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Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Swiss watch has been able to dominate the table altar, in addition to the quality of Swiss watch production is good, there
is a reason they are provided by the watch category is very rich, dozens of functions, many craft and design watches,
everything, including a Very interesting category – Travel Time Watch. Travel time watch is the name of the travel watch, in
the first half of the last century, travel Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches or travel clock is very popular, these watches have a feature that is very
portable, and generally have to protect the shell, some shell design is very interesting, there are Clamshell, there are
“slide”, and they are still prevalent pocket watch is completely different. With the gradual prevalence of watches, as well
as the world’s cross-time business travel increasingly prosperous, time zone watches become a new demand.

In the 1930s, Swiss watchmaker Louis Cottier invented a structure that allowed the world time zone to be all in a watch, and
later, Patek Philippe worked together to develop the first world watch, but it was a bit complicated , Many people do not
really need to know the time of each time zone, in 1958, Patek Philippe developed the brand first double time zone watch
Ref.2597, designed for travelers. Thanks to Louis Cottier’s groundbreaking design for time zone watch mechanical structures,
the 2597 has a very good time zone performance, which features two left shoulder buttons with a shoulder pad that can be
moved in hours Or back on the dial when the clock, when the table to the remote place, just adjust the time difference can
be simple. This original design, in 1959 by Louis Cottier on behalf of Patek Philippe patent. Today, a lot of dual time zone
watch, still in the use of this convenient time zone adjustment design.

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches

The first generation of 2597 seems to be very characteristic today, although as TimeTime table has a function of TimeTime,
but the dial has only three pointers – hour hand, minute hand and 6 o’clock position small seconds, and seems to have two
versions, One is the dial of the scale of all three-dimensional gold time scale, one is 3/6/9/12 point position for the gold
time scale, the rest of the black stripes for the scale (one said for the enamel material). Internal manual movement with
12-400, the use of dual metal temperature Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches compensation screw balance wheel, 5-position calibration, double Geneva mark,
gooseneck fine-tuning, configuration is very high.

As mentioned earlier, the first generation of 2597 only one hour, can not show home time and local time, there will be an
inconvenience, that is, whether to go to any time zone (even if only to return home), have to manually adjust the time, And
the frequent use of the button will actually increase the watch failure rate. Based on such shortcomings, soon (before and
after 1960), Patek Philippe launched the second generation 2597 watch, on the basis of the original increase in a blue
pointer, the disk into four hands, the case side of the button, Separate the blue pointer in hours, and keep the original
hour. This change greatly facilitates the practicality of the time zone table. Also equipped with 12-400 HS movement, HS is
the abbreviation of French Heures Sautantes, meaning “jump”, that is, the clock can be adjusted in hours for the hour.

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Patek Philippe Replica Watches China

However, this classic time zone table products only produced a decade or so, after the 1970s Patek Philippe travel table, it
is to 3619-led, 3619 equipped with the same 12-400 HS movement, but in view of the different shell type, The use of a hidden
adjustment button, this watch and 2597 is completely different, it is equipped with braided style of metal chain, the radius
of the case, is clearly a very strong sense of decorative watches.

Modern Patek Philippe dual time zone table appears, led by the 5034 led by the 1990s, compared to 2597 is different, with a
215 movement, dial 24 hours to increase Patek Philippe Replica Watches China the display, still follow a separate second time zone pointer, and 8,10 Point of the
adjustment button. However, 5034 will soon have a replacement – 5134,5134 Calatrava series with a very classic gentleman
design style, and 5034 completely different shell type, as Patek Philippe modern Travel Time Watch the main model. 5134
completely inherited 5034 features and disk design, but more symmetrical and elegant
The shape of the case to make it more popular, fin-shaped second time zone adjustment button and the case arc fusion, very
natural, while the crown shoulder with the echo, the shell is more symmetrical, gold polishing Arabic numerals Standard is
very beautiful, also equipped with 215/156 movement.

In the auction market, as the first generation of Patek Philippe dual time zone table products, 2597 has been a high value,
the transaction price can be 500,000 Hong Kong dollars or more, but also Patek Philippe dual time zone travel table the most
valuable models, followed by the latest Generation of 5134, the basic can be photographed more than ten million Hong Kong
dollars, and 5034 the overall value of this model, lower than the two models. This is also obvious, one is the first
generation of products, historical value is good, and the deposit is limited, the goods are good natural price is high, and
5134 is able to buy the nearest Calatrava travel table model, the quality will be better, natural than 5034 more popular.

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Buy Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Today, the Patek Philippe Calatrava series of travel watches, has been launched by a 2015 in Basel, the flight time traveler
watch Ref.5524 relay, was also dubbed “Patek Philippe out of a real time.” 5524 is a tribute to the pioneer of the watch,
its design inspiration from the 1930s Patek Philippe for the pilot produced a corner table, which is characterized by Patek
Philippe launched when the corner plate, can help pilots to navigate. The concept of the angle system was proposed by Philip
van Horn Weems, an officer of the US Navy at that time, after the transformation of Charles Lindbergh on this basis, the
introduction of the sextant and The combination Buy Patek Philippe Replica Watches of radio signals can be used to determine the longitude and thus to locate.

5524 uses the 324 C FUS self-winding movement to use the new patented dual time zone structure that Patek Philippe has
improved in the original dual time zone structure in 1996. When the second time zone is adjusted, the system separates the
time zone structure from the drive system , So as not to affect the normal travel time. At the same time, the time zone
adjustment button with a patent insurance bolt, before the operation need to spin a quarter turn, adjust and then tighten

Obviously, the dual time zone has become a more practical function, Patek Philippe will also gradually transferred to the
function of the tool form, even in the most classic Calatrava series, also selected the pilot table as a carrier, and the
original 2597 And even 5134 this classic design, and now there is no heritage model, so that is because the 5134 model has
been more than a decade, has long been discontinued, but Patek Philippe’s first double time zone, is in this, then later
also Will there be? Next year is the Patek Philippe travel watch came 60 years, plus 5650 two new technologies, Calatrava
series 5134 relay section may be on the road.

Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches