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Late 1960s and early 1970s, low-cost quartz digital replica watches to traditional mechanical clocks system trounced Geneva, many fake watch companies began to transition. But the company adhere to abide by the 1960 Rolex founder Hans died creed, always adhere to the main mechanical watchmaking. Rolex quartz watch had most of its production output of 7%, and is now kept at 2% or less. After the electronic watch storms, Swiss watch companies for more than half the wind, survived 1/3 are mostly hard, except when Rolex nice view here. Hans died leaving a will: low labor costs are not the place of production, not to engage in large-scale cluster production, not to engage in product diversification, will not be listed. The Rolex now indeed done any thing uncertain at the time, we are maintaining the status quo.

Rolex replica watches
Rolex’s production is limited, one year’s production is estimated based entirely industry, production of about 700,000, a figure far not meet the actual needs of the market. This also makes rational Rolex replica uk never do market achieved its maximum, but promise to do the best market.

From 1960 to date, after founder Hans experienced only three generations of leaders. They keep old Hans idea, too, and, like the appearance of the old Hans perseverance, energetic. Rolex stubbornly rejected all be generally optimistic about the business rules, they stick to the dream of the founders among the apotheosis through precise and durable to show time.

Rolex unchanged as well as its usual low-key, only the world’s leaders to speak to the media, even so, he usually never accept any interviews. Rolex replica philosophy is: We do not say, let the product to say. But low-key does not mean not appear in public, outside of sports and arts sponsorship in the official Rolex website, products and corporate social responsibility, welfare activities each half. HC Wei slightly Award Scheme creative recommendation, art exhibitions and educational programs constitute an important part of the Rolex brand promotion.
Rolex Milgauss first appeared in the 1950s, is designed for engineers and technicians working in the field of environment and set the watch, its name derived from the French word “Mille (one thousand)”, that can withstand 1000 gauss (gauss) The magnetic strength. Today, this watch at Baselworld 2014 Colorful blossoms again, the new Milgauss not only equipped with 2007’s first green crystal mirror, but combined with the electro-optical blue surface, showing a charming tone.
Rolex watches

Since its launch, Rolex replica  Milgauss has to hold onto the status of advanced watches. Typically, the magnetic force can interfere with the normal operation of the mechanical watch, but this watch has to withstand 1000 Gauss magnetic intensity, maintain an official precise performance. It not only won the support of the Geneva European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists, representatives masterpiece also known as the scientific and technological progress. And it all comes from two innovative protection technology: The first layer is the 1954 Rolex patented anti-magnetic shell, the shielded housing made of a ferromagnetic alloy, mounted in the Oyster case, the movement can be wrapped up, to provide efficient protection; the second layer is from the 2000s set out to develop balanced by Rolex swing components and escapement, the two main components are made of paramagnetic material movement, also has very good protection effect.

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