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Buy Patek Philippe Replica Watches

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The annual Basel International jewelery watches have been kicked off, and the watchmakers’ front-end reports team has already started working, and they will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive report. Now, let us appreciate the Swiss watch brand Patek Philippe in the Basel Watch Fair on display the latest watch real shot big picture:

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Aquanaut series, Patek Philippe launched 18K white gold Aquanaut Ref. 5168G watch. With a 42mm case diameter, it becomes another “Jumbo” in the Patek Philippe sports watch. The second edition is the special edition of the “Patek Philippe Advanced Technology Research” series of special edition Aquanaut Ref. 5650 watch, using 18K white gold, embodies the latest technology research department of the latest results.

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18K white gold case, after careful handling of the brand after showing a unique sense of visual effects, very beautiful. But also with the special disk echoes show the unique glory of the watch.

Blue to black gradient of the relief dial, coated with fluorescent gold three-dimensional block. This special watch is equipped with Patek Philippe 15 years ago to start the Patek Philippe advanced technology research program, this brings two major innovations. All with the help of “Patek Philippe advanced technology research” special edition Aquanaut traveler watch Ref. 5650 for the first time on the world stage. The table is made of 18K white gold, limited production of 500 pieces.

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Stainless steel to create a flexible (flexible) device, with the cross-arranged leaf-shaped spring to replace the traditional mechanical joint structure. The number of parts of the time zone setting mechanism constituted by the apparatus is reduced from 37 to 12 pieces. The device is not only thinner, but also without lubrication, it will not produce wear.

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Midnight blue “Tropical” composite strap with Aquanaut folding clasp. And the perfect combination of the decoration on the dial, to show the overall beauty of this watch.

Movement with a new geometric shape of the Spiromax ® balance spring, not only with the outer hub, now in the inner end of the hairspring also set up a new hub, can significantly improve the movement in the vertical position of the isochronous.