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In fact, the rolex replica watch really close friends, and that competition is. We often see the watch brand LOGO in a variety of events, which shows that the brand with the event, or some teams have to cooperate. Cooperation is generally sponsorship or provide professional timing tools for the tournament. For example, Omega is the Olympics, the Brazilian World Cup Hublot, Rolex in the F1 Shanghai station, which is well known.

When it comes to F1, Rolex is not exclusive. Like TAG Heuer, Certina as well as Chopin and other brands were in F1 races have to contribute their terms, or sponsored events, or sponsorship team. Reflection, car really be the first friend of the rolex replica watches, since the 1930s to build relationships, he never stopped. The watch brand most associated with race cars or cooperation, there are some die a natural death. Lasting over 50 years is the best friend of feelings.


TAG Heuer

Cars with good table, it is commonplace. If you have a Mercedes, you will find a synchronization device provided by the IWC and the IWC for Mercedes launched special style shows. But closer cooperation watches, and even a car brand to appoint a series like the Bentley Breitling, Panerai Ferrari, BMW, and Boer table, the list is long.


Cars and watches are really interrelated, they are a pursuit of speed, another recording speed, which established a relationship between the two sectors to another. If one day, I saw him on the campaign for the brand, a brand runner is called friend, and I think I will not be surprised. Because, in my opinion, they really need a clarification, Professional chronograph.

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Shanghai, April 9, 2015 – Sustainable Swiss watch brand Rolex luxury and Formula 1® to celebrate its third consecutive year of partnership, to further highlight the Rolex brand of adventurous spirit, superior technology, and strive to break the limits of the will firm technology. With superb technical performance with superior technical expertise, Rolex watches and motorsport industry continues to challenge the limits of the world.

Main Rolex in Formula 1® beginning of the stop China hand

Rolex and motor sports and speed close contact can be traced back to the 1930s and Rolex and Formula 1® global partnership is uniquely demonstrated Rolex of thought, the constant search for perfection in design, we strive to provide the absolute top quality and excellent performance. Rolex Oyster watches are the best proof of the power of innovation, engineering and high-quality technology to show its credibility and prestige behind the accurate and reliable. Formula 1® has entered the era of the exciting new car, the team developed a number of high performance cars, in this regard, with the Rolex watch can complement each other.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Platinum models

Rolex with Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix title sponsorship,fake rolex watches to celebrate 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship ™ Kasai. Rolex and the first Grand Prix ™ special relationship of the season, not only shows the enthusiasm Rolex supports major motorsport events, and a longer-term commitment to abide by declaring when he was Formula 1® global partners and meter contest . 2015 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix start soon, world-class public demonstrations already meet the upcoming Formula 1® teams, drivers, sponsors and race fans in Shanghai, staged yet another exciting game.

Main Rolex in Formula 1® beginning of the stop China hand

Mr. Rolex brand Communications and Director of the Image Arnold ∙ boaters (Arnaud Boetsch) said: “Rolex and top motorsport maintained a partnership with the prestigious Formula 1® after two consecutive years of close cooperation with we honored. In Australian Grand Prix title sponsor of identity, open our collaboration with 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship ™, and very happy to be able to come to China last week, came to Shanghai. ”

Main Rolex in Formula 1® beginning of the stop China hand

Cooperation “Rolex and top motorsport events of the two together. Both brands are on the performance of the same quality fake watches and excellent resistance to hot, to break the technical limit. Adhering to the pioneering spirit of the brand, Rolex continues identify new areas, impossible to study and demonstrate throughout the creation of the spirit of the brand. ”

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