Coincidentally buy Rolex Submariner (116610LV)

Well, come to the question.

Actually, I was a real lazy, find the busier work he becomes lazy. I am more accustomed to high-tech, and even watches, too. Before the green water ghost also prefer table, but are concerned about a similar air of Citizen’s eagle, as well as the latest GPS watches to time. In 2008, when the Eagle air of a Citizen, titanium alloys, automatic calibration, the light energy, 200 meters waterproof. I had a go, it really is Guards ah, it is peace of mind. What hot springs, swimming, bathing, all with work. Of course, as the years go by, this cousin and gradually add a lot of injuries, although still very slight. But until that day ……

When that day, exactly 12 o’clock, 12 o’clock sad reminder of the discovery the whole point, do not give up three fingers for. Moment there want to lose the urge, do not know is not working for a long time, the work that brought perfectionist tendencies life. How to look, how awkward. Ever since the beginning of his watch everywhere, first we found Citizen really is making progress, the basic look like before also lacks distinction, a new name, began playing the Nokia shedding Dafa. Then suddenly I saw bn4034, that this style is very fond of, but did not find searched the network has sold. Seen BN4034, BN4021 similar kind of modeling is also how uninterested. Later, my wife to see me every day to study this, so he pulled me to the watch shop, saw many tables, what Rolex replica watches, Zenith, Frank Muller, GO, etc., but did not see O. The reason for the O how uninteresting, sorry not to belittle O, but the family wear Constellation, Constellation is a lot of advertising, to see that look completely not desire, but later proved me wrong, O ocean of PO8500 the universe is still very good. Frank Muller that sign, I do not know what kind of character would be like, I feel very strange, and directly pass. Zenith did not feel. Read GO, suddenly found himself getting old, like a mechanical watch, but my wife recommended that paragraph Senate side table so I do not really like it. Later he took the atlas home his wife picked up a 1-94-03-04-04-04, say, on his right. I think it is good to see, check the Internet, suddenly vomiting blood, over 500,000, ah, or ** the price, this is going to murder me ah. Direct give up!

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I said, or Rolex, I suppose the most popular discussion forum Kelpie ah. As a result, my wife said, it makes more soil? I say, have green water Ghosts, very special. As a result, his wife said, Imagine, I feel like with a turtle in hand, suddenly silent. I found a picture, she still does not like to shop, many cities are not green, Tianjin, Shenyang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Daqing, Dalian did not see. Then my wife said, no you get hold of gold bars. I have a tongue, it is absolutely pro-wife, it is really willing to let me spend money ah. Looks around, weighed down to personal preference, I feel, a little too full of gold that, and for individuals already feel very old for me (32, ah), compared to all gold, that he is still too immature, and that money to buy a table with the feel hurt. Then he decided to enter a room Kelpie gold price looked under 64,000 or so, okay. But for tao treasure is still not assured, because I was a super rookie, do not know how true or false. Internet search fake Kelpie, saw Noob V4, green, I am better than for a long time, really did not see the difference. Very helpless, can only buy fakes from no where, I heard through customs to watch box separator, or throw the box. Kelpie is not a bear house (although it basically does not live in the future the possibility of a), one can only help, worn on the hand pass.

Before going to Europe, I saw a lot of the price, know the answer. Frankfurt airport, there is no discount. A Look at the price of flash people. In Gothenburg, the house of labor shop, ask 116234g there is no discount, they say, and this together with you Kelpie buy replica watches, 116234G give you 10 points discount, no discount Kelpie. I thought to myself, what are you pit death of me, ah, people say that Europe can have a discount 116234G least 20 points. I want to be cheaper, they say, I actually do not need to give you a discount, bought a few locals to have a little discount not. Swedes so rigid, talk will not say, though the attitude is very good, but the way I do not like. After greetings he turned to leave.

Would have to give up, I thought, do not buy or, to save money, the money is not how long his wife shopping, enough to play his wife to the United States for several months (my wife went to American cars and houses to eat without money). Their own comfort, or can not be relieved.

The return in Munich for one day, I heard nothing preferential Munich, I had not thought about. But I could not resist the urge to go to the airport or shop looked under Labour. Seen between gold, casually ask the price, or pit father, but also more than 80,000 after tax, inappropriate. Green water suddenly saw a ghost, this is the first time I saw ah, brought try it. Really I did not want to buy. I looked at the price of Euro 7250, well under 60,000 head, not a tax rebate, but cheaper than the domestic covalent ah. Casually asked the sentence, this can be much cheaper. Store to the 7200 tax rebate of 13% (after specific tax returns, the same pit father). This is not sincere, ah, continue to ask, but also cheap? 7100 gave the store price, say can not be cheap. Forget the next price has been lower than the price of a ** tao treasure. Suddenly found on this still appropriate. Then he says, 7000 I bought directly (loss should say less). Stores that I can not pay too much, ah, this table will certainly be able to sell a couple of days to go, but also the price of 7250 to sell replica watches, so we compromise, cheaper 50, when the remaining 50 you ask me and my colleagues to drink cup of coffee (I go, and who have learned this is not the Chinese style too?) I said 7000 is my bottom line, can not be higher, then the store has always stressed that this table Buchoumai, later said the same Rolex Model will certainly be price increases. Nima, how this world is the same? He added that this color is very special, to see that this is a Rolex. And, after a few years, I’ll still remember me the experience in Munich airport. I forget, already cheaper than a few hundred, and according to my novice level, buy fake certainly do not come out, but this time it really is very clever, you can see the green water ghost reality, or circle of friends in the spread of my lucky color. Think green water ghost spoke of discount of nearly three points, the teeth, waiting to go back scolded it, credit card, among farewell gold Kelpie.

We paid, and everyone smile. Store foreigners ask, what to drink something else. I say so what. The answer: tea and champagne. I think it would be champagne, accounting for a cheaper. And colleagues finish a small bottle of champagne.

Then he took the list to the refund.

When it comes to tax, here to talk about the airport take more pit father. Euro 878.88 rebate hand, seems there is a 200 Euro fee. Pit father do? I see on the list required written fee of 3.6%, after tax but tax deduction can poke check to a store put any money back. Walking is not global blue rebate company. I do not know how that house? But is not it also does not matter, anyway, not in that withdrawal. Math, fees 2,000 people knife ah, black! ! ! !

But when the payment, people asked me if I CUP, because before leaving, made a phone call to China Merchants Bank, said UnionPay No fund transfer fees, or 1.5% replica watches. I then asked to select the euro or the dollar, naive I choose the dollar. Select the dollar might be a wrong decision, would specifically say later.

Then tax, looking for a home store, my wife bought a few bottles of perfume, ready to go back to rock her fear that she said I bought a green watch. Although the share saw a circle of friends that green is my lucky color this year, but this is definitely not a reason.

Tax, people ask me, back dollar or euro. Because I see a brother in Europe is also buy Munich euro tax refund does not return to the table of posts. Ever since, select the dollar, converted $ 1,283 rebate to the card.

Go back and check the next account:
Rolex replica watches fold into RMB purchase price: 61098.85
Originally 8.55 euro exchange rate against the yuan ah, this means more than 0.116 at 6109.85 / 7050 = 8.6665 ah. No way, that’s what I say, and may choose to pay the euro may be better reasons.
Refund of $ 878.88 for the people in terms of $ 1,283, two days after the card 8001.66 yuan.
If the yuan a convertible currency for the intermediate 878.88 * 8.55 / 6.2359 (US dollar against the RMB exchange rate) = 1205.026, even more than the nearly $ 80? Haha, good fun.
Starting the final price 61098.85-8001.66 = 53097.19, than the original 7050 * 0.87 * 8.55 = over 52441.425 than 600. However, the price is very close to the reserve price **, not loss.
The figure again

Blue ghost is p, copying data onto blue channel green channel. I think this color is very beautiful.
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Watch Brand
Rolex Submariner series 116610LV
Rolex Submariner series 116610LV

Brand:rolex replica watches
Series: Oyster Professional watch series
Model: 116610LV
Style: male table
Type: Automatic mechanical
Table diameter: 40mm
Movement: Cal.3135
Price: ¥ 70,000

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