Rolex Daytona Replica * Chronograph Swiss Valjoux 7750 Movement

Table mirror thickness Watches thickness watch the bottom of the Rolex Daytona Replica  vertical distance from the table, including the thickness of the table mirror.
Typically millimeters (mm) of the apparatus.
The thickness of the mechanical watch is generally thicker than the quartz watch, chronograph ordinary table top thickness.
Mechanical movement made thinner, more requirements on the process.
Wound movement ultra-thin manual: All along, Vacheron Constantin has always focused create a new milestone in the professional field of watchmaking, such as the brand launched the thinnest watch in the world in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today I want to challenge once again the Swiss watchmakers thinner watches, movement ultrathin amazing sight gasoline in the world.
Both Vacheron Constantin latest ultra-thin sheet in 2010, Vacheron Constantin “Historiques” series of historical masterpiece Adds new members, two watches inspired by the essence of the brand back in the fifties and sixties works with a contemporary flavor to reshape the original work – was sensational two ultra-thin movements Historique1955 thin watch: Configuring 1003 model with a mechanical movement with manual winding movement which is by far the thinnest movement in the world, thickness of only 1.64 mm, cast Geneva Seal, and style 18K gold reinterpretation.
Historique1968 ultra-thin watches: System 1120 automatic winding mechanical movement model, built a new decorative motifs put thallium and cast Geneva Seal.
Jaeger manufacture of ultra-thin movements of history – including the production of 1903 replica watches uk rolex replica watches only 1.38 mm thick thinnest pocket watch movement in the world.
The contemporary example of the type series Cal.849 MasterControl movement – though slightly thicker than the old, but still only a mere 1.85 mm thick.
Jaeger-LeCoultre winding thinnest self-winding movement hollow manual movement: respect the luxury watch production targets, high watchmaker Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch hollow vacant available again both the record of achievements the world, and the specification limit upgraded to a new level: thinnest self-winding skeleton watch in the world (5.34 mm), equipped with the thinnest self-winding skeleton movement 1208P world (2.35 mm ).
Piaget Altiplano skeleton watch series G0A37132 watch the finest hand-wound watch: thinnest mechanical movement watches brand wound World allows manual Although this legend is back, it has been optimized for 1955 When the figures for 4961 models as a plan to build this case 4.1 mm, the thinnest mechanical hand-wound watches in the world at present.

Nail studded with metal inlay is malleable steel shovel with a needle or an edge rebate shovel nail head of some, squeeze the nail head, stuck inlaid stones method.
Since the highlight of this law are often small, can not shovel a large nail, it is usually less than 3mm crimp nail gems is a typical inlaid jewelry methods, can be divided by the nail game , the entire nail and the nail fixed tooth.
The difference is; Inlay mosaic nails is to implement the existing operations in the screw hole of the metal support; entire nail is played on non-porous metal plane by the operator pursuant to the yoke may be ashamed by plane from the media width, thickness determine small diamond cutting and holes, drilling of wells, a Another embodiment of the shameful mosaic operation.
all nail characteristics: According nail in the line stone method can be divided into linear, inserts and triangular inserts ETC Group rules, plum-shaped, irregular clusters; according complement each other so when the nail set with precious stones, can be divided into “three stones of a nail”, “a nail stone four” and “six stone a nail (both intramedullary nail) and other shapes.
(A) for entire nail: nail overlay existing nail is pressed against the replica watches stones, to secure the jewel on the rebate.
This is inserts in the simplest, most basic overlay method.
1. Pour the lower nail nail assembly is made on the nail hole was cut in the support inlaid jewelry, the existing nail pressed against stones, gems and attached to the rebate.
This is a mosaic of the  fake rolex watches easiest and most basic method inserts.
(1) equipped with reversed nail process steps will be necessary ① encrusted with stones on the anvil, depending on the size of the stone, be separated by size.
Wax (the ring folder) Shang Hao pieces to the mosaic, with his left hand holding the fixed jack positioned against Taiwan.
③ DIP tweezers inks points tights gems and precious stones inlaid in the position of the mouth of the stone.
Such as precious stones insets place that big, according to the thickness of the stones with fishing umbrella pin or needle open position until some rebate with gems of the same size.
④ according to the size of the stones, the jewels and the election of a UFO as large, stick to the first diagonal corner of people flying saucer nails, then slowly straighten the position of the car tank.
⑤ DIP inks tweezers, sticky spot precious stones, gems diagonals who put in the mouth, slightly below the surface of the part gems required, precious stones and then tighten the positive pressure, gems must enter UFO car pit position, if smooth gem, absorb and use bottom-pearl beads will push the edge of the nail, nail need close gems.
Such as precious stones injustice, you must use a flying saucer in the opposite direction,rolex replica watches then lower the car until smooth inclined gem.
Too far from the nail as gems, available flat shovel nail down nearby, then sucking beads attached to gravestones of the nail, in this operation, be sure not to pull the pieces of lace and gold and light.
(2) nail inverted set of technological requirements ① good Rolex Chronograph Swiss Valjoux 7750 Movement inlaid precious stones not seem Xiewai, robust, prostration, damaged, loose gemstones and so on.
② between the level of gems and precious stones, and should be based on the shape and inlaid jewelry set with precious stones and precious stones line asked not appear uneven phenomenon.
③ little gems in the golden light of the rim and not scratching.
④ head rounded nail, not flattened and the edges of the nails may appear gold dust.
⑤ not too long or too short nails too long and easy to hang clothes, gems too easy to fall short.
⑥ mosaic before the jewelry should be classified, and the first observation of the thickness of the stones, shapes and position of open pit.
⑦ during operation, observe whether the formation of the gem method, is at the table with the position of precious stones inlaid mouth for comparison.
Counters gemstone regarded as a straight line, respectively, from four directions with inlays bit compared, if parallel, and jewelry are flat.
⑧ see if training jewelry, the need to observe the overall shape of the room.