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The 5212A brings a complication, also unprecedented, but that does not come anywhere near the level of complexity than the 5520P. However, in my subjective opinion, the launch of the 5212A implies the breaking of a paradigm that seemed inalienable in Patek Philippe’s historical strategy. This is the first Patek Philippe Replica watch with a classic cut and regular production that uses steel in its case.

They are to highlight such special watches as the Aquanaut 5168G-010 with green dial, or the expected Fake Nautilus 5726 / 1A-014 with blue dial. Also worthy of special mention are the new versions of high complications, such as the overwhelming 6300G-010 or the exquisite 5078G-010.

I also consider it important to review once again the special importance that Patek Philippe attaches to women’s Patek Philippe Replica watches.Eight novelties of watches created especially for women have been staged, six of them belonging to the Nautilus collection.