Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie high quality copy watches

The Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie high quality copy watch is a masterpiece of exquisite design, with a grand and small chiming mechanism, as well as a minute repeater and a new patented jumping seconds hand.

In Patek Philippe’s words, the 6301P Grande Sonnerie is a “derivative” of the Calibre 300 found in the behemoth Grandmaster Chime 6300G. With a platinum case designed in wearable size, the 6301P is a special timepiece with a rare complication that is very subtle.

This Patek Philippe replica watch swiss movement new manual-winding Calibre GS 36-750 PS IRM is very complicated, as it consists of 703 parts, despite the fact that the movement itself is only 37mm wide and 7.5mm thick. With three patents and the use of silicon components, this is a movement that is very modern in construction and design.

Although this movement is relatively compact, it does require a lot of power to perform all these highly complex functions. Patek Philippe usa clone watch solution consists of two twin barrels connected in series, one dedicated to the running train and the other to the striking mechanism.

Running at 25,200 vph, the movement provides a 72-hour power reserve for the watch and a 24-hour power reserve for the percussion mechanism. Thus, when fully wound, the 6301P Grand Sonnerie will strike the full hour and quarter hour throughout the day for 24 hours.

Since the 6301P is a carillon, it has three gongs, each tuned to low, mid or high notes, which together produce a beautiful percussion sound. The hour strikes on the lowest-pitched gong, and the quarter hour strikes in the order of high, low and medium.

Grande et petite sonnerie chimes en passant, which simply means it rings on the hour and the hour. At the first quarter of an hour (15 minutes), the sequence plays once; at the second quarter of an hour (30 minutes), the sequence plays twice; and at the third quarter of an hour (45 minutes), the sequence plays three times. Furthermore, before each quarter-hour sequence, the Patek Philippe best clone watches swiss will chime the number of hours elapsed to date, and after each quarter-hour sequence, it will chime the number of elapsed quarter-hours.

Use the case’s slide switch at 6 o’clock to activate the petite, self-sounding Strikework mode, which only sounds on the hour. The same slide switch can also be used to activate silent mode, in which the striking function is turned off, although the minute repeater can be easily activated by pressing the inset pusher at 3 o’clock in the crown.

One of the three patents introduced with this 6301P high quality swiss reproductions is related to how the mechanism isolates the Grand Sonata in silent mode so that it doesn’t use any energy that would drain the power reserve. The second patent is a single slide switch at 6 o’clock that allows you to choose between grand sonnerie, petit sonnerie and silent mode.

With the third (and last) patented system used here, the mechanism uses wheels and release levers to unlock the gear train every second, which is a boon given the energy consumption. I’m sure the pleasure of seeing the second hand jump to 60 immediately with the chiming is not easy to tire of.

The case design is decidedly dignified, a typical decision inherent in Patek Philippe super clone quality watch, and underscoring that this piece is designed to be heard more than anything else. Measuring 44.8mm wide and 12mm thick, this is a very slim piece that offers stealth with a platinum case.

Apart from the pusher on the crown, the sliding switch at 6 o’clock, and the diamond-set diamonds on all the platinum Patek Philippe, there’s not a lot of frivolous embellishment here. This also applies to the dial, crafted in Grand Feu black enamel with white gold applied Breguet numerals, an 18k gold dial and white gold leaf-shaped hands.

In a very quirky and unexpected move, Patek Philippe swiss grade 1 reproductions chose to paint the hands with luminous light, which is ironic since it developed a striking mechanism to show the time in the dark. Given the discreet and reasonable size of this watch, the owner might actually wear it and wonder when it gets dark.

The Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie replica watch forum is an absolutely hidden masterpiece from Patek Philippe at the end of the year, and I really hope to get my hands on it soon.