Patek Philippe Replica Introduces the Split-Seconds Chronograph

Ref. Launched in 2015. The 5370P-001 is Patek Philippe Replica‘s second second hand chronograph, powered by an internal movement, which was previously equipped with a smaller, thinner and more expensive CHR 27-525 movement. Ref. With a black Bulgari enamel dial, with Baogue numbers, giving it an excellent classic style. 5370P is welcomed by fans of the brand.

Now black dial reference. The Cheap Patek Philippe Replica 5370P has been discontinued and replaced by the “Minutes and Seconds Chronograph”. 5370P-011. The new model is the same as the dial except for the dial. The dial is located in a 41mm platinum case with the same CHR 29-535 PS, while the dial uses an amazing blue enamel dial.

The original Patek Philippe Replica Watch is eye-catching because of its retro style, while the new version has a blue enamel dial, which feels more modern. As a color that has been popular for several years, the new dial transforms the personality of the watch into a more modern one.

Although this kind of change will undoubtedly be popular because the blue dial is an essential color, I still prefer the original dial because the Patek Philippe Replica black enamel dial is more low-key and consistent with the brand’s historical design.

The colors are the same except for the original colors Patek Philippe Replica UK the blue enamel dial is undoubtedly superb craftsmanship. On a dial with a dial base of 18k gold, coat the dial with enamel glass, and then bake it in an oven to melt the enamel onto the surface. Repeat this process until the desired color and thickness are obtained. The resulting Shanda feu enamel paint has a different gloss from enamel paint.