Swiss Fake Patek Philippe Watches

Graves, a wealthy American banker of the late 19th/early 20th century, had obsessions with several high-ticket items—think boats, art, real estate. But watches were his true passion. Specifically, Patek Philippe Replica UK. Graves became a patron of the watchmaker as the age of great watchmaking was coming to an end, and over 40 years, amassed a collection of some of the most complex timepieces ever made.

One of these Patek Philippe Replica watches, the Supercomplication, became the “holy grail” of timepieces. Commissioned in 1925 and delivered in 1933, the pocket watch has 920 individual parts, 24 separate functions, and two dials. It took three years to design, and another five years to manufacture—making it the most complicated watch ever made at the time.

While it may no longer be the most complicated Fake Patek Philippe Watches in existence, the Supercomplication holds a significant place in watch history. The watch hasn’t been serviced since 1969, and it still runs perfectly.