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Since the Ming Imperial Blue flying tourbillon minute repeater
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Athens this year’s watch is more annoying. Not what their home is not good enough, not complicated enough, but rather they are both complex and innovative home goodies too many to pick a single Expressed in terms, it is difficult to choose.
For example, new breakthroughs in Athens this year escapement.Best Replica Rolex  Athens is the watchmaking industry’s first “eat crab silicon material” brand, first launched in 2003 will carry a silicon balance spring watch. Technical support from the joint venture Sigatec let them in on the development and application of fiscal nature walk in the industry leader. Athens silicon process this year there is a surprise, it is the new anchor escapement. This system does not have the escapement fork with its fork shaft friction, Replica Rolexalmost close to zero energy consumption. It also has the advantage of making simple, until mass production, equipped with silicon material is expected to reduce the price of the watch parts. But this system has not yet been put into any movement, the use in the watch, you also need one or two years.
Thirdly, this year’s two-question form a doll is a limited edition rose gold jazz Jazz Minute Repeater three repeater table and an unlimited number of rose-gold version Hourstriker Tiger Tiger Tiger single repeater table, also wonderful. Asked the table to know the dolls have been the champions of Athens, before there are a lot of excellent work, but considered to be in use before the Circus Circus Minute Repeater watch and St. Mark sonnerie single repeater movement, so it had to part with. Finally, this timekeeping flight from the Ming Imperial Blue Tourbillon will stand out.
While this watch has several complex technologies, and the first is a plywood deck with sapphire crystal production, so that the whole watch transparent, movement at a glance. Second, 6:00 position flying tourbillon, thanks to sapphire crystal deck, it really seemed suspended in an empty string rotation. Third, 12 were opposed to large Fake Rolex Watches  calendar, four are loaded Dapeng Westminster chimes from the Ming timekeeping function.
First look at the sapphire splint. Back in 2005 the brand has released the first movement with sapphire crystal for plywood Royal Blue flying tourbillon watch, with diamond or not, and then according to the different strap, out of a total of five models, each limited edition 99. Its hollow parts can glance, generally show a different perspective aesthetics. When the chain, through the transparent surface, can clearly see the barrel, one coherent structure driven gear. Barrel, sub-clockwise, from top to bottom tourbillon on the dial, ring connected to ride with sapphire crystal clarity, showing a unique mystical beauty. To the 2013 Cheap Fake Rolex Watches  Basel Watch Fair, which sections table changed to ruby ​​crystal clear for the movement plywood, the name will be changed to Royal Ruby Fake Rolex flying tourbillon watch. New this year, because the installation of a large self-ming and a large calendar, powerful function is more complex, so called from the Ming Imperial Blue flying tourbillon minute repeater watch. From Royal to the Empire, more distinguished atmosphere.
Flying Tourbillon is a must. General Tourbillon mechanical structure fixed to the deck on the plywood, but flying tourbillon fixed deck will be omitted, because of this, the flying tourbillon stability during operation will be more difficult to control, Ulysse Nardin has overcome this problem, sapphire Crystal Tourbillon plywood and deck floating in the air rotation, outstanding results.