The source of the brand Enjoy Patek Philippe replica watches

After more than two years of site selection, design, repair and preparation, Patek Philippe Shanghai Store relocated to Shanghai Bund Source No. 33 in October 2012 and unveiled it as “Maison Patek Philippe.” Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, Patek Philippe and the long-term cooperation partners the United States the most sincere cooperation, steady growth. The Patek Philippe’s Shanghai source mansion, formerly known as the official residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai, not only brings together the Patek Philippe watchmaking masterpieces, but also provides exclusive exclusive exchange places for all the loved ones to enjoy the timepieces from Patek Philippe Timepieces Works of art, and create a more far-reaching vision, feel this time hall contains a long history and brand value. From October 18, 2017, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the opening of Patek Philippe Shanghai Mansion, Watch House conducted an exclusive interview with sales consultants in Patek Philippe Shanghai Mansion. After reviewing the story and changes of Patek Philippe Shanghai Mansion within five years, At the same time, share with everyone the important moment worth remembering.

Early guests to successful entrepreneurs, most of the rich for the first generation of reform and opening up, the age is relatively large, and do not know much about the watch. The current guests are a much younger age who have succeeded by their own efforts and have purchased the table before. Young VIPs have far greater awareness of the watch than their parents. These guests are not only well aware of the watch but also have been exposed to European watch culture and have gained a deeper understanding of the watch and the Patek Philippe. In the meantime, young guests will ask highly professional questions, they sincerely love Patek Philippe.

In the domestic purchase of watches and watch purchase abroad is completely different experience. First of all, the purchase of watches abroad is highly likely to have a language barrier, consumers are more observant watch style; in the country Di, sales consultants from the watch history, etc. in detail to introduce to customers, hope Customers can learn more about the product. In addition, the source Di shopping quiet and comfortable environment, which is significantly different from the overseas purchase of watches, we believe that the purchase of the table is only the beginning rather than the end. After the watch is sold, we can still provide many services for the guests, the watch encounters any problems and we can also solve the problems one by one for the guests. We have met many customers who purchase watches abroad, they do not understand the usefulness of the watch itself, and such a proportion of guests. However, we also see such a phenomenon: more and more customers choose to buy a table at the Patek Philippe source in China, believing that this is also a trend of development in the future.

Many guests left a deep impression on me. Once a guest who worked in Tibet, a long distance from Shanghai, is a middle-aged man. Occasionally, he saw the introduction of Patek Philippe watches, then the phone to consult our watch information. At that time, it happened to me to welcome the customer, after the exchange of WeChat, I will watch this to the customer a detailed introduction. After that, the guests decided to order the watch and made a special trip to Tibet from Tibet after the watch arrived in Shanghai. What touched me even more was that I had not had time to send a message of greetings to some guests in the face of some festivals but he had sent me a holiday blessing. I can feel the guest’s heartfelt love for Patek Philippe.

Summary: In this pleasant conversation, we learned that Patek Philippe’s customer body is moving to younger, more diversified and professional informational changes. It is also learned that in the development of this five-year period, Patek Philippe has continuously enhanced the purchasing experience of consumers, the ways of communication with customers and the after-sales service links to further improve the brand’s influence in China. For a long time, Patek Philippe has taken a solid and service-oriented marketing strategy to strengthen the customer service experience in the increasingly sophisticated China market in high-end consumer areas. In China, Patek Philippe in Shanghai and Beijing, a total of two customer service centers designed to provide Chinese consumers from the brand’s most professional life-long service.