The Hands-on At The Patek Philippe Booth

Travel Time with Annual Calendar and a three-hand watch

The 5326G is in fact the significantly more complex, more mature model; in particular, it is the first annual calendar with travel-time function from Fashion Patek Philippe Replica– and that despite design language becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the collection in recent years.These are references that are on the one hand typical of Patek Philippe, yet simultaneously a touch sportier and more contemporary than one often expects from the manufacture. Casual and yet horologically impressive at the same time.

In the case of the 5326, this is expressed above all in the dial, which is first stamped for texture, then galvanized, before the outer edge is sprayed with black paint to create a degradé effect. Depending on the light, it either glimmers or looks almost black. The Superluminova-filled Arabic numerals and arrow-shaped hands are also already recognisable from other references.

The real highlight of this 41 mm Luxury Replica Watches, however, is the movement, which is equipped with no less than eight new patents. This includes the ability to set the watch using three different positions within the crown, as well as a mechanism that enables the annual calendar to jump from the 30th to the 1st, for example, when traveling around the world, and to be easily reset to 30 in the new time zone.

Wearing comfort

All of this is pretty impressive horologically, but to get back to mundane first wear impressions: at 41 mm in diameter, 11.07 mm in height, and a plain Calatrava case, the Swiss Replica Watches sits surprisingly slenderly and coherently on a slimmer wrist. The Clous de Paris finishing on the sides of the case will certainly please the wearer when putting it on every day, and demonstrates Patek’s omnipresent attention to detail.

The Reference 5226G is somewhat overshadowed by this new reference, but has a very similar charm from a visual perspective. Its design is virtually identical, but it is limited to providing as a classic three-hand AAA Patek Philippe Replica Watches with central seconds hand and date window at three o’clock. With a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 8.53 mm, it is the somewhat more delicate version.

The platinum version with the salmon-coloured dial. The green chosen for this version seems to be a worthy successor. It is deeply luminous, yet less glowingly emerald than on the recently introduced 5930P World Time. Finally, it features a black gradient dial – and is lacquered to boot.

In the latest 5205, the 5205R-011, the shade of green is even more olive –and in combination with the rose gold case, very elegant. Green for us represents not only hope, but is also proving to be an enduring look in the Best Replica Watches Site 2023 world.

The 5172G chronograph and the 5320G perpetual calendar

First of all we have to keep in mind: There are still salmon-coloured references in the catalogue, just as there are variations of other already well-established references – and these differ from the gold-opaline of the 5270P tremendously. This is because the dial colour of Famous Patek Philippe Replica Watches 5172G and 5320G is more delicate, with fewer copper tones. It pairs well with the anthracite gold Arabic numerals and their luminous coating.

The new World Time watches Ref. 5230P and Ref. 5231G

A personal favourite from this year’s line-up, whose charm was lost in the face of other – at first glance more spectacular – references is the blue 5230P. It replaces the white gold and rose gold versions of this reference and proves once again how a new precious metal and a new dial can make a familiar model look completely new.

Slightly more expensive, even, – because it also uses enamel – is the Replica white gold 5231G-001. On the one hand, it also “only” replaces a well-known reference, namely the technically identical model in yellow gold. At the same time, however, Patek Philippe not only dedicates itself to a different precious metal here, but simultaneously now focuses the world map upon Southeast Asia.