Patek Philippe Ref. 5205G-013 replica watches swiss movement

The blue dial has been popular for some time now. So much so that they are almost the rule rather than the exception. Now, if you’re going to stand out from the crowd with a blue dial, you’re going to have to offer something special. That’s exactly what Patek Philippe’s latest launch of reference 5205G has done. While not a new watch per se, the addition of a mouth-watering blue gradient dial reshaped the Patek Philippe replica watch into my eyes, boosting its appeal on the roof. We’ve spent some time working on the watch ourselves recently, and let me tell you, the only thing harder than capturing gorgeous blue tones is getting it back.

If you’re a lover of tabulation, there’s no doubt you already know that Patek Philippe invented and patented the calendar’s complex features in 1996. More powerful than a standard calendar and more accessible than a perpetual calendar, it automatically explains the difference in the number of days per month (with the exception of February). At present, best fake Patek Philippe watch provides three different calendars for men. 5146,5396 and 5205. This is the last model of our article today, which is arguably the most modern in its design.

Many will be immediately familiar with the layout, largely because the new 5205G model replaces the existing platinum model that first launched the series in 2010. These models also come with a two-tone dial, but are softer in gray and black. Dates, dates, and months are displayed in the upper half of the dial in an easy-to-read manner through three different apertures – timestamp table versions Ref. 5905 and Ref. 5960.Time is shown through the center of the three luminous coatings, while the auxiliary Fake Patek Philippe watches dial at 6 o ‘clock is provided with a 24-hour indicator light and a lunar display. All of these are made from a fine 40 mm x 11.36 mm case, made of platinum, slightly concave and curved hollow ear. Not only does it feel comfortable on the wrist, but it’s also very noticeable thanks to the addition of a new blue gradient dial.

Let’s take a moment to talk about this dial. I don’t want to sound like a hopeless fan getting himself wet, but I have to say it’s really gorgeous. The blue somberst pattern radiates out steadily to the black when the light is just right… Let’s say that I’ll never see myself wearing 5205 until this Ref 5205G-013 (if I should be so lucky to find myself in that position). Don’t get me wrong, the rose gold model is great but it feels more “traditional” to me. However, 5205G is young and modern, and because of the lack of better words, it’s cool.

The interior is automatically up-chain Calibre 324 S QA LU 24H / 206. It consists of 356 parts, equipped with a cheap Patek Philippe replica watch patented Gyromax balance and Spiromax cycloid. Visible through the sapphire undercover, its central rotor is made of 21k gold. Swing power is 28,000 VPH and maximum power reserve is 45 hours (a bit short, same as PP). Finishing is done according to the brand’s strict standards, which is why this movement is decorated with the Patek Philippe seal.