Rolex Cellini new series officially listed in China

In 2014, the brand leader in the world of Rolex replica watches together again internationally renowned Salzburg Festival in Austria (Salzburg Festival), to support this effort with nearly a century of history of high level musical feast . Moreover, to underline the unique importance of the Salzburg Festival and the Rolex more December 9 presents “Night Salzburg Festival” in honor of The Peninsula Shanghai, invited to Salzburg Chairman of the Section Haier • Arc • Dr. Stadler (Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler) together to join the festivities and had a great shock Exclusively musical performances. At the same time, Rolex is pleased to announce 2014 Basel Watch and Jewellery Fair Cellini launch of the new series has been listed in China.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini replica watches celebrate Listed
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In 2012, Rolex and popular Salzburg Festival expanded partnership. Defending the pursuit of the perfect model of faith and mission coincide Salzburg Festival Rolex. Since then, the two sides together to help artists of excellence and to promote and popularize the music in the world. The Salzburg Festival’s success is that it is nearly a century of relentless pursuit of high art, bringing a high quality performance is the direction of their lives. In 2015, the Salzburg Festival will enter the 95th with the President, the leadership of Dr. Haier • • rainbow Stadler, next year will be the classical music of a single event.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex fake Cellini celebrate Listed

The highlight of the day of the dinner to release the Salzburg Festival performance Exclusively wonderful – famous Russian singer Dar Al Aboud Raza • Quebrada (Ildar Abdrazakov) to join the Italian pianist Alessandro • Mr. Arthur dense Saipan (Allesandro Misciasi) M. jointly offer four performances of song, performance art enthusiasm and meticulous professional attitude, but also gives the audience an immersive experience the unique charm of the atmosphere Salzburg Festival.

To meet the Night Salzburg Festival classical themes, and also to celebrate the launch of Basel Jewellery and Watch Fair 2014 Rolex Cellini new series officially listed in China. The series consists of 12 classic watches, each section are defined expertise and sophisticated technology in a full of Rolex watchmaking tradition at significant. Simple and elegant lines, noble materials and refined modified luxury magnificent, all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Classic Rolex CELLINI

Cellini Rolex replica china  presents the new series, to highlight the contemporary spirit of the classic and timeless style traditional watchmaking elegance. The new series consists of 12 classic watches, each section are defined expertise and sophisticated technology in a full of Rolex watchmaking tradition at significant. With simple and elegant lines, noble materials and beautiful, and refined luxury grooming, all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking. However, this new series of watches are not only limited to the old design. This is highly respected in the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired Holy See appointed Rolex Cellini series, firstly the classical roots of performance, on the other hand with modern techniques to re-interpretation the essence of their perfect harmony. These Rolex door watchmaking tradition, recalls the contemporary monumental architecture, proportions layout and simple lines and clever with the modern space and lighting. New Cellini look away from traditional constraints of time completely transformed into a guardian, it is a luxury style of the symbol, truly reflects the art of living (lifestyle) of extraordinary value.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

The new interpretation of traditional watchmaking Cellini series the most sophisticated charm, absolutely elegant. Case manufactured by Rolex exclusive foundry, 18K white gold or rose gold styles to choose eternal. 39 mm diameter conventional circular design is the logo of the traditional brand, while the shape of the hull of the delicate ear, polite modifications, and with arched outer ring and the outer ring of the triangular grooves dual outer ring, so watch more distinctive. Rolex triangle symbolizing grooves screwed, and the back is as old circular arch design. Screw-down crown flared emphasize the Cellini series of exquisite aesthetics.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Another dial also cited knowledge and watchmaking tradition of the brand. Each dial has been modified by painting or decorated with “flame radiates the glory” classic black or silver radiation pattern and gold outfit perspective hour mark. According to the dial layout function of the watch, any the series can be divided into three broad categories Cellini. Time Cellini is a classic example of watchmaking, when provided, minutes and seconds display, while Cellini date is vice dial pointer by adding a calendar function, both real China . Finally, Cellini Dual Time can display two time zones, and the sub-assembly of the second time zone dial elegant window sun and the indication of the moon and the night.

All new Cellini watches are extremely precise mechanical self-winding movement configuration, all have been certified by the Observatory watches Rolex manufacturing. To represent the purest traditional style and look with shiny black or brown strap in alligator, sewing trim and 18K gold buckle, thanks precisely demonstrate courteous.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Rolex and Art
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Rolex is proud to be the best art events, artists, art projects and an important driving force behind the activity.

Early 20th century, in the era of the popular pocket watch, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf • (Hans Wilsdorf) successfully achieve their dreams, create a set of precise and elegant as one of the watch. Since then, the Swiss watch industry as a leading brand Rolex has always encouraged individual excellence success. Over the years, Rolex continues to develop brands and products, the pursuit of perfection. Because only the highest quality materials, by the best designers, Rolex replica china has become the symbol of elegant, noble and of high quality.

Keeping the tradition of the brand, advance the value of the brand, Rolex supporting a number of carefully selected artists and artistic activities, and actively help artists of excellence.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Brands like Rolex seek his passionate pursuit of precision and performance partners. Thus, Rolex and the arts can be described as a matter of course are attached. Rolex and cooperative arts dating from 1970. At the time, New Zealand soprano • • Li Ji Kana Lady Di Eva (Dame Kiri Te Kanawa) opened a Rolex long-term cooperation and the arts.

Over the years, Rolex has been extended to support the arts in the fields of many exceptional artists. In the field of vocal music, including spokesman Rolex has over 30 years of partnership with the famous brand Spanish tenor Placido Domingo • (Plácido Domingo), the Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli • (Cecilia Bartoli) German tenor Jonas Kaufmann • (Jonas Kaufmann) and low British baritone Terfel • Brian (Bryn Terfel).

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Cooperation with famous classical musicians Rolex talented young pianist Yuja Wang (Yuja Wang). In addition, Rolex with Venezuela Gustavo Dudamel conductor • (Gustavo Dudamel) to establish a close cooperative relationship. As the major orchestras of the world recognized by Dudamel as music director of the Philharmonic Orchestra Los Angeles (Los Angeles Philharmonic) was also sponsored by Rolex.

In the field of contemporary music, Rolex and many well-known pop artist maintained a stable and cooperative relations, including Canadian jazz singer Diana Grammy crane • children (Diana Krall) and Mike • Bray (Michael Bublé), India sitar virtuoso and composer Arnold ska • Shankar (Anoushka Shankar), and the famous French ballerina Sylvie Guillem • (Sylvie Guillem).

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

In addition to supporting artists, Rolex also understands the importance of establishing partnerships with leading arts organizations, like the intoxicating Scala (Teatro alla Scala), the historic Royal Opera House of London (Royal Opera House) the famous New York Metropolitan Opera in the world (Metropolitan Opera). Meanwhile, the full support of the People’s Rolex

Salzburg Festival (Salzburg Festival) and the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Vienna Philharmonic). Now the Rolex arts support was extended to Asia, and China National Grand Theatre (National Centre for the Performing Arts) special monitoring.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

At the same time, Rolex fake watches also through some sponsorship to help young artists to realize their full-fledged artistic potential, as indicated by Mr. Placido Domingo more • founded the annual World Opera Vocal Competition Operalia and Rolex PROTÉGÉHIDE (Program Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative), the project aims to explore the world of talented young artists so that they and the masters for a year of cooperation, and at the same time to accept one of the tips.

Recently, the partnership with classical music online video leader Rolex brand. Through this unique platform, music lovers can still feel the charm of the famous concert stage. Even cooperative relations, Rolex has established with the European news station (Euronews) called Musica music program, the program takes viewers into the world of music and dance. Rolex partner for all opera fans also includes open and comprehensive online library Operaonline opera. These are part of the support program for Rolex arts, it aims to make the public is exposed to high-quality classical music concerts, festivals, opera and musicians around the world to promote and popularize the music.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini fake watches celebrate Listed

Adhering to the founder of the brand, the spirit of Mr Wilsdorf, Rolex is still active in the arts, and to make every effort to support those who share common values ​​and brand, the relentless pursuit of perfection and Excellence talent and outstanding institutions. This support will benefit the heritage artistic heritage, and make a unique culture worldwide and sustainable outstanding contributions.