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Yesterday, we wrote a cleaning solution with the  2015 Rolex Replica Watches choice today to talk about watches cleaning method, the current cleaning methods that watches and machine washable.
Machine wash – wash oil machine is currently mainly Germany, with automatic and semi-automatic models.
Principle wash oil machine is the use of a standard cleaning process (multi-cylinder cleaning), the use of washing basket and rotation erosion (like washing machines work), and ultrasonic cleaning principle.
Because it is used in conjunction with a variety of cleaning fluid, plus scouring effect of ultrasound, the cleaning effect is very good.
And more importantly, there is a large number of quality assurance cleaning, hand washing did not like vary, carefully wash the good master, master sloppy wash clean.
Hand wash – Hand wash Guming Si meaning that manual  2015 Rolex Replica Watches Uk cleaning.
The country with the most common or hand wash, some stores even have washing machines do not bother with the oil, the trouble.
The main tools are solvent, fuel tanks, brush, willow sign and so on.
Hand wash only use one to three kinds of solvents, the environment should be clean air.
Hand wash must be cleaned several times with a soft Rolex Replica Watches bristle brush bristles is best to prepare each one, like the bulky splint with bristle brush, gear, escapement fork such small pieces, with a softer brush.
Gem eye sharpened willow sign removed sludge.
Whether it is not machine washable hand wash, a few need at times to explain: (1) escapement fork, wheel, gossamer bonding resin using shellac or will dissolve in alcohol, it is not a long soak in the alcohol where, if alcohol dehydration, time is shorter (20-30) seconds, drying should use a bottom temperature 70-80 degrees will make shellac soften decomposition.
(2) If the steel spring (more common in old pocket watches, the color blue Rolex Replica), after washing thoroughly lubricated (It was also said not to wash steel spring), because the film is doing well, then cleaned easily broken clockwork .
Carbon steel with high hardness, resistance to rust weak, brittle.
After cleaning, if not completely so as to quickly form a lubricating oil film winding, the mainspring is exposed to air will absorb moisture rust, so that spring fatigue, decreased tensile strength, brittle, easily broken.
Now watch the basic need to consider this issue, both through the  2015 Rolex Replica use of high-performance alloys to the clockwork.
Conclusion: It is clean is to keep their own conditions, choose to use a different cleaning fluid, carefully cleaned by the process, you can do it clean, wash clean rather not wash.
In short, after the watch maintenance, lubrication conditions greatly improved, reducing the running resistance movement, swing Replica Watches Uk For Men On Sale will improve the movement more stable, easier to adjust the accuracy of better.
Due to the use of different environments, each table maintenance cycle is different, the general recommendations based on my personal water level to determine the maintenance cycle, a 2-3 year warranty, 200 meters waterproof proposal recommends waterproof 100 meters within 3 years maintenance time waterproof 300 above suggestions 4-5 years maintenance time, because about five years, lubricants natural evaporation and deterioration.
Do a good job cleaning, your watch can be more long-term work for you.

First choice is crucial cleaners, cleaners goal is to take advantage of the role of the cleaner parts of the surface of the oil and clean out the small dirt, grease and small particles which can affect the accuracy and parts of the surface movement during walking corrosion.
Wash clothes looks pamphlets, but moving is very important.