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Repeater watch repeater watch repeater watch (Repeater) Rolex Replica Watches Priceï¼ has started the device, even at night can also tell the timeã€.
It’s the case with a button or dial side handle, you can start small hammerï¼ struck the table steel bar (spring Fake Rolex), rattled the hour.
ԧЧ table lamp in no era has proved very useful,ï¼ you can know what the night time.
Play spring tableï¼ table, also known as Q, when you want to know the time now, it asked the watch dial toggleï¼ handle, it will send melody.
Repeater watch area generally can be divided into automatic timekeeping table (known since the Ming table GrandStrikeWatch, GrandetPetitSonnerie rolex replica ), or according to user needs to press〠the button after charging timekeeping question form RepeaterWatch (Repetition).
Since the Ming table automatically〠issued to hear chime in every ï¼moment and every hour, usually containing performance question form.
Kind of a repeater watch. Engraved repeater table QuarterRepeater (commonly known as the two-question formï¼) according to user needs a button or toggle slide spring, issued a bass this table per hour, every quarter of an hour to issue a tweeter, a bass.
II. Banke repeater table Half-quarterRepeater according to user needs a button or toggle slide spring, issued a bass this table per hour, ï¼every quarter of an hour to issue a tweeter, a bass, a treble every issue Banke.
ChronoswissQuarterRepeaterKelekQuarterRepeater three five minutesï¼ repeater table Five-minuteRepeater according to user needs a button or toggle slide springs, five minutes repeater, generally can be divided into two types: One is to issue a bass per hour, sending a pitch every five minutes, a bass.
Another issue is a bass per hour, every quarter of an hour to issue a treble, one bass; replica watches after newspaper moment, sending a pitch every five minutes.
. APFive-MinuteRepeaterChronographCirca1898 four one minute repeater, MinuteRepeater (commonly known as the three-question form) APMinuteRepeaterJumpingHourCalibre2855 /ï¼ 2823 according to user needs a button or toggle slide spring, the three asked the table generally can be divided into two types: one table per hour to issue a bass every quarter of an hour to issue a treble, one bass; after newspaper moment, every minute, to send a treble.
Another issue is a bass per hour, every ten minutes to send a treble, one bass; after ten minutes of time, every minute issue a treble.
V. automatic repeater watch GrandandSamllStrikeWatch (Clockwatch, GrandeetPetiteSonnerieï¼, known since the Ming table) automatic repeater watch generally be free to adjust the automatic timekeeping (enpassant) or only when in custody by the time button Times (ondemand).

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When the wearer mediation to large automatic timekeeping (commonly known as playing a full set) (grandstrike,fake watches  fullstrike, grandesonnerie) position, every hour and every quarter of an hour it will automatically sound the hour.
When the watch is in small automatic timekeeping (commonly known as a half dozen sets) (smallstrike, petitesonnerieï¼) position, it is just the whole point of timekeeping automatically each.
When the watch is mute (silence) position, the watch willï¼ not automatically vocal timekeeping, but according to the needs of the user pressing a small button pushpiece timekeeping or toggle spring after sliding slideboltã€, will be issued chime sound.
APGrandandSmallStrikeMinutï¼eRepeaterPerpetualCalendarCirca1909 VI. Bell chime table Carillon, ChimingRepeater general repeaterï¼ watch are usually only two ring hammer, while table Carillon bell chime at least three or more of the ring hammer Hammer and gong Gong to knock out of high school low scale,〠the combination of the very sweet voice timekeeping.
“Chimes” chime the original meaning of the word is to issue a set of four different scales of bellsï¼, but in the professional watchmaking mechanical terms, its meaning has been extended to be able to send out more than two scales timekeeping percussion hammer Even the group.
So, watch the clock chime will hammer this distinction three or four hammer etc. appear.
One of the most famous four hammer imitate the bell Big Ben Westminsterï¼ Westminster Westminster chimes chime table.
UlysseNardinGenghisKhan action figure Westminster Carillon Tourbillon four〠hammer three repeater table VII. Music repeater table MusicalWatch ï¼often mean you can issue some melodic chime of ã€the watch or watch every hour, but the principle is similar to its vocal Music Box, which usually means there has pre-designed arrangement of bumps disc or cylinderï¼, with a plurality of shock Reed struck out a slip dot passing on music to, like a precise operation of ultra-small percussion.
Girard-Perregaux’s OperaIII invention to create a new era of music timekeepingï¼ watch music timekeeping tables can be traced back to the late eighteenth century, the watchmaker Philippe-SamuelMeylan design of a musical chime table, the table which has a rotatable cylindrical or round plate, the surface of the cylinder is fake watches for sale uk designed with a number of small salient pointsã€, when the cylinder is rotated, these projections will fiddle arranged like a plurality of small steel comb to give off vibrations of music.
The quality of these decisions steel quality sound.
The cylinder is designed disc-shaped, can reduceï¼ the size of the table and more.
Disc-shaped protrusions on both sides can be set, both sides can be configured steel discï¼, so you can issue more change music.
We see a bump on OperaIII cylinder movement? Reed shock slip brushed〠dots can tap out the music, the really amazing! More repeater watch Introduction: three questions details please click:ï¼ rolex replica8.html since the Ming table details please click: rolex replica18.html