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Ten luxury watches mechanical watches simple maintenance method is recommended every 1-2 years should do the appropriate maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, the detection performance and movement to take power, clean movement, the appearance and conservation.
These maintenance services will effectively extend your time mechanical watch.
Method Maintenance of 10 super-simple to a mechanical watch, where the wear watches, the hands sweat on the case is  Swiss Replica Watches corrosive steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance can be better, semi-steel case of copper, long-term contacts with sweat, easy corrosion, always wipe the sweat with a cloth or soft plastic table mat care to avoid erosion of sweat.
2. Do not open the back cover, so as not to affect the movement of dust into the normal operation of the watch.
3. Do not look there in mothballs wardrobe, table oil to prevent deterioration.
4. Do not look on the amp, stereo, television, to avoid magnetization.
5, the long-term storage does not wear a watch, should be winding once a month on a regular basis, automatic movement of the watch should gently swaying minutes or worn on the wrist for a while to automatically on a wound.
The parties will not be long at rest, to ensure the functioning of the performance table machine.
6, ordinary mechanical watches with moisture, use a dry cotton in the watch, then 40-watt bulb cook 5 minutes, you can list all the moisture is evaporated out.
If the electronic quartz wristwatch with moisture, it is desirable small pieces of calcium chloride with a film of gauze, and then open the electronic form of coverage, are wrapped together in the calcium chloride and under electronic form an airtight plastic bag or glass bottle sealed.
Usually three or more hours may be in addition to the wave, the control panel back to normal.
For severe wet moisture absorption time table may be extended.
7, receive a beloved watch, removed the pack, be sure to keep the watch used protective packaging.
These shows protection of the box, can be given when you do not wear watches usually the surest protection against the watch is broken or crushed, so that package reservations are absolutely necessary, and recommendations not wear watches on weekdays, usually in the box, it can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the watch.
8, generally best not to wear the same watch every day rolex replica watches should be more willing to look at several different alternative use, in addition to a wealth of personal style, but also to avoid dust, dirt confined to the same body watches on .
For the leather strap, but also to be handled with care to avoid daily use of wear and tear caused by pulling the strap, even if the surface of the new fresh air very old watches.
9, the watch worn on the wrist to sleep, if the watch is luminous watch, it will bring the body adverse effects.
This is because the light emitting material on the luminous dial of watch pointer and painted, primarily a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium rays can stimulate the release of zinc sulfide crystal light when sleeping, if you wear a watch, the body would be eight to nine hours of radium radiation on the human body has certain risks.
Therefore, before going to sleep, it is best to take down the light show, put on the table.
10 Table Mongolia renovation.
Follow Mongolia was set aside a large number of lines of the road later you can start the first drops 12 drops of water on the table, then squeeze some toothpaste deleted, you can remove the designated pattern leaving windshield like new.

Gold case with gold gold, Swiss Fake Rolex Watches Uk – Swiss Replica Watchesalso known as English gold, a yellow-orange metallic substance.
The proportion of pure gold to 19.3, melting point 1063 ℃, soft texture replica watches uk and toughness, very good ductility and conductivity, chemical stability, and therefore, since ancient times been used to make decorations.
Rolex watch case in modern terms, the price of the gold watch is still not Fei, a status symbol, an example very famous Rolex gold watch.
It is the same section of the steel sheet can be of three, fifty thousand dollars, while the same movement between gold watches, you have eight, ten thousand, if it is full of gold should be added the price of a 1 ahead that thirteen fifty thousand.
Because gold is very soft, so do not be the case and gold bracelet, can only appear in the form of alloys.
Usually 18K majority.
Because this ratio is proven that can guarantee the color of gold will never go away, but also to ensure the hardness and reduce wear.
Rolex bit special, it is not marked or gold watch, will not be less than 18K of market awareness can know: gold watch working, one of the lenders to the world shops shops, casinos, you can instantly cash.
Gold watch Maintenance Notes 1 fake rolex watches uk, fine chemicals clean change the color of gold, so it should remove jewelry before doing cleaning jobs.
2, avoid direct contact with perfume, hair spray, high volatile matter, otherwise easily lead to molten gold.
3. To remove the gold medal when swimming, so as not to run into the sea or pool water, chemical changes of surface.
4, keeping time with a cloth wrapped before being placed in the jewelry box, avoid friction damage.
5, gold is relatively soft, easily deformed, so as not to take to prevent distortion.
6, watch case or mercury can cause chemical reactions, appear white spots, as long as the cleaning barbecue lamp alcohol for a while, you can restore its original color.
7, after the often wearing of gold due to the contamination of dirt and dust and dull, this time as the metal sheets in a neutral detergent and wash with warm water and remove wipe.
8, protects the gold watch in the sunlight, it may be covered with a thin top nail polish.
9, if the surface has a film noir silver, salt available 2 grams, 7 grams of baking soda, bleaching powder 8 g, 60 ml of water to prepare a “gold cleaning agent” gold jewelry on a bowl, pour cleaning agent, two hours later, the gold jewelry out, after rinsing with water (preferably not hard water), buried in the dried wood, then dry with a soft cloth.
10, a stone inlay or use Popsicle sticks volume corresponds to a piece of cotton, after getting wet in the toilet water and glycerin mixed solution, scrub jewel of its frame, then buff with a ring fabric.
Avoid using a class blade sharp objects to scratch.
11, salt and vinegar mixed with a cleaning agent, use it to clean gold jewelry, can never grow old.
12, toothpaste wipe or scrub with a hot thick rice soup, but also restore the luster.
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