Why Rolex replica china afraid of Apple?

Although the smart watch from the launch date, has been favorable, but the thought of replacing traditional watch, a conservative estimate, it is impossible and fear. Apple recently released Smart Watch has brought an important topic: the occupation can not replica watches the market tide products become doomed to failure?

Earlier this month, the Financial Times FT Rolex luxury magazine’s “How to consumer” (How to Spend It) devotes 10 pages of explanation slogan: “You and – Rolex” (There is only one way The. Rolex way). Interpreting this statement on release of Apple wristwatch boom in the background, is definitely a counter-attack against the trend. The market rumors, Apple watches before the conference, Apple’s vice president of design, Jonathan • Ive (Jonathan Ive) has publicly asserted that the Swiss rolex replica watches industry fast “comes to an end.”

While Apple’s release caused fake Rolex watches attention, but replica watches china can compete with Apple’s market share of the Swiss watch is two different things.

Apple Smart Watch although some difficulties have been resolved, but the road is still long. Apple plans to make full use of already established system network, enabling users to easily complete the product purchase payment, remote keyless entry and other aspects of remote operation. With the new software development and constantly enrich application functionality of Apple wristwatch, users also have more good reason to get your wallet out to buy. But these can not make Apple products replica watches become doomed to failure.

You can not fail to mention motion tracking

Not all people have the time or inclination to record every detail of life, even if the start that their existing empty and willing to do so wearable device users abandon one-third of them are within half a year No need to. So while Apple more powerful tracking replica watches better than the other wearable devices, which acquired data also did not attract many people’s attention, while the number of users means that the market potential.

Fashion sense a qualitative leap

In non-technical control of the eyes, the moment most wearable device impede the appearance. Apple watch the biggest bright spot is the pursuit of beauty fashion – including the sensitivity of the design and personalization options. It offers a variety of styles for customers to choose from, including surface size, product materials, color, screen design and wristbands category. “Milan style ring” (Milanese loop) strap elegant style, “Modern clasp” (Modern buckle) Band style value comparable to a Gucci bag. Having said that, all the strap looks are somewhat cumbersome – the continuation of the new recruits Apple design guru Mark • Newson (Marc Newson) consistent style.

Technical control requirements difficult to meet

Maximum flawed first-generation smart watches are charging high frequencies. Apple replica watches china conference the same day, internal directives can not talk about battery life, only vaguely in the evening it will need to charge simple passing. So a conservative estimate that the goods need to be charged in the  daytime, but for most people very disappointed. While wireless charging technology feels a little better, but if they can with the cradle, would be more reasonable.

Motion Tracker has been claiming accuracy, but often in practice is not to force, pedometer regard as normal, calorie consumption and heart rate is difficult to estimate. Currently Apple Watch tracker accuracy is unknown, but a recent evaluation found that the current market movement tracker up to be “substantially accurate” really want to care about it, a $ 25 rolex replica watches china  pedometer visual function even more powerful.

The phone is still not less

Smart Watch can not become doomed products Another reason is that all of its functions can be more easily realized through mobile phones, especially now that more phone will configure the sensor. A typical example is the use of Apple events, it needs to obtain GPS data from the phone can be achieved. So if the runners have to bring mobile phones, as a direct recording data using a mobile phone? Compared to the current smart wristbands, Samsung Galaxy S5 class of mobile phones have better heart rate measurement function – and physiology study found that the wrist is not in favor of electronic sensors measuring pulse.

Smart watches and smart phones in the functional overlap occurred, which led to a bigger problem. In the case of the availability of scientific assessments failed, Apple did not watch to professionally develop in depth, but it is starting to mini-computers in the laterally extending, here bread his mouth certain risks. We can imagine that if Steve Jobs was alive, he would not like to think what to do. We stood in his pocket phones really need to stamp size screen to view photos or map? It was argued that behind every right things are full of countless voices of doubt, but as this is the case, Houqiaobusi era destined to that produced from a professional fast-paced world.

If the table will become the mainstream watch it?

Today it seems that Apple then watch the stock market like a small minority of Apple TV, rather than arcade iPod. Of course, it’s the second or third generation product volume will be smaller, battery life will be stronger, but if you still do not technological breakthroughs, both practical function or aesthetic needs,rolex watches china will not enter the mainstream, become a losing product.

Apple watch hopefully come out on top in the field of smart watches, defeated old rivals like Samsung, LG, or Motorola. But as the only way to connect the Apple phone smart rolex replica watch, it must only be connected to Apple’s mobile phone, and therefore no access to the market a large number of Android users. However, market research shows that Apple phone accounted for 90% share of advanced mobile phones, which is part of the user is often the most sensitive products for intelligent consumer watch groups, they do this on average spend 300-500 US dollars. (Given the current Apple users will not be a smart watch systems are not compatible for mobile phones, so most will choose to Apple’s Smart Watch.)

Once Apple’s brain residual powder and wealthy people from the apple with the watch, how kind of promotion will have effect? As intelligent motion tracker, Apple watch is loaded to force expensive special product, but as a symbol of personal identity, it faces competition from the British luxury industry Uniform Wares to the classic Gucci suit and then Swiss Tag Heuer watches, etc., simply a dime a dozen. Honestly, think about expect Apple to earn a penny from the $ 23 billion market value of the watch market, more cruel it is that, like Fitbit Force Health bracelet for a class of sports tracker brand there is still room for development.

Rolex replica  watches can sit back and relax, because it’s up to ninety core customers, down to zero after six. They appeared before the smartphones have cultivated the habit of wearing a watch, and in the emergence of the smartphone they would buy a piece of nostalgia fashion rolex  watches or luxury fake watches. At the same time, many people will directed superb craftsmanship and rare materials purchase high-end luxury rolex fake watches china, but few people will invest the money toward the open evening defeat of technology products. Because they use technology products are often obsolete. It seems that the Tyrant gold version of the Apple Smart Watch – probably only tyrant only affordable – said “no bright future.”

Fitbit smart bracelet although more sensitive to body heat, but also need to work harder in order to occupy a place in the sports market tracker. Fitbit wristband prices one-third lower than the entry-level Apple Smart Watch also specially adapted to be worn on the hand to improve the force grid. It’s low-key connotation is also reflected in the user interface, using the original designer Gaddi • Amit (Gadi Amit) words, because of the interactive nature of the “internal pursuit,” watch with Apple flamboyant style contrasts.

After the ugly words, we have a rational view of the facts. Watch the launch of the current Apple is still a short time, Apple’s stylish to attract large coffee and strong marketing have incalculable influence. But for now, Rolex and Fitbit are safe, from the “game over” still a long way.