First Look at the Patek Philippe Novelties

24-hour display plus Travel Time: Reference 5224R-001

Unlike most other wristwatches, the hour hand on this model does not make two rounds per day; instead, all 24 hours are displayed individually on the dial. This representation means that reading the time requires a certain amount of getting used to, but this is precisely where the great charm of this pink-gold timepiece lies, with a 42 mm case that is quite opulent by Cheap Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica standards, but at the same time very flat and wearable on the wrist.

Unlike other models of this type, the 12 o’clock position on the new reference 5224 is the classic 12 o’clock – and not the usual 6 o’clock. And in this particular case, the small seconds are at 24 o’clock. This is due to the fact that most owners are likely to be active during the day, and the display of the daytime hours was therefore a priority for Patek Philippe.

Overall, the all-blue and rose gold reference has an extremely appealing appearance. It uses the calibre 31-260 PS FUS 24 H, which is also active in a similar form in the Patek Philippe Travel Time reference 5326G Replica Watches presented last year, and whose second time zone can be set via the crown. Price: 56,410 Swiss francs.

How colourful should it really be?

On the wrist, the Patek Philippe Replica with blue, red or even yellow accents present themselves much more filigree than the photos on the manufacture’s homepage suggest. With a price of 37,219 Swiss francs, the timepieces represent the entry into the world of novelties.

A new Aquanaut: Reference 5986R-001

That’s why Patek Philippe is ‘only’ launching a familiar model, now available in rose gold for the first time: the Aquanaut Chronograph Replica Store with a brown dial and 42.2 mm case. With its sizeable diameter, the model is often at the centre of discussions: is it too big for a Patek Philippe? From a classic point of view, certainly. Yet is it a size that is also popular among the wider clientele for a sporty model in 2023? From a contemporary point of view, that too. Testing it out in Geneva, the novelty was easy to wear even on a slimmer wrist.

A very handsome piece: Pilot Travel Time with chronograph

Standing in line with the larger Aquanaut Replica Buy Now of recent manufacture history, we have the Reference 5924G with a blue or green dial. It is a watch that does not hide. As a pilot’s watch, readability, at least in theory, is ultimately of paramount importance, and in combination with the chronograph, this results in an overall height of 6.95 mm for the calibre CH 28-520 C FUS, sitting within a 13.05-mm high white-gold case.

The result is a pilot’s watch that is one of the most classic, beautiful and certainly valuable watches that can be purchased today. The Patek Philippe Replica deep olive-green version, in particular, has a special charm. It would be wrong to describe a Patek Philippe watch as having an ‘army aesthetic’, even in the case of pilot’s watches – yet rarely has a watch from the maison had a look that would work just as well for gentlemen in pinstriped suits as those donning jeans and a bomber jacket.