The new Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Ref. 7300 replica 2018

There is no doubt that Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Steel/Quartz has achieved commercial success with the Geneva brand. It must be the most successful Maison series of women. But is it really because of its intrinsic quality or simply because it’s the most accessible watch the brand offers? Keep in mind that Twenty-4 means you can wear a Patek Philippe replica watches  for more than 10 kgs.. It’s not that we question the quality of the watch, but “radical” prices certainly play an important role in its sales.

It’s a special-shaped wristwatch, mainly driven by Calibre E15, an internal quartz movement, which means, unfortunately, we never covered it on MONCHROME. Twenty-4 is about to revolutionize, and the new version is full of reasons for women to want a beautiful watch and beautiful (mechanical) movement. The new Patek Philippe Twenty-4 automaton, as its name makes clear, is powered by “real movement” – you can expect a best fake Patek Philippe watch printed on the dial. But this is not the only change. The brand decided to radically change the concept of Twenty-4 in the hope of making it more attractive, more modern, and more casual – and we will let our female readers judge whether it succeeds.

First, the luxury Patek Philippe watch replica case changes from the appearance of rectangular / similar bracelet to a more classical round option. Patek Philippe chose the modern diameter of 36 mm – again aiming at the idea of young customers. However, this situation is much more complicated than that of a circular container. Changing shape does not mean that it completely eliminates the concept of a bracelet. The bracelet is still seamlessly integrated into the case, and the strap follows the lug steps, bringing more barrel-shaped contours to the watch. The same is true for the plug module that echoes the shape of the central link.

The bezel is also much more complex than the two rows of diamonds around the dial – again, the question of only the paved version remains open to question, as we know from experience, some young women prefer all-metal watches. The bezel follows the curvature of the watchcase and rises at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, forming continuity with the watch chain. Knowing this, it is hard to imagine that this watch has no metal bracelet. The case is slightly thicker than we expected, 10.05mm thick, but still comfortable and modern on the wrist. This is a casual fashion watch that can be worn every day – a versatile one. The bracelet is made of cheap fake Patek Philippe watches new folding watch, and the case has a waterproof depth of 30 meters. Made of steel or 18k rose gold, it has 160 diamonds in its bezel – another version, 7300-1201R-001, with diamonds on its crown, ears and chain.