Men’s Professional Diving Watches Rolex Replica

Rolex replica watches introduced a new generation in the National Geographic documentary “Deep Sea Challenge” published on the occasion diving fake rolex watches: designed for extreme diving depth design a new generation diver watch
Designed for extreme diving depth design shows the .jpg of a new generation diver

Rolex “Deep Sea Challenge”, released at the launch of the new series of shows Deepsea diving, “adventure into the deep” is to explore the deepest oceans Earth 3D film by National Geographic explorers and the famous director James Cameron.

The last series of emblematic replica watches already on August 4, held in New York “Ocean Challenge” launched on-3D movie premiere. James? Cameron and other celebrities also attended the American Museum of Natural History in marine organisms Department released the first.
First .jpg

Looking deal with D-blue color of representatives of the deep sea, and fade to dark is light becoming smaller with depth, depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) of water. The new generation of diving watch with a unique and innovative technology, is to meet the most demanding needs of professional divers.
Diver must .jpg
Rolex Deepsea watch the robustness, accuracy, functionality and precision are the best, but it is also the Oyster, has good characteristics of dust and water. View all cases of 44mm and an improved version of Ringlock system designed to provide the highest compression factor while ensuring its durability and practicality.
.jpg Durability and practicality
The new series of the Rolex replica Deepsea watch a reminder of 2012, James? Cameron Mariana Trench proceeds wearing diving expedition to the Pacific under the supervision Deepsea Challenge while driving submersible Deepsea Challenger successfully dive 10908 meters (35787 feet), with a new record of personal diving.
As his love table with leather strap with people we have this confusion, because leather strap determines its own destiny, day after day, with watch strap leather strap off the table will be on, especially , pinhole through the place, which led to a clasp on various forms to meet the aesthetic, but also solved the wear of embarrassment. Clasp lock time wrist clasp lock time wrist
Prime Minister of the state, but graceful ladies Rolex fake watches Oyster Perpetual Datejust show a new perspective charming women. The 18 ct gold case with new champagne dial, increase VI word mark time line set with 11 rubies, implicitly reflects the rarity of this watch for this day wear the gift to cherish the charm. As a newspaper of a series, which, as always, with a Rolex distinctive aesthetic elements – triangular grooves in the outer ring. The series since its inception in 1945, then with a distinctive style and superior performance to become a Rolex iconic style.

Gold Rolex

18 ct gold above two Oyster bracelet and case used by Rolex replica watches own casting foundry and sent to treatment plants. Casting, machining and grinding more gain more attentive care, so that 18 ct gold exudes a unique brilliance shine.

Oyster Case – excellent symbol water

Over the Oyster case diameter of 26 mm, ensuring waterproof to 100 meters, is the perfect example of style and elegant proportions. Middle unique case with a solid block of 18 ct gold cast. The bottom cover with a special tool watchmaker Rolex tightening, so that the case is completely sealed.

Winding crown with patented waterproof twill locking system and tighten the case. Scratch resistant crystal blue mirror with convex glass window type zoom lens schedule to the 3 o’clock position, easy to read dates. Oyster completely sealed housing to give precise movement protection.

2235 movements – Superior stopwatch

Rolex Datejust with fully developed in 2235 by a mechanical self-winding movement. As with all core constant motivation that in 2235 when the movement also won the official count accredits certification. The certification granted to the success of specialized Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) shows detection accuracy. This movement of the structure and movement of all even Oyster are accurate and reliable.

Oyster bracelet comfortable, elegant and valuable

Heads Ladies Datejust type of strap to the manufacture of 18k gold, with a loop of the crown. The three rows of expensive solid bracelet semicircular links developed by rolex replica, wear very comfortable, and full respect for the aesthetic characteristics of this series.

Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies Watches

Model (Case – Strap):

179,178 to -83,138


Oyster style housing, screw-in case back and winding crown

Diameter 26 mm

Material 18 ct gold replica watches

Screwed down the bottom of the back

Triangular external grooves of the outer ring

Screw down crown

Twill waterproof screwed crown

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal surface mirror

Anti-reflective convex type zoom lens (2.5x) calendar window

100 m water resistant