeves, require watch has suitable size and volume, the thickness of speaking, is substantially thinner the better.
Thin watch, worn on the wrist more beautiful, loved by the people.
However, the watch is too thin, there are many shortcomings:cheap Rolex Replica shop <span id = “more-541”> </ span> (1) watch movement thin, its structure, raw materials, manufacturing processes and other requirements are also higher, so the price higher; (2) seconds, minutes, small gap between the needle clockwise, mutual collision prone hands; (3) the thickness of thin plywood, so that the shaft is also easy to wear; (4) the small gear axial distance, when the shaft or are slightly worn, it will lead to mutual collision between gears; (5) a small case and cover screw turns, prolonged use, easy to produce thread “slippery tooth” phenomenon.
Therefore, there is no thick thin watches watches affordable and durable.
Base movement thickness made watches generally about 4 mm.
SZ1 thick as 4.20mm, ST5 thickness 3.92mm, SM1 thickness 4.65mm, SS1 thick 4.95mm <em> </ em>
Watch over and the issue that people can hear “drop” “despair” sound when you walk.
“Drip” “despair” sound is a table machine escapement Rolex Replica shop mechanism at work, some collisions produced by the collision of three sound composition – release sound, tone and falling tone pass rush.
Also: the release tone & lt; pass rushing sound & lt; falling tone <span id = “more-548”> </ span> watch is not a single voice in a decaying oscillation frequency, but a wide variety of regional frequency synthesized wave oscillation in the range of 5 ~ 15KC.
Lower frequency tables are in 2KC below the ceiling above the 20KC.
Watch when you go during the collision nail disc escapement fork oscillation frequency 16.5KC around.
We watch with ears to hear the loudest sound is a table with the balance spring system independent private law fall tones.
The calibration instrument is picked up and the Rolex Replica balance spring system is directly linked to the release of the sound.
Therefore, according to the size of the ears to judge watches watches sound quality is good or bad is not scientific.
Watch with ears sound position in each direction should listen to sound good watch in different locations, more stable, uniform, clear and there are lingering.
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Tianjin Seagull Seagull Watch M160S for the company formerly known as Tianjin Watch Factory Watch This brand was born in 1955, and produced the first watches China.
Since then China has produced the first electronic watch only the first only independent (self) design and manufacture of mechanical watches (DF table) and the first one in line with international standards, such as the female form.
Tianjin Seagull Watch Group has been a leader in China watch, stand in the international front, the same stage with world-renowned brands.