China to Buy Gold Rolex Diamond Watch

This table is not himself, I am not the money, and second, do not like this “identity as” very, the three workers as very good or heavy, heavy.

I went to Paris, the father of my friend spotted a piece of gold in the domestic DAY-DATE (domestic official price 280,005 thousand), asked me to prices here in China, hoping for a good price. The French show official price is 30,800 euros, according to the exchange rate of 8.3, making price more than RMB 250,000 rolex replica watches . On the price, the difference in price of 30,000 yuan. As a friend to the table, it is equivalent to buy my own table, so direct about a table row boss met spoke discounts and rebates, France, the old man and I do not beat around the bush, we hear was very good, 1 minute, prices have settled.

I am on this gold work is the greatest feeling, full of gold, so heavy, very heavy, especially flash diamond good good, too, “identity”, ha ha ha ha. Then is very pretty blue gossamer, but do not see, but only get the gold.

Finally, go to the airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle when Customs stamp, replica watches china customs officers and tax refund looked under the watch, then looked at people under tax cut (my friend, the young) and asked what kind of work he is doing? This table is to buy for? And other issues, I converted the side. Then, finally, a customs officer, very painful. I translated for my friend, my friend directly Chengdu simply saying, “I was rich, not ah” I have the courage to play, ha ha ha I do not know just how “rich” translates to.. Customs. The refund, be very interesting.

casual workers of gold (developed Rolex gift, dedicated to his boss to get me another line of the table, there are Rolex pens, key rings, scarves, bags and what other, the pen above also said Swiss Made )
Weekend and time to prepare well my “homework” few workers.
I worked for a manufacturing company, usually more contacts with colleagues wearing little watch, many people rely on mobile phones to control time. Colleagues also wear a watch with Casio, Seiko, Tissot, etc., at the Omega occasion. It is in this environment, it is a local tyrant colleague, IWC, Panerai, Rolex stand. Unfortunately, my colleagues and the local tyrant pretty good relationship, it was under his influence, there are about six months, I move the mind to buy the table and began to feel like they should have a watch. Curious coincidence came to this game forum, which is more endemic.
Of course, we must first determine buy a watch brand. brand selection process has also affected my friend Tyran, the target of the IWC, Panerai and Rolex three brands. Learning to love table forum, the first of the Panerai PASS: First, because I’m the wrist is fine,rolex repllica watches china large table hold live, the second is the appearance cold Pei. A bit tangled in the choice of the IWC and work, ultimately the “once for all”, “If only there was a table, it should be the Rolex” Indeed, Rolex Love.
After determination of the brand, not the choice of too tangled models (mainly limited budget, high powerless Work): 116234116334 money or money nail nail spaghetti or 116610LN.
At this stage, no interest was to watch the LP under my influence begins to focus on work, and really made me happy let me worry ah. LP joy is to shoot the pirate ship, the subsequent need to buy workers apply? The concern is that the budget be doubled! Reference Images of the online forum where students and employment, limited partnership models also decided: 179174 or 178274 or 168622, just with my few tables doubled.
The brands and models are decided, channels and time to start the next step. After consultation and LP, time determines the end of 2013 to early 2014, both our birthdays and our anniversary is during this time, put the Rolex as a gift from us to the other now. At the same time the most money this time is at hand when (the year-end awards is waiting ah). About channels, but also not much hesitation: we Xiaoshou State Bank Fu, goods, European goods of Hong Kong and even Japan are acceptable.
It should be about the same homework, here awaits the arrival of the end of the year.
In August this year, my wife suddenly proposed by the feast of the Mid-Autumn Festival to bring to Hong Kong Disneyland to play. President does not intend, listening heart, I immediately realized that our work in hand before? I was secretly delighted. The next day at the same time and LP together to prepare for the trip to Hong Kong, I am also looking actively for Hong Kong workers to buy chains, alternative models of our discounts and wages have a full understanding.
Hong Kong travel hopefully, a family of three to play all day. Letters tried to Tsim Sha Tsui (due to the end of the original plan was, so before you go to Hong Kong have not tried once before), we took the decision: 116610LN + 168622 fake rolex china, a 95% reduction Emperor none other. Back to the hotel, and the LP to chat, buy or not buy? The final decision: buy! After all, DG cheaper than a few K, but also personally to start, more at ease.
Then, canals, for shopping at the table, pay, cut single strap, controlled by the messaging watchcase, started from, go.