Bulgari Replica Black Sandblast-Polished Ceramic

Smart and original in design, the Replica Watches Octo Finissimo is extremely slim, well priced, and a strong seller for Bulgari, which has rolled out many iterations, including one in matte-black ceramic last year.

The new Octo in all its glossy glory is ideal for anyone who found the original ceramic Octo flat and dull.

That aside, the technical appeal of the Bulgari Replica ceramic case and bracelet is the same as with the matte model. Both are constructed identically – simple and complex at the same time – differing only in the finish and colour.

The new Octo Finissimo is light and smooth on the wrist. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish the tangible feel of the two ceramic versions from each other, and even from the titanium version.

And like all other versions of the Octo, the new version wears well, with one caveat: wrists below a certain circumference don’t really suit the watch, so it’s worth trying it on before buying. Because the case is wide and flat, on a small wrist the Fake watch feels a bit too much like a biscuit.