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Three repeater is a new Rolex Air-King Automatic with Silver Dial S/S-Sapphire Glass design, with the traditional three-question form design is completely different, although more difficult on the repairs, but in the three asked functions such as no condition occurs, you can remove the package, do not have to break down, eliminating a lot of trouble, then it is easy combination than the traditional three-question form.
The traditional three repeater structure has been tested more than 200 years of his life, proved to work fine as long as the movement of high-quality, very reliable.
The new design, as long as no conditions occur, do not have to disassemble inspection, the entire group to remove, replace, compared to the traditional three-question form easier maintenance.
But if there are conditions, big trouble, the traditional three-question form part wear, spring break, and as long as the hand-copy the same parts to solve the problem.
Clockwork broken, it is very easy to find sizes, specifications same clockwork.
The new structure is put on the entire set of standard movement, so the whole table is much thicker than the conventional structure, in order to make the entire table only thinner, and therefore its components are very fine, if the part is damaged, it is difficult to manually copy, best way to get the original replacement.
The new design is the new generation of watch experts crystallization effort is a technical challenge, it is the duty of achievement was in the affirmative, whether beyond the traditional, to replace the traditional, or rather traditional, let the time come when the magistrate good a.
Structure chronograph, based on the best-selling chronograph Rolex Air-King Automatic stable core is based substantially modified, especially two seconds after needle portion thereof and an additional two cylindrical pin rectangular ruby ​​ruby ​​is its unique design, its Tourbillon is a must.
Tourbillon 1868 was part of   Rolex Air-King Automatic with Silver Dial S/S-Sapphire Glass this freedom or flying tourbillon Tourbillon structure, it Breguet Breguet Tourbillon biggest difference is that the elimination of the tourbillon bridge plate assembly into the bottom of the fixed component Tourbillon it with Azusa to the center axis of the balance wheel, the same as a 360-degree rotation, in the end What is the secret? Why do I say it is a must? It is the same size as the original Tourbillon Tourbillon lightest components, total weight not more than 0.3 grams of tourbillon components, making it possible to submit a high frequency vibration to move 28,800 times per hour, but also now I have taken the vibration frequency highest tourbillon.
Its tourbillon components plywood, all with titanium as the material, the use of titanium in addition to not rust outside the lightest weight and high hard drive, so the process is also more difficult; theoretically, 1043.html tourbillon components the lighter the better, because the tourbillon is one of the gear will be transferred, but it contains an amount of escapement, tourbillon orbital control the rotation speed, reducing the weight of the load, the tourbillon run more smoothly, kinetic energy required will need too, so it’s durability, shock resistance, and accuracy will be improved.

France has not been stigmatized in gold and silver as early as the 13th century.
Every goldsmith must have had their own imprint, to show that they are responsible for the fineness of the article, and later the French government requires that each union organizations must design different from other trade unions, and their own imprint, sending precious metals inspection certificate Color, branded with the mark in order to protect the interests of users.
What year it is necessary to confirm the submission by the unit test to confirm Rolex Air-King Automatic with White  where the attribution of responsibility.
Therefore developed a set of approaches to the different letters of the alphabet to make the difference, from the beginning of each year according to the order handed A change, because J, V, W, these letters do not, so I change to a different set of fonts every 23 years English alphabet, English alphabet block letters, cursive, large grass, grass and so on different shapes.
This one was brought to the British system, in order to facilitate a 20-year cycle, so the X, Y, Z has also been canceled.
According to these letters of the alphabet in different fonts, you can know which year censorship, so many years and so you can find out antique pocket watch.
How imprint on the case in a small, about the stigma of four formats: a year of submission of the letters mark; two compliant gold and silver content mark mark; three is a trademark by which company manufactured… stigma; four which city inspection mark by;. imprint over the years appeared in Europe about 3,000 kinds, there are a variety of all kinds of marks different letters and fonts and animals, flowers, figures, etc., is not listed After that we first understand and watch related mark.
18K gold and 22K gold in Europe in the mid-16th century and 18th century marked the same lion.
Later, the British began in print-on-Wye case record, but gold can not be less than 22K, Replica Rolex Watches at the time, only relief table-free printing in mind; later in 1800, 18K gold can also be credited print censorship; after about 1850, 15K, 12K, 9K can also check print tart note; rearrange 1930, apart from the crown mark (year mark), with regard to 22K (0.916), 18K (0.750), 14K (0.585), 9K (0.375) as indicated.
Britain made the case, so far still using a different font of the letters and the frame, representing different years, so the British-made pocket watch and watch, the year it is easy to find out from where the track mark.
The actual size of the K gold mark, most not more than 1 mm2, shall be more than 10 times the magnifying glass in order to see clearly.
With these larger photo of collectors is a godsend.