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Pointer dial shows the face of the Fake Rolex Turkey watches, the pointer is over the signs of time, often three minutes and seconds pointer.
Watch the makers of the successful production of three coaxial tubes, small rotation in the big inside; gear driven bottom of the tube; Three speeds are prominent on the dial, uneven, make sure that does not preclude the other when the rotation pointer.
Pointer shape more, but because of the weight indicator will affect the accuracy of the time, so no matter how fancy shaped pointer, material or common brass, K gold, or blue- steel mainly to control within a range of stable weight within.
The second hand, in addition to thin material, the ends of the weight mean is sufficient to rolex replica watches replica watches  affect the accuracy.
Also for the sake of a more sustainable, the pointer will not easily oxidized metal rhodium plated, so wear brighter surface.
Blue Steel is also known as blue grilled, it is the result of a special manufacturing process Shaolian issued after the color blue glow.
Common pointer Breguet hands, willow sticks needles pointer, arrow pointer, the sword-shaped hands, spades pointer, diamond pointer, Louis pointers.
For fluorescent display, the early use of fluorescent paint for RA until the 1940s that excessive radiation to stop the use of radium.
The current function is painted surface light deuterium, if radioactive, but the energy is very low, it can be absorbed by the metal and glass, and does not affect human health.
I asked the table Ming Ming asked the table for automatic timing tables, also known as self-Ming table.
As the name suggests, it should not be handled can watch automated reporting capabilities of time, it may, when the sound reported.
Field timekeeper’s table at the highest level is automatic timing table (since the Ming table), it can automatically send a melodious voice timekeeping every moment and every hour, usually from the Ming table also contains the function transponder, with respect to the rehearsal fake rolex watches is a group which may be more function switching mechanism self timing which can be controlled during the entire timing points organisms or engraved, then the time is automatically reported.
Compared to rock the truck must splashing timing mechanism for the chain in the form of three questions, since the Ming table in the production of the difficulty and complexity of the movement, demanding.
Therefore, neither the type and produce more and asked the table, now this technology is very little watch factory.
However, from the Ming function, it is still divided into “small self-ming” and “Big Ring” in which “small self-ming” function when during the whole point, hit the gong chime mechanism to automatically report the correct time; “Big Ring” was during the question and the time, the timing mechanism automatically starts giving off a sweet percussion sound gong, reported at the time the moment.
analog quartz analog watch quartz watch Energy watch quartz cell silver oxide button, silver oxide button batteries after the IC provides a specific voltage, whereby the oscillation circuit and a quartz resonator by an oscillator Quartz start-up, to form the source a resonance circuit.
After the oscillator circuit frequency of 32768 Replica Rolex Watches  Hz output electrical signal in the divider circuit 16 after being divided to generate a pulse signal of 0.5Hz, and then through the pulse circuit narrow output pulse signal in the circuit training to amplify and alternative bidirectional pulse signal shape to drive a stepper motor to rotate intermittently, and further promote the drive train, so needles accurately display the time.
Emerald Emerald Emerald mineral beryl name called, because the minerals contain traces of chromium, showing colorful beauty of green crystal.
Beryl often in the form of hexagonal columns, the production of crystals.
The hardness of 7.5 to 8, the proportion from 2.67 to 2.78 a 1.56 refractive index of 1.60, transparent, brittle.
Colombian emeralds are the main origin of the Urals, Brazil, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and so on.
Which Colombia is the largest high-quality emerald origin of the world.
Bell Bell in accordance with international practice, the movement of more than 50 mm diameter, thickness over 12 mm bell chronograph instrument.