“The Chinese market watches” Remember ROLEX movement

I have been thinking is not to write ROLEX replica watches, this is a somewhat awkward brand, especially to put a stop the movement in the series, it is embarrassing because after all it is not a full-time movement manufacturers, though! Indeed they have repeatedly let yourself have the urge to pick up a pen. This impulse originated in rivers and lakes in the vibe of three sentences:
A. If a person can only buy a watch, you should be the ROLEX.
B. If the ROLEX movement known as its accuracy ranked second, no one would dare call themselves first.
C. ROLEX whether the movement is not just to develop complex models table fans are concerned, it is many top watch factory had feared.
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Has been friends laugh small token, but many watch brands, most no more than two can be mentioned: PATEK PHILIPPE or ROLEX. The former is recognized as king of the table, which is as much as or even better than the king’s table in the preservation of the brand. Provide annually to the world market 700,000 watch brand, I always surprise: there are as many 700,000 of production, but also actually all be able to sell short – such as Daytona popular models even to the point where there is no market price – – This is absolutely unprecedented. I think this point is concerned, as the king’s table PATEK PHILIPPE only shame even jealous of it.
We often joked that this sentence – the world’s most understand the table, and most do not understand the table are shone buy ROLEX. I would say, a watch, in the face in the crowd can be so easy to sell, and sell the case for many years, there must be a place that is different from other brands, or “advantage.” This advantage there? The answer is simple – the movement!
Prior to carefully depth ROLEX replica watches movement, let us look at this amazing brand’s history. To mention ROLEX, we must have another name: Hans Wilsdorf. Hans Wilsdorf story between ROLEX and is bundled. Wilsdorf dominate the company’s establishment and development. He has his name until 1930, each of the company’s patents, and from the beginning every time the ad published on the Rolex on his own name until the second year of his death. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the history of Rolex even with a look at the history of Wilsdorf.
Hans Eberhard Wilsdorf was born in Kulmbach, 1881 年 3 月 22 日 晚上 11 30 AM, 50 km from the Nürburgring a small village. Today, Kulmbach since the opening of the highway, it has been able to quickly connect the Nurburgring. But when was the second son of Ferdinand and Anna Wilsdorf was born, from them to the Nurburgring time it takes one day on horseback. Hans put his childhood as a Bavarian, not German. As he was born 10 years ago, in 1871, Bismarck finally incorporated into Prussia, Bavaria became the big German Empire.
Wilsdorf’s family engaged in the hardware business, by its grandfather Carl Traugger Wilsdorf in 1842 moved from his native Saxony to Bavaria after the founder. Naturally, childhood Wilsdorf will look forward to be able to stabilize the family business thriving in Kulmbach center. Unfortunately, when he was 12 years old, his parents have died within a few months. Wilsdorf and his brothers and sisters were left in the home, raising other family members. Imagine that the family decided to sell its business through deliberation – because Wilsdorf has not grown so I can not inherit the business.
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Young Wilsdorf was sent to school in Coburg, the school 25 miles away from the big towns. We can imagine this is not a good thing for the little Hans, because he did not meet before the legal age of inheritance was forced to leave Bulmbach, away to Germany to seek a new life of his own.
Has unimaginable for us who live in his format of the suffering. We call him “Mr. Rolex” but forget that he was once a 12-year-old child, and is respected by everyone’s second generation heir hardware. He should be what we call the middle class children can inherit the family today and become an expert in industrial hardware industry area. Everything in his life has been disrupted, and then went down the drain.
When studying in Coburg, Hans put all the energy flutter in the school, especially in mathematics and linguistics (especially English). A Swiss student through friendship and let Hans Switzerland had a strong interest. After leaving school he went to the first place is in Geneva, Switzerland, where a sale of the company’s export sector pearl found a job. This company buys pearls from all over the world, where the fishermen. The company’s headquarters in Geneva, they are responsible for scheduling will buy to sell to pearl jewelry markets around the world. The company itself does not produce anything, just rely on the relevant links and unique expertise to make a profit from the worldwide women’s jewelry products.
In 1905, Wilsdorf and Davis called established. Hans or from his family, where his brother and sister made some money, let him join Davis investment. So that they two became equal partners. Their office is located at 83 Hatton Garden – London jewelry center, but 18 months later they moved to Holborn Viaduct, from the 500 Hatton Garden right away, leave today’s British watch industry center Clerkenwell1 less than a mile away.
At that time the company’s business from simply located Rebberg, Bienne’s Jean Aegler’s factory imported movement, from other Swiss suppliers of imported case and surface. Although the watch by the British after the assembly and testing of indicators craftsmen and sold to users. On the surface did not make any marks, but simply on the movement marked “W & D”, while still inside the back of the case marked the symbol.
After Wilsdorf and his British wife May Frances married he became a British citizen. They immediately the company name from “Wilsdorf & Davis” was renamed “Rolex”. This followed their 10-year company name finally November 15, 1915 has been changed. Rolex replica Watch Company Ltd under the assistance of lawyers White and Leonard made a successful registration, registration number is 142138.
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So far, ROLEX brand was established, and it is proud of the fact, until today, ROLEX replica watches brand Wilsdorf still feast of family management, and is not listed. There jokingly said: ROLEX even shut down the plant for three years will not fail. I do not know if this is true, because the non-listed companies do not need to disclose any ROLEX earnings and earnings reports, but I firmly believe that – if the world today, there are still an absolute strength of the watch factory, that non ROLEX must go!
As written in the article begins as, ROLEX prevailed so far the biggest advantage lies in its stable, accurate and durable movement. To do this we need to look at the advantages ROLEX movement on lies.
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Antique tables: At the end of 1930 level of Treasures 9K Rolex bubble back (coffin Aberdeen) by manually Table: 31 (MM) ‘s original package with gold clasp
Unlike the bubble back, royal level, yield rare, accurate time, very suitable for collections and wear
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Chain system:
Some say ROLEX was the first invention self-winding movement system manufacturers. I think that where there is a certain degree of error. In fact the first piece of real similar to what we see today in the self-winding movement is produced by Harwood, and ROLEX replica china made just purchased the most sophisticated automatic chain system. ROLEX vision have to say in terms of the purchase. Developing automatic chain system originated when ROLEX full swing all over the world with his own single-minded development Oyster waterproof case. Today we can see the case ROLEX most famous words: “Perpetual” and “Oyster”. The latter is Oyster English, while the former is today we mentioned “Perpetual.”
In fact, this is not anything special. The real advantage of the chain began in 1955 ROLEX patent – red wheel system. Any demolition over ROLEX Modern movement people will see ROLEX movement has a two unique red gear, which is proud of ROLEX patent – one kind of metal materials like aluminum outer wrap special red coating process. The entire upper chain section has seven components, very easy to assemble and renovations. This two-way winding structure can still maintain a flexible shift in the movement of disrepair or even forget oil situation. That is why the movement of the power storage ROLEX particularly long time, and why ROLEX watch just keep a very low amount of exercise a day can have a chain of watch movements ensure the energy enough to go.
Super balance
ROLEX balance wheel sprocket system as if it were also very special – a unique four-arm four weight balance. Four-arm swing with respect to conventional arms swing better stability. Of course, this machine for the production of the balance wheel of a higher requirement, fortunately ROLEX at the cost of doing so. Wound on the wheel balance Breguet balance spring. We know the system core rampant today, Breguet balance spring can be used basically already belong to the movement of high-grade.
It is noteworthy that the internal balance wheel has four screws. This is the best weapon to fine-tune ROLEX – use of special tools, it can mobilize a grid to increase or decrease the accuracy of 1 second / day. This is what we want to see, and indeed really only ROLEX give us such a precision adjustment of the balance wheel. When it comes to precision, ROLEX really let us dumbfounded. Friends had done such a test table: the two ROLEX Submariner adjusted to the same hour, the same minute, under the same circumstances flat for 24 seconds a child, was surprised to find two tables actually still the same hour, the same minute, the same second! ʱ?? ʱ?? Forgive me for using the three exclamation points, but it does make everyone marvel.
Bridge-shaped balance cock
Perhaps few people noticed this detail, you can see, ROLEX since Cal. 3130 began a comprehensive unilateral contact the original balance cock instead of bilateral contacts bridge-shaped plywood. Do not disagree, you know, for this fine mechanical watch movement overall, a slight vibration will bring errors on accuracy, and bridge-shaped balance cock respect too traditional unilateral contacts can undoubtedly plywood bring the whole balance system’s interference. The direct result brought is – more accurate travel time.
Note With this structure right movement in the world today. I would like to AUDERMAS PIAGET launched Cal. 3090 and Cal. Before 3120, only ROLEX have such balance cock. I can not say that it is a thought.breitling skeleton watches Pam 569 wear on left wrist Omega GMT ii black ceramic copy rolex watches for men
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Instantaneous jump calendar structure
ROLEX early in 1945 developed the first window is displayed by the calendar calendar watch. 1960 launch of Cal. On 1560 movement equipped with its newly developed 12 o’clock instantaneous jump calendar structure. Then watch the calendar structures have not instantaneous jump, that is, from the start about 21:00, calendar wheel began to work, the calendar disk begins to rotate slowly, and this result: nearly 11 points at the time, Since the calendar dial to between two days, so the wearer can not be clearly read at the time of the calendar.
Instantaneous jump structural change such a good question. ROLEX eccentric cam and a perforated flat ruby ​​combination of both calendar toggle joint structure from the top, so that the top of the highest point, which is about 0:00 suddenly fall instantly complete calendar of one day turning. Many watch today provides instantaneous jump calendar function, but instantaneous jump calendar seems to have a problem: after 21 o’clock in the morning between 3:00 to manually adjust the calendar if it will lead to changes in the cam starts up, resulting in inaccurate beating calendar – commonly known as: calendar blind. Fortunately, there is no such problem ROLEX, I and my friends are deliberately adjusted ROLEX date in the blind spot, the next day have proved ROLEX watch adjusted date is still normal display calendar it should be displayed correctly.
ROLEX replica movement gives the greatest impression: thick! It is thick! The coarse brought a bigger “tolerances”, the use of stronger structure. This is also why we can ROLEX secret movement’s durability.
Knowing some advantages ROLEX movement, let’s look at some well-known models ROLEX movement in history. Let us have a closer understanding of the movement inherent king.
Cal. 1030
Automatic movement
Diameter: 28.5mm
Height: 5.85mm
Number of jewels: 25
Alloy screw compensation balance wheel
Wobble: 18000VPH
5 position tuning
Dong Crew: butterfly collection level of 14K Rolex Tourbillon Automatic # 1030
Classic Rolex (ROLEX) # 1030 automatic men’s watch
This table accept any form of inspection. Paul the whole table: Full original
Table by: 33.2 (MM) after with a black leather strap 18K pure original clasp
Head: Original Glass: Original Production year: around 1950
Features: very classic butterfly Tuo 1030 automatic movement, travel time accurate. It is suitable for collections and wear
This is what we can see ROLEX movement earlier models. Cal. 1030 started in 1950, it is famous ROLEX replica “bubble back” after the first generation of automatic bidirectional winding movement. 5 position did monolithic movement tuning, also did not participate in that era COSC, 5 position tuning is equivalent to the standard of today’s observatory. It is worth mentioning that, in Cal. 1030 ROLEX before there is a basis for movement Cal. 1000, but in their own data ROLEX not Cal. Details of 1000. And. 1000 Cal as, Cal. 1030 was also the most popular 18000VPH wobble, screw compensation balance wheel, and use the basket double Shangrao gossamer steel material. . And today the autopilot completely different shape Cal 1030 ROLEX internal use once popular way – the straight end of the 180-degree semicircle straight autopilot respectively crown of the excavation of the two grooves around 180 automatic top rudder India at the arc with the word “ROLEX PERPETUAL”, the middle is the word “OYSTER” ROLEX crown logo and above. You can see the removal of the autopilot and the upper jaw on the chain two huge steel wheels, plywood is significantly above the balance wheel speed needle for adjustment. Most notably equipped with this movement launched in 1956, Ref 6564’s ROLEX Oyster Perpetual watch the.
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Cal. 1556
Automatic movement
Diameter: 28.5mm
Height: 7.0mm
Number of jewels: 26
Wobble: 19800VPH
5 position tuning
Observatory Standard
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And perhaps today ROLEX general movement Cal. 3130 compared to the most famous ROLEX movement than Cal. 1556 a. ROLEX in 1965 successfully launched this movement, then immediately became ROLEX was the ace of the main movement model, equipped at that time the highest price in Oyster Men’s gold watch. Cal. 1556 is still mired in the ROLEX proud bidirectional automatic winding mechanism, and will put the previous 18000VPH frequency increased to 19800VPH, Cal. 1556 also abolished the gossamer lateral protection bar, fitted week and calendar devices. Cal. 1556 has assembled a red wheel, arm weight compensation balance wheel. A highly sophisticated piece of substrate Geneva pearl grinding grain. And the previously mentioned Cal. 1030 greatest shape different from the shape of the rudder chain –Cal. Chain rudder 1556 is close to what we see today is the ROLEX movement. 5 position to do the same tune, ROLEX their production of Cal. 1556 comprehensive cross observatory in Switzerland related to certification. Cal. 1556 was the main aircraft ROLEX competition Observatory. Can be seen on the substrate Cal. 1156 autopilot has been printed with the words underneath “MONTRES ROLEX SA GENEVA” of.
Cal. 3055
Automatic movement
Diameter: 28.1mm
Height: 7.11mm
Number of jewels: 27
Wobble: 28800VPH
5 position tuning
Observatory Standard
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It seems from the launch after ROLEX Day-Date watches china, with movement in this series always ROLEX most high-end product line movement. After all, Day-Date is indeed true of today’s top family ROLEX series. ROLEX officially launched in 1977, Cal. 3055 movement, which all of a sudden wobble from 19800VPH increased to 28800VPH, high frequency supplied to the swing movement more precise go basis, but also on the movement itself produced a higher assembly Claim. Cal. 3055 with 27 jewels, and at the same time provide a calendar and week display, Cal. 3055 all be delivered to the Swiss observatory 5 position tuning and after the words printed note on the COSC. New features Cal. 3055 provides fast transfer calendar. This feature allows every February or 30 days for full Satsuki has become a lot easier to adjust the calendar – the wearer does not need to toggle the 24 hours of time to adjust one day calendar. With this movement is the most famous ROLEX Ref 18038’s Day-Date series.
Cal. 3130
Automatic movement
Diameter: 28.1mm
Height: 6.3mm
Number of jewels: 31
Wobble: 28800VPH
5 position tuning
Non-standard Observatory Observatory
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex
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Many friends ask, AirKing ROLEX provided today, DayJust, Day-Date, GMT-Master, Submariner how much of a difference? I would say, in fact, is not the biggest difference is not in the movement. Because today’s Cal. 31 series of movements of view, Cal. 3130 will undoubtedly provide one of the best development platform, on top of increased calendar form become Cal. 3135, increase calendar and week formation become Cal. 3185, an increase GMT . formation become 3185 Cal, really is modeled on the four words – nothing more. But is this four words form a self-produced movement ranks of today’s most robust.
Cal. 3130 officially launched in 2001, is today the main product line basis ROLEX movement. Gem has 31 Cal. 3130 offers hour, minute and second hands of the most basic configuration. On Cal. 3130, ROLEX using the latest four-arm four weight super balance wheel, and with no speed needle free sprung, bridge-shaped balance cock, the improved red wheel chain, all of which marked with Cal. 3130 to become the world’s most accurate and durable three-pin base movement. Many people think Cal. 3130 is not the best, because the assembly to Cal AirKing series on the 3130 do not even certified chronometer. But any careful people will find, in fact, in addition to the AirKing with the Cal. 3130 than on its Explorer I Ref 114270 with the same Cal. 3130, and! ROLEX dial on which impressively printed with the words super Observatory. Issue clearer:. Cal 3130 is fully equipped with comprehensive quality by COSC!
Meanwhile, Cal. 3130 has good ductility and developmental again. So that we can find today in addition to the family ROLEX Daytona and Cellini arts section of the timing paragraph, all ROLEX series are used Cal. 3130 or based on the development of the Cal. 3130 movement.
Cal. 4130
Automatic movement
Diameter: 30.5mm
Height: 6.5mm
Number of jewels: 44
Wobble: 28800VPH
5 position tuning
Observatory Standard
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex
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Photo: ROLEX Cal.4030 Whether grinding, polishing and durability than those of the original El Primero more sophisticated
ʱ?? Although the right of ROLEX 16520 discontinued, but persistent fever heat.
Back in the 20th century history of the watch, ROLEX scene in less than a century has made a decisive position in the Swiss altar table, but so far ROLEX create plant models and introduced a number of styles of watches? Table fans unable to make real grasp, only to “family too numerous to prepare carrier” to describe, but never seen the printed Plant Encyclopedia of complete watches, all kinds of “unofficial” just anecdotes related Books and coverage. But what is certain is that from the 1920s Oyster waterproof watch, the 1930s Bubble Back automatic watch, 1950s ExplorerⅠ and Submariner and Daytona 70 years
Chronograph watch market each are currently the hottest watches, including Daytona is the charm diminished, whether new, old prices continued to rise, to become the most High ROLEX watches.
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex
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Photo: ROLEX replica watches Cal.4030 automatically removed seen late mechanical structure.
ZENITH September 1969 launch of the El Primero, as the world’s first vibration frequency of 36,000 self-winding chronograph movement, because the feature is excellent, high stability, was chosen as the basis for being ROLEX movement and make improvements, mounted on Daytona, and in 1988 became one of its first self-winding chronograph. Both of which the biggest difference is that still use ROLEX 28,800 turn vibration frequency (No.5 car different numbers of teeth) and ROLEX unique automatic red car and using a ROLEX style wheel, (having a diameter slightly larger than the Primero, gossamer soft degree is also different), while trimming device is not the same speed (ROLEX balance by the four screws located on the wheel to do the adjustment, Primero is controlled by eccentric screw).
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex

Photo: Cal.4030 by the four screws on the balance wheel to do the fine-tuning speed, the figure clearly see two.

There was a table Friends discuss why take so high a price on the site to play Daytona, and give up cheaper equipped with Primero chronograph other brands? In addition to the fact that both the differences, after all, is one of the most famous ROLEX label, he has his own design and taste, and even loved by collectors, because of market demand, so Daytona rise to become the most sought-after It watches.
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex

Photo: ROLEX Cal.4130 have 72 hours of energy storage, and 44 rubies, more than Cal.4030
The gem is located on the timing gear and automatic wheel. The right is the current Daytona 18K gold belt watch 116,518.
Before the end of the millennium, ROLEX has finally launched a self-developed new chronograph movement, this Cal.4130 and to Primero modified from 4030, in the movement, although the number is only a difference a word, but two Movement is poles apart, almost did not see the shadow Primero, from Daytona can also use ZENITH ROLEX movement to get rid of the impression.
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex
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Photo: List of internal structure after removing the automatic turntable Cal.4130 exhaustive.
The new 4130 system inherited ROLEX 3000 balance wheel deck, with 4030 the most important difference is that the timing mechanism to start and stop different structures, the original gear close by, to control the start and stop from now, compared with relying on gear from cooperation to control under zeroing design will remain unchanged. On the drive system configuration, system 4130 is a new generation wheel design, gear-driven approach also differs from the original traditional design, this should be considered to the production process and ease adjustment, while in automatic mechanisms chains more than 4130 new means of a gear, so that the chain effect is more flexible, with three days of spring energy storage can significantly enhance its functionality. While also using automatic plate ball bearing type, this is the first time in the fake ROLEX watches movement developed, and meaningful.
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex
Photo: enlarged picture is clearly visible on the left column-wheel (red circle), the right balance wheel and deck, surrounding structures
Quite complex.
The appearance of the watch, in addition to a slight increase in the thickness of the case and metal table with a little difference, the arrangement of the dial also change. In response to the redesign of the movement, the original at 9 o’clock in the seconds at the same move with the general watch small seconds at 6 o’clock position, so that the wearer habit to read. Original at 6 o’clock 12-hour disc move to 9 o’clock position, 30 minutes drive time will remain on the right side, and more than two time-plate does not follow the traditional design was a horizontal line, but each higher than the center position of the pointer out of 7 degrees, very special. In addition, the shape of the face plate when the scale of stainless steel and the whole K gold watch was a short fat type, black face plate of small counter at the outer color from white to silver, while the new model is also more than the old one yards become six yards.
Twenty-nine text ROLEX Rolex

Photo: The series or names (rolex Daytona replica) with red engraved on the automatic turntable, rarely appear in the general brand, visible
ROLEX While this movement are proud of.
ROLEX Daytona launched in 1961, when equipped with the type of hand-winding movement Valjoux 72, 1988 replaced the ZENITH El Primero automatic winding movement, only after five years of successful development of the self-winding chronograph movement, indeed ROLEX create the most complex plant since self-movement, which is a kind of all table fans expect more challenge, looking forward to is whether ROLEX will re-introduce more sophisticated watches? ROLEX has always given people the impression that durable easy maintenance, high accuracy, and an ample supply of parts, called the largest number of luxury brands, so the new recognition by the market after the launch.
Today, all of whom make is staggering: Time is money already ROLEX family watches the most complex. The specially developed Cal. 4130 movement is also doing my part to become the current ROLEX family most “complex” movement. Speaking Cal 4130 launch even some people admire: fake ROLEX watches fully-grown Cal 4130 launch watchmaker all shocked – so strong from plant chronograph movement.! It seems to be no disadvantage perfect!
Is also introduced in 2001 Cal. 4130 is used to replace older ROLEX Cal. 4030 Timing core products. New Cal. 4130 In addition to retaining all the benefits of a more enhanced than the older part of the structure of the timing. The new structure ensures columnar wheel chronograph movement at the beginning or end of the second hand chronograph timing jitter moment. Ensure stability when the double block chronograph movement timing and go. Such a structure, to achieve such a strong, until today still no one vendor can compete with chronograph movement. We have nicknamed it – Timing king! I never did too.
Likewise, equipped with such a powerful Daytona chronograph movement watch also sell really not cheap. A mere piece of steel sheet has been demanded 60,000 yuan higher than the price of the win. More regrettable is: in a place like HK, and even need to be able to let the opportunity coincidence holding 60,000 yuan to buy a piece of Daytona– you really are out!
Cal. 650 / Cal. 651
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Hand-winding movement
Diameter: 20.8mm
Height: 1.75mm
Number of jewels: 18
Wobble: 18000VPH (. Cal 650) / 21600VPH (Cal 651.)
5 position tuning
ROLEX movement has always been the size of a man at whom dumbfounded. Whether early Cal. 1030 or Cal. 1556, or today’s Cal. 3130 or. 4130 Cal. ROLEX family but indeed there is such a group of hand-rolled movement, they are burdened with a rare ROLEX Art Series: Cellini, also burdened with a unique ultra-thin movement ROLEX product line. Cal. 650 / Cal. 651 is one of a.
Thickness in 1960 developed Cal. 650 only to 1.75mm, and then Frederic Piguet’s Cal. 21 is similar. It has 18 stones hand-rolled movement. Screw compensation balance, basket steel material double Shangrao gossamer, 18000VPH low-frequency pendulum. Subsequent upgrade version Cal. 651, as an upgrade, Cal. 651 made 5 position of tune, though no further be delivered to the Swiss observatory certification, but it has been achieved COSC standards. Cal. 651’s size and Cal. 650 exactly the same, except that the wobble increased to 21600VPH. This part of the movement to be installed in the vast majority of slim ROLEX Cellini MIDAS series, this series is no longer produced today, of course, there are few common Cellini installed in series.
Cal. 1601
Hand-winding movement
Diameter: 20.8mm
Height: 2.3mm
Number of jewels: 19
Wobble: 19800VPH
4 orientation tuning
I third generation: the late 1960s, ROLEX wave swept quartz, still tenacious developed its own ultra-thin movement 1600.
Under the prevailing circumstances, to say that this is a miracle.
While the core diameter 20.8 from factory, thickness 2.35MM.
FP21 than ever using the 650 and 651 hard a little.
Even today it’s version of the way it seems, is very stylish, not many traditional Swiss craft’s shadow.
A friend joked: This is a fighter is too!
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Cal. 1601 ROLEX is also self-developed ultra-thin series of movements, also it is installed in its most artistic Cellini series. Cal. 1601 is Cal. 1600 upgrade version, production in about 1970, and Cal. 1600 compared, Cal. 1601 still provides only 19800VPH pendulum frequency, also on 19 stones, hand chain. The only difference at the time of its internal mechanism and other fixed-tempo. Cal. 1600 is fixed and can not adjust the size of the place, and Cal. 1601 can be adjusted.
ROLEX movement in the ultra-thin hand-rolled upgrading its automatic movement not so fast, a lot of Cellini has still not fully highlight the use of hand-rolled era New Wave movement. But just as Cal. 1601, like, ROLEX movement developed its own ultra-thin hand-rolled seem naturally so durable stable, does not exist any birth defects. So this design to be “served” 50 years there will not be any problems.
ROLEX cursory reading of the introduction of the movement comes back after initial rumors that three:
A. If a person can only buy a watch, should be used if the table is ROLEX– wear, ROLEX is undoubtedly the best choice.
B. If the ROLEX movement known as its accuracy ranked second, no one would dare call themselves first – If the final mission of the movement is accurate to go, ROLEX is undoubtedly the most durable and accurate.
C. ROLEX whether the movement is not just to develop complex models table fans are concerned, it is many top watch factory are worried about – if ROLEX bent to the field of development of high-end complex movement, then surely they will set off a waves “bloody”!