Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches

Rolex Yacht-Master replica  – A deep blue sea, sky line in the wave of tumbling, white sailboat that suddenly appeared, like elves dancing in the sea, elegant and wanton.
Countless celebrities who are longing, but also on its own technology and equipment great challenge.
Rolex YACHT-MASTER II is to be able to cope with such a professional watch Oyster occasions.
YACHT-MASTER II of this new style is professional Oyster wristwatch, Rolex created the first with a 904L stainless steel and 18ct rose gold eternity synthesized by the ROLESOR eternal rose magic combination.
YACHT-MASTER II Basel Watch Fair in 2007 was born, with a number of new science and technology replica watches, is a model for brand creativity and technology.
Watch One major creative feature: Unique RING COMMAND outer ring, designed and developed by Rolex, can rotate 90 degrees and are associated with the movement, especially according to the qualifying tournament to be re-set and locked memory countdown function .
4160 watch movement with blue PARACHROM gossamer, modified from Daytona (Daytona) 4130 series configuration movement and includes 10 new patented technology.
By Rolex fully developed, using the latest alloy, with highly active anti-magnetic and seismic capacity of up to 10 times.
Column wheel and vertical movement of the countdown function by promoting cross-connect device; wheel structure includes a columnar and vertical clutch device is the “gold partner” Modern upscale chronograph.
Most movement is made more exquisite fine element Research and Innovation through the Rolex UV-LiGA technology; element in this breakthrough technology manufactured under careful close entirely traditional production techniques can not match.
This watch has the famous Oyster watch waterproof function: bottom by the sturdy case and 904L stainless steel casting, can resist the invaders; another more equipped TRIPLOCK winding crown, once tightened, like a submarine hatch can The case is completely sealed.
Its intermediate link pink gold outer ring and bracelet, and are used Rolex own research record and casting eternal 18ct rose gold.
Rolex watches replica more with patented manufacturing blue CERACHROM word circle, effectively scratch damage, resist the invaders, and more permanently maintain color.
YACHT-MASTER II adhering Oyster Professional watch function-oriented tradition, dial with brilliant red countdown minute and second hands, and then with the dial and the outer scale, convenient easy to read, timing data immediately grasp.
Watch strap of 904L stainless steel with 18ct rose gold eternity, and has two Rolex replica uk creative means: easy to tune links, so strap may extend 5 millimeters to make more comfortable to wear; and the installation of a security lock Oyster insurance deduction.
4416 movement, rhodium plated, with a fish-scale pattern polished, 42 rubies, line lever escapement, self-compensating Breguet balance spring, fine-tuning device, stop second device, dial, case and movement are signed.
4416 movement, rhodium plated, with a fish-scale pattern polished, 42 rubies, line lever escapement, self-compensating Breguet balance spring, fine-tuning device, stop second device, dial, case and movement are signed.
The YACHT-MASTER II, case size 44 mm, thickness 14 mm.
Self-winding, water resistant, 18K gold case, a special blue ceramic ring, can be bi-directional rotation, screw-down back and crown, triple-locked crown with a protective device, countdown, round button chronograph, sapphire crystal , white dial, yellow gold hands and hour markers with luminous material filled, champagne at 6 o’clock, small seconds, a ring 10 minutes countdown display scale, high accuracy programmable movement, 18K gold Rolex Oyster bracelet Rolex Yacht Malibu type II can fit in the raging sea, the pretty natural independence celebrities.
Also Cun care in the sea, like a complex social rapids successful people talk and laugh freely.
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Panerai OF 3646– labor Shipeinahai cooperation models: dong Category: News Panerai panerai watches Published: 2012-06-20 09:03 ė 6 Comments Off Panerai (PANERAI) was founded in 1860, precision machinery and excellent quality known.
It was first produced for the Italian Royal Navy precision instruments and watches.
Today, Panerai has become a world-renowned advanced sports watch brand.
With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai brand for sports, leisure and art high-end watches.
Italian design and Swiss expertise, so that each table has a distinctive brand style and excellent quality.
3646 Rolex Panerai Panerai cooperation This is a veteran of the “California faces” The combination of the two brands of long, more features: Case Size 47 × 47 mm and a thickness of 13 mm.
Model 3646 first generation of “California faces”, Radiomir series, Case No. 260730 goods with good, big case, back cushion type case, waterproof, three-piece stainless steel case, by polishing and grinding, screw table back and crown, welded wire lugs, black dial, Arabic numerals and luminous material Roman numerals, baton-style blue steel hands, Panerai clasp.
In Cortebert618 movement based movement, with a Rolex replica watches signature, rhodium plated, Geneva stripes polished, 17 rubies, vertical lever escapement, monometallic balance wheel, blue steel Breguet balance spring, fine-tuning device, case and machine If the core are with the signature in 2006 limited edition Panerai engraved 1936 of PAM249 becoming increasingly hot, then this is such a hot scene of 3646 “initiator”, the say that Rolex and 沛纳sea ​​of ​​cooperation.
Saying 30s of last century, Panerai received orders after the Italian Navy, knew with the ability to produce their own diving equipment, can not do the job, so look for “foreign aid” is the only way out.
But looking for? .
War dictates, as a “neutral” and the watchmaking industry, Switzerland has long been famous natural is the best choice.
1926 successfully developed and successfully crossed the English Channel next year’s Rolex “Oyster” watch, was already known in the world.
After receiving a request Panerai, Rolex their products “California faces” used on it, launched a watch, it is the Panerai 3646.
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