Rolex spokesperson JORDAN SPIETH

August 17, 2015, Geneva – Rolex spokesperson Jordan • Sipi Si (Jordan Spieth) Sunday in second place finish at the last Grand Slam of the season. At the same time, he also became the world’s top-ranked golfer.
Rolex spokesperson Jordan • Sipi Si (JORDAN SPIETH) crowned the first World Golf Ranking
The 22-year-old player completed a fantastic season. His victory in this year’s first two Grand Slam, becoming the first six players to get this achievement.
Rolex Communications and Image Director Arnold • Boaters (Arnaud Boetsch) said: “Rolex congratulate Jordan • Si Pisi won the world first, this is his young career, a remarkable achievement 斯皮思 show in the game. the spirit of courage and dedication reflects the champion’s style, and his presence exhibit integrity and integrity have made him a role model, inspiration and influence to bring global golfer. “
斯皮思 showing superb skills in the game as well as extraordinary calm, so that he can successively crowned this year’s US Masters (Masters) and US Open (US Open Championship) held at Chambers Bay. The Rolex is the international partners in April this year, the US Masters. At the US Open, held in June, Rolex also served as the official timer.
Held in July in the British Open (The Open Championship), the same as a sponsor Rolex, 斯皮思 in the final, due to missed one shot to win this year’s third Grand Slam title opportunity. But this season, ending with honors Sipi Si still, after another Rolex spokesperson Jenson Dey (Jason Day) record –20 points, runner-up.
On the road leading to the brilliant, Sipi Si childhood learn how to win in the race, he enjoyed success in the early amateur career. The Texas teenager during 2009 and 2011, has won the US Junior Amateur Championship, becoming the first person • After Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods) Following the event several times to get the championship, and American teenagers Golf Association named the 2009 Rolex annual youth players (Rolex Junior Player of the Year). Sipi Si turned pro at the age of 19, becoming the Presidents Cup (The Presidents Cup) tournament’s youngest player, so far he has won five PGA Tour, including two Grand Slams.
Since its establishment in 1986 World Golf Ranking, has a number of Rolex spokesperson topped the world, now 斯皮思 also joined the list. List members have a remarkable achievement and high integrity, they are: • Bernard Langer (Bernhard Langer), Fred • Couples (Fred Couples), • Luke Donald (Luke Donald), Tiger • Woods (Tiger Woods), • Adam Scott (Adam Scott) and Martin • Kemer (Martin Kaymer).

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