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Once afraid to speak, a dream come true love meter road

Some people say a man has an innate love of machines, the remark does not leave. I grew up on guns, electricity, automotive (playing with a house in the chain are not allowed to play authentic interior, eh!) And so there is a strong interest. I remember the first time to watch or concern in elementary school, my father with years of savings to buy a Shanghai brand watch, very happy (when one of the Big Three, but ah) under the pillow at night listening to the tick sound, feeling really wonderful! I thought: there are more than 200 components of something really incredible organic functioning in a small piece of iron, so I got interested in the watch.

After high school, I did a month of summer vacation time porter rolex replica watches (handling stone, brick, cement, particularly tired, only 2.86 yuan per day) to achieve the dream of my first shows, and then I spent 90 yuan to buy a production Tianjin Seagull brand watches. Seagull table with me about six or seven years now, with the full emergence of the electronic watch in the world, I feel like I replaced several pieces of electronic tables (remember the brand disorder), unfortunately, I could not not find seagull bird table.

Until 1996, I received a personal award units rose by 2,000 yuan (many at the time a). For a memorial, I think I should have to buy a watch to reward yourself. With that in mind, I went to the shop to investigate the Hendry table, standard vegetable noodles (about 2000 yuan), the Swiss brand. It was a fancy style Omega Constellation, a look at the price on the dizziness, ten miles away, can not afford. I turned to look at other brands, so see the second mechanical watch “Love it rolex replica China.” Now that I think is very interesting, because it looks like the Omega Constellation election, but not less than 2,000 yuan. A shop staff watch Fudge said, “Luckily flying fish” is also Swiss watches, mechanical back through and so on it. You do not say, good quality of this table and take the time difference of about 10 seconds, interview several times, it is still very good. I love Hua follow fifteen years and now quite new, though, is gold plated. (Although the figure)

2011 time, with revenues I have the idea of ​​buying the table. This time the idea is to buy a certain brand awareness, high cost, durable watches. I began to search the Internet, watch free, brand history, the characteristic movement and have a preliminary understanding, then Tudor in my line of sight. This table is for the production company Rolex, quality, accuracy and durability, discreet luxury brand, in line with my character. Collection phase of the 21013 classic gold. How to buy the right, recently I and my friends did not want to go abroad, buy do not worry, I heard that the price increases. Well, BNM, so I went to Hendry. Some negotiations, called 10%, 17 500 yuan. Tudor after use, when to go well deserved reputation, day three secon