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NGTC CTGN certificate called National Management Center Jewelry & Gems NationalGemologicalTrainingCentre affiliated,Rolex DateJust Automatic Diamond bezel has long been committed to education and national professional jewelry jewelry standards and extension work.

Keep the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of National quality jewelry Register Division (CCMD) and recording (jewelry) CPV (CPVG) qualification training, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Inspector diamond, gemstone inspectors, jewelry jewelry saleswoman and workers, and other precious metal jewelry handmade training qualification.
About CTGN CTGN also Gemological Institute of replica rolex online cheap America (GIA) the only partner in Mainland China.
NGTC the jewelry industry officers, jewelry professional students, hobbyists, and those who come in the jewelry industry and consumer training target, training courses related to the jewelry business, management, marketing , planning, identification, design, processing etc. are the prestigious educational institutions of jewelry professionals.
According to the characteristics of the jewelry industry, CTGN take regular and irregular, and a combination of instructor-led training and matching mode for the industry to provide training services.
Curriculum emphasizes the close integration of theory and practice, focusing on training and actual combat operations to deal with students’ ability to apply their knowledge.
In addition to the jewelry business CTGN also provide enterprise features training services services, to carry out special problems and special education needs.
NGTC inner teaching first class and the learning environment replica watches and test equipment at home and abroad extensive teaching samples and a group of professional teachers of vocational training, and power to hire experts and national and foreign researchers to participate in educational activities.
It has been gradually formed a Beijing as the network radiating center of education and training.
Gems & Jewelry Management Center Gems & Jewelry Management Center (hereinafter referred to as: jewelry management center) is established on the basis of the mid-eighties China Geological Museum on the laboratory mineral jewel 1992 by the Committee of Central Organization Bureau approved the establishment.
With the deepening of the work, the continuous development of the company, the Manager jewelry business scope continues to expand, and continuously improve the growth mechanism of qualification.
The main responsibilities of the main responsibilities of the management center of the jewelry branch Yes: research on jewelry-related policies, to develop regulations for the administration of trade, technical policies and standards of the National Jewelry; Jewelry responsible for quality supervision, inspection, arbitration inspection in export commodity inspection; undertake various jewelry test requested; the correlation with the technical training of the jewelry industry; organize jewelry, crafts assessments, collection and dissemination of information at home and abroad Jewelry; the implementation of the executive (Staff) qualifications and skills assessment and identification; jewelry at home and abroad to carry out scientific and technological research, academic exchanges, the public’s enthusiasm for the culture of jewelry.
jewelry management center to rigorous review by the administration of the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, is authorized as the sole supervision and inspection center of the national jewels quality; approved the establishment of the Beijing Quality Supervision Jewelry, inspection station, jewelry training center State Labor Inspection and Safety Social Work Skill Test Center Jewelry, Beijing eighty-ninth Test at work competence, jewelry and jewelry Institute Information Center; sponsored the “China Gem” magazine, founder of the “Jewelry and Fashion Report” and other newspapers and jewelery Evaluation Committee work, “network of industry of China’s jewelry” to best serve foundation of industry.
Technical superiority and the main results of the high jewelry management center technical force and advanced equipment, was among the international institutions and identifying first-class research Jewelry; the existing staff of the center on a hundred people in the jewelry appraisal 100% of access to the national job board of the jewelery inspector, 70% fake rolex watches of staff through training of national and international authorities to get registration quality jade jewelry inspection qualification certificate People’s Republic of China and gemologist Gemological Institute of America, United Kingdom Gemological Institute of appraisers, graders Belgian High Council of Diamonds diamonds, American Society of Appraisers __gVirt_NP_NNS_NNPS < __ jewelery appraisers and other certificates, science and technology is the main force of China’s jewelry.
Jewelry main organizational management center, codification works are: “GB / T16552-2003 jewelery name”, “GB / T16553-2003 jewelery valuation”, “GB / T16554-2003 diamond grading”, “country jewelry seller Professional Standards “,” art jewelry assessment guidelines “,” gemology system “,” jewelery assessment “,” labeling regulations valuable jewelery “,” color of the diamond classification sample of national standard “and so on; the course There are studies” Chinese pearl industry status and development of measures against “,” national standard emerald quality “and relevant policies the jewelry tax, project survey of the resource.
Academic exchanges and international cooperation jewelry management center is an important window for China and the international community ties jewelry.
The last two decades, with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), the UK and the Gemological Institute of Gemological Laboratory (GAGTL), Switzerland Glibelin jewel Institute, University of gems Institute Basel (SSEF), the Belgian High Diamond Council (HRD), the German Gemstone Association and the Gemological Research Foundation (DgemG), Spain gem Institute (IGE), Thailand Asian Institute of Gemology (treble) Singapore Institute of jewelry from the Far East, Japanese National Gemological Association (GAAJ), the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), the International diamonds, precious stones, pearls Confederation (CIBJO), an international conference organized gemology (IGC ), the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and other countries of jewelry academic institutions, industry associations and relevant international organizations to establish a stable business contacts, while the GIA, HRD, FGA, ASA, and other famous institutions jointly organized by various vocational training programs.
Jewelry Management Center held every two years a leading international academic exchanges, inviting famous scholars, celebrities discuss jewelry industry and gemological status quo and development, while actively sending senior management and involved significant technical in the industry of jewelery international activities and academic exchanges, and further expand the international influence of China’s jewelry industry, greatly enhance the international status of China’s jewelry industry.
National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center NationalGemstoneTestingCentre (referred NGTC) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the national jewelry duly authorized professional inspection agency.
He passed the national certification metrology laboratory of China National Accreditation Board for ISO / IEC 17025 laboratories, examination by the National Quality Supervision product, Inspection and institutions, is the jewelery detection authority.
Centers in Beijing and Shenzhen has a first-class laboratory.
Centre brought together a large number of professional and technical personnel, with the international advanced detection equipment today, and in accordance with international standards, establish a set of scientific system, strict quality management.
And other personnel, technology and management have reached the international advanced level.
In addition to the whole of society to provide the center commissioned the inspection services, and also conduct a national random inspection of market surveillance, inspection arbitration, inspection commodity, formulate, revise the relevant national standards and many other tasks.
It plays a leading role in the regulation of domestic jewelry market, and promote the healthy development of the jewelry industry.
Quality Center is scientific, fair, accurate and effective.
Centre in the quality and credibility of the first, the first principle of service department, to provide good technical service for the community.
National Jewelry Quality Supervision rolex replica and Inspection Center is duly authorized national agencies jewelry quality control, through the measurement certification of supervisory bodies and inspection of the quality of the product nationally accredited ISO / IEC17025 Laboratory Accreditation for domestic jewelry REVIEW authority.
And designated as a scientific and technological achievements Test agencies laboratories, import and export goods national inspection, the designated laboratories Consumer Association merchandise.
Centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places with first class laboratory is the first full implementation of the test organisms networking jewelry, reached the international advanced level in terms of management systems, technology and so on.
Quality Center is scientific, fair, accurate and effective.
Centre in the quality and credibility of the first, the first principle of replica watches uk service department, to provide good technical service for the community.
The benefits of central management, management has extensive experience of management.
Over the years, in strict accordance with internationally accepted laboratory management standards, establish a scientific management system and complete workflow.
Management level has been recognized by the relevant departments of the state, as many domestic jewelry laboratory learning model.
Centre technical strength technology, equipped with conventional international sophisticated detection equipment and a variety of analytical instruments extensive.
And a number of senior teachers, engineers and doctors, teachers and other basic techniques of most of the technical staff with the National Register of jade jewelry division of the quality of other professional qualifications (GCC) of qualification issued by relevant agencies at home and abroad, theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience.
Detection range of the species identification of jewelry based on national standards GB / T16552 “jewelery names”, GB / T16553 “evaluation jewels” one hundred kinds of jewelry were detected, including natural stone, of jade, precious stones and various natural and organic artificial gems.