Rolex Chronograph Replica Watches Buying Guide

Chronograph, is generally considered to be a “tool rolex replica watches” before we review briefly the history of the chronograph, in order to select the correct tool for the job is right for you watch, chronograph before you buy, you need to carefully consider the following 10 factors:

1. You can use the timer feature?

Sales asked: “How will you use your stopwatch?” Customer: “I have not thought about  using it this problem?.” Chronograph is not just for sports Time Trial – they offer a lot of practical applications. For example, the cooking time tracking, parking meters, walking or jogging, biking, yoga workout time, meeting. . . Or try this: When your wife said, and then there are five minutes to get dressed to go out. . . Immediately press the timing button … do not say, bad knees keyboard.

Chronograph buying guide (on)

Any items by time unit fee you can use the stopwatch to track billable time. Or you can also measure time blocking the road every day, rolex replica watches TV commercials, or waiting for the doctor / dentist to pass the time. Note, however, most of the chronograph can not operate in the water, you can not be measured over time, such as more than 12 hours. Some chronograph can run continuously, while others are not (more on this later). Please choose carefully.

2. How legibility

Readability – Dial indicates that it must be easy to read,fake rolex watches uk can clearly read out the running time. Unfortunately, now that the guidelines are no longer taken for granted. Today, when brand design watch, indicating the time often sacrifice in the altar of fashion. They thought to induce customers to say, “This design looks cool.”

Chronograph buying guide (on)
IWC Engineer calendar watch, sub-meter scale are ‘bite’ a chunk

Chronograph buying guide (on)
Zenith Zenith El Primero, sub dial each other ‘bite’

So pay attention to time dial code table, especially to see will not be missing anything. If you need to read chronograph in the dark, you have to see more closely, particularly to see the corresponding luminous coating, because few accounting code table to meet your needs.

3. The self-produced chronograph movement ETA chronograph movement or

Chronograph movement varied: big production chronograph movement, ETA chronograph movement like the public version.

Chronograph buying guide (on)
Lange L951.6 chronograph movement production

Production chronograph movement is usually for Integration, rather than modular, usually with column wheel structure. Grown movement provides excellent functionality polished, carefully tuned, beautiful appearance. Brand also gives the brand its own internal production corresponding design freedom, but also facilitate the brand’s production control. Chronograph movement capable of self-produced brand is not much, only a handful, of course, the cost is very expensive.

Chronograph buying guide (on)
Girard-Perregaux 3800 movement is the self-produced chronograph movement column wheel structure

Omega version of 7750 movement

ETA7750 probably is the most used chronograph movement,replica watches from Tissot to nations as well as in previous years, Hublot has use; its design has been tested for decades, is very reliable, although not exclusive column-wheel structure where accuracy is not bad. With this movement chronograph prices vary greatly, because the first ETA movement itself from rough to polished decorations have many points by COSC certification levels, different natural prices; on the other hand, such as this brand IWC certainly not directly 7750 installed to use, be sure to look polished look, replacement of some parts, the most common change is to change the shape or add Tuo Tuo carved back, on a corresponding increase in the number of premium.

The integrated design or additional timing module

Chronograph buying guide (on)
Rolex 4130 movement built, integrated design

When it comes to design chronograph movement, purists like integrated integrated design, because chronograph movement integrated design from the outset, considering the timing-related needs. This means that all components have been optimized accordingly. Because chronograph regarded as a “heavy” complex functions, operation requires significant energy consumption. If the chronograph movement produced on the basis of a drag, it may affect timekeeping, which means chronograph can not accurately measure elapsed time (though most of us will not notice the moment error).

Modular chronograph movement, also known as sandwich design, usually in the dial side of the base of the movement to add a separate timing mechanism, some small brand inventive, like to use on the basis of the movement ETA2892 plus third-party timing module, such as the common use of  rolex replica watches uk Dubois Depraz timing module, I’m not too fond of this approach, an analogy, the car naturally aspirated engine yourself Riga turbines in the garage, certainly not original turbocharged engine, the reason is the same .
Basically, you can enjoy through the end of the counting operation of the lever mechanism are integrated design chronograph movement. Through the end we can not see what the timing mechanism is added to the third-party timing module movement.

5. The timing control mechanism: a column wheel or cam

Chronograph must have corresponding control mechanism during operation can start, stop, reset operation. The traditional column-wheel control system structure, favored by purists, so named because the key component looks like a wheel, on top of a series of small vertical uprights. Each time you press the button to make the rotation of the fake rolex uk wheels, and the columns and the gap between them just to get in contact with the lever operation, thus make the travel wheel system and timing gear train connected to or out of contact;

Manufacturing column wheel is the traditional process, expensive, difficult to maintain. But the most critical is very nice and has a very smooth push-type feel. In other words, they are a luxury chronograph born.

Chronograph buying guide (on)
Column-wheel movement structure Lange datograph

Column wheel once everywhere, but some manufacturers have developed a cam mechanism instead of the column-wheel. The new system functions much like a traditional, with an eccentric cam (thin metal sheet with an irregular shape) to replace the column wheel. Cam systems usually have lower manufacturing costs, easier to adjust, easier to service, but not nice.

Chronograph buying guide (on)
Cam structure Omega 1863 chronograph movement manual

In use, the cam efficiency than column-wheel differential. NASA on a column wheel and replica watches cam version Omega Speedmaster are certified for space flight. Lemania 5100 movement equipped with a chronograph, a cam mechanism, certified by some countries for military purposes, most durable ETA 7750 movement is also a cam switch.

If you’re looking for a rugged tool watch, you do not care about the beauty of the movement, the movement of the cam structure will fit you. If you pay attention to the aesthetic, more concerned with traditional skills, column-wheel movement is your dish. To be continued.

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