What we are buying Rolex watch – Men ‘movement

[Buying Guide Watch the era] If the car is the face of a man, then the watch of a man is inherent, how should I say, look at the cars are too shallow to know people, people look no deep knowledge. Rolex is the most influential brands, except to buy Tissot, Longines and other popular brand in the Advanced tab, and buying a Rolex should be in place. Today, we will discuss why everyone buy Rolex (because this proposal seems everyone can say a few reasons), we take a look at the watch Rolex bestseller.
Rolex watch from a relatively broad view if the points and, in fact, three tables, one is like Datejust and Day-dress form, it is the movement of water is a ghost, green glass, etc., it is a class that Cellini is represented by non-Japanese allocation table (Cellini was abandoned because of its artistic value, people are more willing to classify it as a series of collection). This time we’re going to sports men as a primer, to introduce in the sale of the selling watches to appetizers.

What we buy Rolex replica watches – movement “Hommes
Kelpie is for the “Submariner” nickname, there are two main ghost ghosts green water and black water, green water ghost is probably the best-seller, as long as it is to shop around and basically could not stay a few days disappeared ʱ ?? Green Phantom of the water was introduced in 2010, it is characterized by the surface of the watch PVD coating technology “green gold” plated, while the ratio of the material of the green gold is secret. Green water ghost once started quickly became popular, the reason can be attributed mainly: first, its own classic design; secondly, outstanding performance; then a low yield; and finally, there is speculation phase. Currently, stores and dealer base difficult to see, and sometimes a few, there will still be 70,000 yuan official offer, but unfortunately rich immune to buy goods.

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Blackwater large green water Ghost to fill a vacancy in the market launch of watches, but it is not what the “black gold”, but rather black ceramic. Since Kelpie itself will be very classic, and some by the ghost of green water “toss” nigger, they will become a good choice, the official quoted 65900.

What we buy Rolex watch – movement “Hommes
Rolex Daytona is durable goods currently sold mainly blue circle again this year ice chestnut Daytona, Daytona precious metals and some other models, the most popular was the drive steel models undoubtedly black Di Daytona, commonly called ” black steel Di. “Price-wise, the latest buy Rolex, or 10 million below the price of the table, while the majority of Daytona watches precious metals or intermetallic materials, prices are cheap prices, relatively low the less money steel, which is black Daytona performance or collocation, there are more options, usually buy for yourself if it would be more appropriate.
New to the Daytona Price 600,000 last year, had to be a very high price, despite modern design, wood is special, but sales and consumption point of view, people are willing to pay for it and not many ʱ ??

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Explorer Rolex sports watch in a series of well-known, one of the most classic is undoubtedly Explorer type Ⅱ, now this series is simply the white plate and black plate are two, the official price of 64200 . It is conventional is that the disc is very large orange indicator, and equipped with an automatic movement 3187 patent of the brand is the classic Rolex watch. The two highlights of discs, but reflect shops and points of view, white disk type explorer Ⅱ most popular broker.

What we buy replica Rolex watch – movement “Hommes
Milguass (composed of representatives thousand Mile and Gauss Gauss composition) is a model of anti-magnetic table, in the last year before anti-magnetic watch the highest in the new world Omega, the Milguass work is the world’s most famous, is the magnetic properties of the best table wrist. Where a model for the 116400GV watch a lot of hype, because the table with a green sapphire mirror glass, called “green glass”, the official price of 63200.

What we buy Rolex watch – movement “Hommes
Series is designed to Greenwich twice Rolex models have, and explorer very similar, but different, explorers 3187 movement used in the movement to use, and type of Greenwich II using the 3186 movement, in which the patented multi-brand Paraflex cushioning device 3187 to 3186. Greenwich is currently the most popular series is the new two-tone ceramic care last year, also known as “Inter Circle”, but because time to market is not long, so unless past sales of watches, but according to the Ring of Fire Coke before, Inter circle will be hot in the future should look as it also features some of the ghost of the green water.

What we buy Rolex watch – movement “Hommes
YACHT-MASTER PRO Rolex watch functions very, including two types of YACHT-MASTER YACHT-MASTER Ⅱ, production is relatively simple, no specialized function, while the second generation will have 10 minutes Countdown Features. Currently on the generation, relatively warm silver disk and disk blue steel models, priced at 102,100 yuan, respectively, and 95,800 yuan, the second generation depend on the performance of the new steel section of last year.

Overall, Rolex watches in the sale, the product is fake watches uk most Datejust and Day-Date, but it is even more popular sports watches. Since national policies affect the luxury watch the dismal market compared to previous years, some of the sales point of view, sales have done well in previous years, the precious metal is hard to watch someone pay money to buy their own people choose steel models.
In short, for now, the most popular Rolex watches concentrated in the 100 000 sports series, while everyone will be interested in a new form, but specific to buy, or wait and see.
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