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However, patek philippe replica watch is more famous mechanical watch by internal movement.They have several characteristics of pipe diameter.In 1949, the company patent “Gyromax”, a special type of balance wheel, still in use today.Although the ordinary wheel balance weight adjustment screw features outside edge, Gyromax weight set.Therefore, it has a moment of inertia increases, its precision can be improved.

Patek philippe replica has used material Silinvar escapements since 2005.Similar to silicon, anti – magnetic and extremely difficult.Because of the hardness, reduce friction movement, it does not require lubrication.Manufacturers put forward the balance of the first in the spring of 2006 the high-tech materials.Patek philippe replica watch has been shrinking external delivery action and debris.In 2005, the company launched their first chronograph internal diameter.Since 2012, they have been producing chronograph movement itself, even though they have used sport from other manufacturers.

For example, the first nautilus with diameter based on product in 920.Abby card with it the first royal oak, and brand Constatin 222.Valjoux and Lemania also used to provide a atek philippe replica watches.Patek philippe is introduced in 2009, began to use their own seal, it is a symbol represents the world’s most stringent quality testing mechanical watches.Previously, they used the Geneva seal, this is high quality watches since 1886, signs of guangzhou.Is an obvious difference between the new testing method, completed the watch.According to the old rules of the Geneva sealed, independence movement can get certificate.

In 1839, the polish SNCF patek philippe replica watches and immigration in Geneva (1811-1877) to start producing pocket watch.There, he and his French colleague together Adrian phillips (1815-1894) in 1845.Philip’s father was a clockmaker, taught his son.Announced to the world in 1844, Philip an invention watch everywhere today: crown.Before this, use the action is usually wound, like many of the big clock today.The company since 1851 patek philippe name exists.