Shanghai Rolex Masters Cup tournament – live coverage!

[14 October 2015] love table family reports Shanghai Rolex replica invitation should love the table on October 14 to watch the thrilling Shanghai Rolex replica watches Masters Cup tennis tournament, although Peoples idol Roger Federer in the first round were eliminated, but I believe the next game will still be very exciting.
[Shanghai Masters Cup appearance on Court One]
[External clock Rolex Court One very striking]
Simple lunch [media]
[Stadium panorama]
[Eye-catching title sponsor Rolex LOGO]
[Rolex] air rooms
[Nightfall, Federer upcoming appearances]
[Break between games when the children’s tennis dance]
[King] Appearances
[Roger Federer was eliminated in the first round is still very gentleman to pay tribute to the audience]
[Whipped up and down air seats]
The next day the media and his party arrived at the Bund Roosevelt Rolex replica store, where Rolex replica watches for men and two tennis legend Mr. Bravo and Mr. Luo De close conducted a pleasant exchange. Rolex and world tennis legend Roger Federer talked about the dialogue by playing tennis is very elegant, like a modern version of the old-fashioned tennis, this not like Rolex watches style? Rolex for the past 15 years has been to support the development of tennis in China, but also a very long-term vision, and trained a lot of small players, Rolex has been the tennis talent treasure to future champion in the famous Chinese tennis player Li Na is In the long-term support at the Rolex eventually boarded the peak of world tennis.
Rolex for the largest contribution to the young tennis players is that you can make small athletes through their help or have potential athletes have the opportunity to choose a better coach and eventually hit through the layers of selection of world-class competition. This can also affect more people to participate in the replica watches uk movement. For example, Mr. Laver in childhood by chance is through contact with tennis, and eventually become a world champion. When the host asked: When will China’s tennis Federer, China occur when a small German. Rhodes said: The most important thing is to grasp the select talent at the grassroots level, and some small gift is very good athletes, but they also need good coaching system, such as in Australia, a lot of phone number, only one number can be the world’s town champion, it is because Australia attaches great importance to the selection of young athletes. Another point is that Asians childhood education is too conservative, the West like some. But in the sports world which need hard work and sacrifice, but also there is a huge risk. It’s all parents need to carefully consider if you choose the sport means that you need to give up a lot of things. Both agree that tennis legend Rolex replica watches uk always has its unique approach and views to face the problem, which is the Rolex has been the reason for the watch industry is in top position.