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Tourbillon rotating frame so that the Rolex Replica Watches China Paypal weight increase, requiring more powerful clockwork to drive, plus the weight of the frame resulting thrust escapement mechanism axis and increases pressure on the friction point, but also increases the friction, resulting tourbillon escapement the vertical structure of the rapid wear and tear parts: Breguet Breguet master in order to solve this problem, the tourbillon rotating governor, all original one minute turn around 4-6 minutes to turn around, when rotating tourbillon governor 5 times slower relative to need so much power, so the friction wheel escapement system becomes smaller, it will not slow down because of the governor, and to improve the balance wheel and the frame at the inertia generated by the movement a reaction force, while improving durability and the accuracy will table.
In the UK Leonard Hall Leonard Hall had manufactured over 10 minutes tourbillon.
Later Breguet master can realize compact lightweight framework to improve the tourbillon escapement gear train wear.
When the weight reduction on the rotating frame without too much power, and therefore also reduce the reaction time and balance wheel movement generated by the rotating frame moving, rotating tourbillon so the lighter the better governor.
The current large tourbillon watches have a traditional horse escapement Rolex Replica Watches structure, the observatory has a sophisticated impact escapement structure, there is a structure already very sophisticated, accuracy is quite good, if you install it on the tourbillon structure, this kinds of sophisticated observatory escapement, the vibration frequency 7200 times per hour, there are 9000 times, rotating tourbillon governor will still, carry, step by step, slowly rotating, so the impact of relatively free from reaction force, is to produce the highest degree of difficulty, Ideally tourbillon device.
Tourbillon rotating around an axis governor, spinning, is its unique features.
Therefore, it is equally compensate for errors caused by gravity, simply put, the table regardless of place, it is the same, because it stops the rotation speed control devices to change the location, it has not been because of the gravity of the resulting in different directions, there is the problem of the existence of different error.
If its frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour turn, that every second escapement wheel will move five spaces, starting every 60 seconds is produced 300 action, while rotating the governor moving average of 6 degrees per second.
When your wrist stopped at different locations, so that the table due to the Rolex Replica Watches China gravity of the relationship, and there are different error, then rotate the governor constantly changing position, which together with the average position error, that is not the orientation poor problem exists.
Because it is constantly changing positions, so your watch stopped at a position where it is the same.
Theoretically speaking, the governor rotating Cheap Fake Watches China Shop  tourbillon minute revolution Ideally, if more than 10 minutes, or 30 minutes more than 1 hour turn around, there is no higher than the actual results.
Because the watch in normal use, hand rarely stopped at a fixed position for a long time, so when our hands constantly change position, the tourbillon mechanism has not changed position, it can not perform its functions, on the contrary, every second Tourbillon rotation governor are changing position, regardless of wearing a watch stopped at any position, is a La’s.
Have access to such a unique effect, because there will be rotating governor, which is the function of the tourbillon.

Now Caruso and cause a lot of tourbillon watch fans discussing, simply put, the rotation speed escapement structure genus turn slower than Caruso, about Fake Watches China 52.5 minutes turn of the standard version, the rotation speed is turning escapement faster genus tourbillon, the standard version of one minute lap.
But it is not all right, I see know Cup table, a 6-minute turn around, there are 34 minutes turn around, turn around there are 52.5 minutes, the longest revolution up to 7.5 hours.
Besides Tourbillon: if it determines revolution considered Tourbillon 60 seconds, it may not necessarily, 1940 Omega Tourbillon 7 minutes OMEAG revolution; Patek Philippe PATEK PHILIPPE1981 years of manufacturing Tourbillon 50 seconds a lap.
Master Tourbillon Breguet Breguet invention then rotate escapement governor (ie concentric), mostly one minute tourbillon, but there are also five minutes around the tourbillon structure; <p style = “text-align: center; “> <img class =” aligncenter  Replica Watches China Paypal also suggested that the coaxial considered tourbillon, eccentric count Caruso.
From the previous to the present, Caruso mostly eccentric rotation, that is pendulum axle center axis of the rotating frame is not in the same line, but has also appeared coaxial Caruso.
Tourbillon mostly coaxial, that is pendulum axle center axis of the rotating frame along the same line, but since ancient times, there are a lot of eccentric Tourbillon is the genus of.
Another one said, rotating escapement governor without frames, there is no solid treasure deck that Caruso; that supreme flying tourbillon on deck, and how to locate? Some, of almost no one standard set forth above or to the separation of the tourbillon Caruso, Caruso is generally considered rough cheap table tourbillon is working fine luxury senior table.
In fact, Carol is known as more than fifty thousand dollars, there are about five thousand dollars, the tourbillon have thousands of dollars, there are two thousand dollars, as required by the brand and the overall process and the special structural design, to evaluate it value.